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Oct'. 8, 1946.
Filed Oct. 20, 1941
3 YSheets-Sheet 1
Oct.- 8, 1946.
Filed Oct. 20, 1941
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
@cà @g 394€»
2,408,939 ,
Filed oct. 2o, 1941
3 sheets-sheet 3
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
Kenneth L. Magee, Burlington, Iowa, assignor to
J. I. Case Company, Racine, Wis., a corpora
Application October 20, 1941, Serial No. 415,732
3 Claims. (Cl. 56-18)
The present invention relates to agricultural
machinery and more particularly to corn pickers,
bled on a frame element generally designated as
and an object of the invention is to generally
improve the construction and operation of mecha
I5, which is supported by wheels or other ground
engaging elements as for example It, and a draw
bar generally designated as Il is connected to
nisms of this class.
A further object of the invention is to improve
the construction of corn pickers, particularly as
regards the frame elements and adjusting ex
frame I5 for propelling the machine and guiding
and controlling it.
present instance extends transversely of the dires
Further objects are to provide a new and im
proved tubular type frame for a corn picker;
tion of progress of the corn picker and has at
tached thereto, as will appear, stub axles I9 and
2d on which are suitably journaled wheels lß-Iâ
Tube IS is thereby supported for movement over
the ground and as will be apparent serves as the
main foundation element for the other units of
expediente for adjustably supporting the ‘tubular
cfr" mechanism
for such
a frame;
a power
for connecting a draw bar to such a frame; an
arrangement of an elevator in combination with
the frame and drawbar, such that the elevator
will maintain certain relations with the other
Frame i5 as more particularly shown in Fig. 2
comprises a pipe or tube element I8 which in the
the corn picker.
Dilîerent conditions require different heights
of the machine above the ground and for this
reason axles i9 and 29 are adjustably connected
parts when the latter are adjusted; and expedients
20 to tube I8, the structure associated with the two
for realizing the above objects.
axles being identical, only one will be described.
Further objects and advantages will be apparent
Axle 2B is welded or otherwise suitably ñxed in
from the following specilication and annexed
the present instance with a channel element ZI
drawings in which:
which extends transverse to the axle and sub
Figure 1 is a left side elevation of a machine
with parts removed, illustrative of the invention. 25 stantially vertically. Channel 2l is engaged with
a channel or other element 22 welded or other
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the frame and draw
wise suitably fixed to tube i8. As more particu
bar, the parts characteristic of the corn picker
larly shown in Fig. 3, channel members 2l and 2i?
being removed or broken away to avoid intel'
are fixed together by suitable means as bolts
ference with the showing of the frame and draw
30 2li-_23, channel member 2| being provided with
bar parts.
a plurality of holes 2li-_2d whereby it may be
Fig. 3 is an enlarged vertical sectional View
bolted to member 22 in various positions to give
taken from the left in Fig. 2 just inside of the
a height adjustment of tube I3 relatively to the
left wheel.
Fig. 4 is a longitudinal axial section of a link
As above stated the picking units and other I
member indicated in Fig. 1.
parts or units of the machine are secured to
Fig. 5 is a view similar to Fig. 2 showing a
tubular element I8, and for this purpose plates
modified construction of wagon hitch.
or the like 25 and v26 are suitably ñxed with tube
Fig. 6 is a view similar to Fig, 1 but with parts
I3 as by welding, and to which in the present
omitted, also showing the modified construction
of wagon hitch.
40 instance the snapping unit I@ and elevator unit
lI and their connected parts are secured in any
Similar reference characters have been applied
suitable manner not shown. Plates 2'! and 23 are
to the same parts throughout the specification
also ñxed as by welding to tubular element I3
and various ñgures of the drawings.
and support a gear box or transmission unit 29
As seen in Fig. 1, the machine illustrative of
the invention is a corn picker having a snapping 45 constituting a part of a power take-oir drive
generally designated as 3l). Thus it will be ap
portion generally designated as Il), an elevator
parent that a plurality of machine units has
generally designated as II, a fan I2 for sepa
been provided which are mounted in fixed posi
rating trash from the snapped ears and a hopper
I3 for receiving ears from elevator II and con
tions on frame I5.
ducting them to a discharge elevator generally 50
Draw bar Il, as particularly shown in
is connected with tube element I8 at spaced points
designated as I 4. The parts so far described with
the exception of elevator I4 are substantially con
ventional and well-known and should not need
to be further described.
The various units of the corn picker are assem 55
by means providing for universal movement be
tween the draw bar and the tube. For example,
ears 3l and 32 suitably united to tube I8, as
by welding, support a bolt or the like‘33 on which.
is journaled a fitting 34 for rocking movement
28 and, conveniently, beneath tube I8. Frame 61
in a vertical plane.
Fitting 34 has journaled
includes rearwardly extending side elements 68
therein a pin 35 fixed with draw bar I1. By virtue
of this construction, tube I8 and the attached corn
and 69, and a rear cross element 10, a pivot shaft
1I being journaled in bearings 12 and 13 sup
picker parts may be rocked in a vertical plane
for adjusting purposes without interference from
ported respectively on members 68 and 69. Shaft
1I forms a pivotal support for above mentioned
draw bar I1. In like manner, ears 36 and 31 are
discharge elevator I4 and may conveniently also
fixed with tube I8 spaced from above mentioned
form the power input or drive shaft for said ele
ears 3| and 32 and support a bolt 38 on which
vator, a sprocket 14 being fixed With shaft 1I
is journaled a fitting 39. Fitting 39 has journaled 10 and driving a chain 15, Fig. 1, carrying buckets
therein a pin 4I) which is fixed with a channel or
similar member 4I fastened to draw bar I1 by
bolts or the like 42--42. Draw bar I1 is generally
triangular in shape, having a side 43 engaged
with above mentioned pin 35 and a side 44 to
which is bolted above mentioned channel member
16 or the like in well-known manner.
vator I4 being otherwise Well-known, no further
description is considered to be necessary. Ele
vator I4 extends upwardly and rearwardly from
its pivotal support on shaft 1I and may discharge
into a Wagon 11 drawn behind the corn picker.
Adjustment to accommodate the height of wagon
4I. A plurality of holes 45-45 is provided for
11 may be effected by swinging elevator I4 about
bolts 42. With bolts 42 removed, draw bar I1
can be swung laterally about pin 35 to change
shaft 1I, suitable means being provided as will
the degree of offset of the machine from a tractor 20 appear.
For supporting elevator I4, a truss rod or the
or other drawing element connected with draw
like 18 is pivoted to elevator I4 near the upper
bar I1 at 46. Bolts 42 being replaced in the
end thereof as at 19 and extends forwardly to a
desired holes, a laterally rigid connection is
pivotal connection on the draw bar, in the pres
afforded between draw bar I1 and tubular ele
25 ent instance a pin or the like 80 being connect
ment I8.
ed to quadrant 49 and on which truss rod 18 is
A lever 41, Fig. 1 is provided for adjusting the
pivoted. A stable arrangement is thus provided
position of the machine parts including tube I8,
by means of which elevator I4 may extend over
the lever being pivoted at 48 to draw bar I1 and
wagon 11 in an overhanging relation. Truss rod
cooperating with a quadrant 49, suitable or well
known detent or latch mechanism indicated at 30 18 in the present instance has a flattened portion
18a provided with a series of holes 18b for recep
50 being provided for locking lever 41 at desired
tion of pivot 19 for effecting adjustment of the
positions on quadrant 49. A link generally des
position of elevator I4.
ignated as 5I pivoted at 52 to lever 41 is also piv
By virtue of the fact that truss rod 19 is con
oted at 53 to an arm 54 of a bell crank pivoted
nected to draw rbar I1, which remains substan
at 55 to draw bar I1. An arm 56 of the bell crank
tially stationary in a vertical direction because
is connected by a link 51 to an arm 53 rigidly
of its connection to the tractor, rocking move
-connected in any suitable manner with above
ment of tubular frame I8 and the attached corn
mentioned snapping unit I0. Since snapping unit
picker parts causes substantially no perceptible
I0, as above described, is rigidly fixed with tube
I8, through the medium of plates 25 and 26, ad 40 movement of the upper end 8I of elevator I4.
This is so because pivot 1I is only a short dis
justment of lever 41 through bell crank 54 and
tance from the center line of rocking movement
the attached linkage, will cause rocking move
of tube I8, namely axle 20, while pivot 19 at the
ment of tube I8 as well as the desired vertical
adjustment of snapping unit I0.
To assist in supporting the Weight of snap
ping unit I0, a »spring 59 is tensioned between
outer end of elevator I4 is allowed no relative
' fore-and~aft movement because of its connec
arm 54 and an anchorage 60 in the present in
stance on draw bar I1. The tension of spring 59
will tend to raise snapping unit I0. In the pres
ent instance this tension is made sufficient to ~
overcome the weight of snapping unit I9 and to
raise it from the ground. Link 5I is made resili
ently extensible so that snapping unit I0, al
though forced downwardly by link 5I against the
tension of spring 59, may rise if it encounters an ,
tion to draw bar I1. Consequently, the slight up
and down movement of pivot 1I caused by rock
ing of tube I8 causes only a slight pivotal move
ment of elevator I4 about pivot 19. As will be
apparent, the resulting movement of discharge
end 8I of elevator I4 is negligible.
Above mentioned transverse element l0 of
frame 61, Fig. 2, in the present instance is pro
vided with an opening 62 which is engaged by
a hook 83 or suitable fitting for connecting a
obstruction by effecting a lengthening of link 5I.
As seen in Fig. 4, link 5I in the present in
wagon tongue 84. Opening 82 being substantially
sion of the spring.
Discharge elevator I4, as particularly shown in
Fig. 2, is pivotally supported from tubular ele
ment I8, A framework generally designated as
61 is extended rearwardly and in the present in
stance fixed with above mentioned plates 21 and 75
the parts.
in direct line with portion 45 of draw bar I1, a di
rect straight line pull is obtained between the
stance is made in the form of a tube 6I, having
tractor and the attached Wagon.
an ear portion 62 for pivotal attachment to lever
Elevator I4 may be braced against the very
41 as above described, a pull rod 63 extending into
considerable swaying action induced by travel
the tube and having a washer or abutment 64
over rough ground by means of a strut 85, Fig.
fixed therewith within tube 6I. Tube 6I has a
5, fixed to elevator I4 at 86 and pivoted at 81 to
cap 65 at the end opposite ear 62 and through
a strut 88, in the present instance fixed to and
which rod 63 is slidable, and a spring 66 is com
pressed between abutment 54 and cap 65 so as to 65 extending rearwardly from above mentioned
plate 25. As indicated, pivot 81 is located sub
tend to force rod G3 into tube 6I at all times.
stantially in alignment with above mentioned
Rod 53 can thus be pulled out of tube 6I to a Sub
shaft 1I so that free pivotal movement of frame
stantial extent against the resistance of spring
I8 is provided without binding or distortion of
66 by a force 'sufficient to overcome the'compres
As seen in Fig. 5, a modified form of wagon
hitch comprises a frame, generally designated as
89 attached to a draw bar |19, in any well known
manner as for ,example by welding, `generally
similar to above described draw bar I1, a side
member 90 engaging a. side member 44a of draw
bar Ila, and preferably also a rear cross brace 9|
of the draw bar lla. Member 90 extends down
wardly and rearwardly beneath tubular element
I3 and connects with a rear «cross member 92.
Cross member 92 connects also with a side mem
ber 93 which extends forwardly beneath tubular
element I8 as indicated in Fig. 6, and connects
with a side member 43a of draw bar Ila. Cross
member 92 has an opening 94 in which may be
engaged a hook or other suitable ñtting such as
above mentioned hook 33. By means of this con
maintaining the elevator substantially in prede
termined relation to the draw bar regardless of
the rocking of said rocking frame.
2. In a corn picker, a frame comprising a uni
tary element disposed transversely of the direc
tion of progress oi" the machine, ground engag
ing elements supporting the frame, a draw bar
pivotally connected -to the frame, a plurality of
machine units, including a snapping unit, rigidly
connected with and supported by said frame in
working relation to each other, a bell crank piv
otally supported on said draw bar having a sub
stantially horizontal arm and an upwardly ex
struction, the drag of the wagon is transmitted
tending arm, a 4connection from said substantially
directly to draw bar lla and does not pass through
horizontally extending arm to said snapping unit
any of .the corn picker structure. Furthermore,
for `controlling the latter upon rocking of said
the rocking of tubular element I8 for adjusting
bell crank, an adjusting lever mounted on said
purposes does not change the height of the wagon
draw bar and a resiliently yieldable link con
hitch above the ground. Also, the pull of the
necting said adjusting lever with the upwardly
wagon does not inñuence the adjustment of the
machine by interfering with the rocking of tubu 20 extending arm of said bell crank for rocking said
bell crank upon adjusting of said adjusting lever.
lar frame I8.
3. In a corn picker having a plurality of ma
It is to be understood that various well-known
chine units, required to be maintained in prede
mechanical expedients are contemplated as part
termined operative relation with each other and
of the illustrative machine and that connections
including a set of gathering points, a transmis
from power take-off gear box 29 of well-known
sion unit and an elevator unit, a frame for said
type will be provided to the various operative
machine comprising a tubular element to which
units of the corn picker. Since the latter form
said units are attached, said :tube constituting a
no part of the present invention, it is considered
`combined frame and axle for said machine and
unnecessary to illustrate them.
The operation of the invention is thought to be 30 said elevator unit extending rearwardly and being
pivotally connected to said frame, ground engag
clear from the .above description, and it is under
ing supporting elements for said tube providing a
stood that the same is illustrative merely and is
rolling support for the machine, a drawbar piv
not to be taken as limiting the invention in any
otally attached to said tube, means for rocking
manner. What is claimed as new and desired to
said tube so as to tilt the entire machine with the
be secured by Letters Patent of the United Statesy
exception of the drawbar for raising and lower
ing said gathering points without disturbing the
1. In an agricultural machine, a rocking frame
operating relations between said units, and a
member, ground engaging units supporting the
connection directly between a point on the draw
frame member, machine units connected with the
frame member to be supported thereby and in 40 bar spaced from the pivotal connection of the
draw bar to the frame and a point on .the elevator
cluding an elevator pivotally connected with the
spaced from the pivotal `connection of the elevator
frame member and a draw bar pivotally con
to the frame for maintaining the elevator sub
nected to the frame member for propelling the
stantially Iin predetermined relation to the draw
same, means for rocking .the frame vfor adjusting
the position thereof relatively to the draw bar, ' bar regardless of the rocking of said rocking
and a connection directly between a point on the
draw bar and spaced from the pivotal connection
of the elevator to the frame, the elevator, for
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