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0cm, 1946.
w. H. SMITH -
Filed June 12, 1944
Fla 3
.UJiHicm H. smwh'
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
William H. Smith, Evanston, Ill.
‘This invention relates to up-keep equipment,
more particularly for anti-friction bearings of the
annular or ring type, whether lateral or thrust,
balls, cylinder of various types,‘or tapered, but
usually as. endless units.
Application. June- 12, 1944-, Serial No'.'539,849
3 Claims. (01. 1134-5941)
pressed air supply. For ready service attention
for blowing and clearing work. objects, a supply
5 of blowing fluid, which may even be steam, may
This invention has utility in the cleaning of
foreign matter from a new bearing; grit, dirt,
be available in a factory, shop, or garage con
ducting general attention to machine parts or
manufacture. The pressure and" available volume
of such supply may vary.
heavy or spent lubricant from a used bearing;
and even drying, coating for storage as against
corrosion, as well as replenishing lubricant there
therewith, a tapered discharge nozzle I4‘ of an
air ‘hose I5, connected up to a source of. com
A secondv or complementary member I6 has a
reverse t'apered'or conical portion I“! narrowing
Referring to the drawings:
away‘ from the member- I. At the lower less di
Fig. 1 is a side elevation, with parts broken
ameter portion of the conical portion I ‘I, there
away, of an embodiment of the invention, as sub
is a reverse or dome I8, concentric with the blow
merged in use for a circulation treatment, as 15 ing nozzle I2 and its injector acting liquid ?ush
cleaning or washing;
ing opening 5.
Fig. 2 is a section on the line II——II, Fig. 1, look
The member I6 from its major diameter por
ing in the direction of the arrow, and showing
tion has eyes I9 adapted to align with eyes 20
detail of the quick-adjustable feature for varying
from the upper member I. In these pairs of'eyes
the nozzle injector action position, and thereby 20 are bolts 2| with heads 22 to hold compression
changing the volume of liquid ?ow per unit of
helical springs 23, to thrust the members I, I6,
time; and
toward each other to the limit permitted by ad
Fig. 3 is a partial View of the unit, in spread
justable nuts 24 at the opposite ends of the re
position for receiving thereinto or for removal
therefrom, of an article to have the washing or
other treatment attention.
An upper or main member I of the unit of the
the members I, It, the eyes 20 abut. The hold
ing action of the springs 23 may be resisted for
invention embodiment, has an upwardly inward
tion bearing 25.
spective bolts 2I. With no item or work between
the insertion of an item of work, as an anti-fric
The complementary conical
ly tapering or conical section 2 to a top concen
portions 2, ll, serve automatically to center the
tric opening 3 from which depends a more steep 30 bearing 25 as to the opening 5 and the dome I8.
reverse taper section 4 to a central downwardly _
The assembled unit may then be lowered into a
directed discharge outlet or nozzle 5. Rising from
about the opening 3 are legs 6 to concentrically
mount a sleeve 1 above the aligned openings 3,5.
The sleeve ‘I has slot portions forming a seat 8 for
a U-shaped spring clip 9, as a quick adjustment
tank 26 to be submerged in a liquid 21, of an oil,
solvent, water, or such as may be required for
the attention to be given to the item of work.
Either before, or after, this lowering or submerg
ing, by the member I I as a handle, the ?uid blast
‘connection hose I5 may be connected.
to have snap operation thru the seat 8. The seat
The operation is such that the flow thru the
8 is an arc slot thru the sleeve ‘I. Therethru, the
legs of the clip 9 may enter to engage ring
member II having discharge at its nozzle I2, acts
groove In of tubular member II thereby to 40 as an injector below the surface of the liquid 21.
adjust the extent of entrance of its lower nozzle
The liquid 21 is circulated, by being drawn into
I2 in the section 4, Adjustment is achieved by
the opening 3 due to the clearance provided by the
withdrawing the clip 9 from the engaging groove
legs 6 in spacing the sleeve ‘I upward. The drawn
ID of the member I I, and even clear of the sleeve - in liquid is impelled at considerable current veloc
‘I. There is thus release for changing the tele
ity from the opening 5 to strike the dome I8 and
scopic relation between the member II and the
there be spread for outward and upward ?ow
sleeve ‘I, In making this change, another groove
as directed by the conical section I ‘I. This rising
I0 is brought into registry with the seat opening
?ow is directly toward the bearing 2'5. The escape
means 8 of the sleeve ‘I, and the clip 9 then thrust
for this ?owing stream is only in the clearance
about the sleeve 1 to have its spring legs ride 50 or spacing between the members I, It‘, as deter
into the seat 8 to engage this other groove ID.
mined by the bearing 25 therebetween. Inas
The adjusted re-assembly is now completed.
much as the bearing 25 is interposed, the current
The upper terminus of this concentrically
flow is between the anti-friction elements and
mounted tubular member I I, has a tapered seat I3
their assembly or mounting means. By regulat
into which may be thrust for frictional anchorage 55 ing the extent of entrance of the nozzle I2 into
the taper section 4, and by varying the ?uid sup
ply pressure, there is possible a wide range of
current flow control. The entrance position tor
the nozzle i2 is quickly reset thru the medium of
the spring clip 9 in its changed holding relation
with a groove ID of the member II.
It is to be
a container providing a pool of liquid in which the
members may hold the bearing, and an injector
acting ?uid supply connection to the holder
adapted to deliver ?uid into the liquid inwardly
of the bearing, and to recirculate spill from the
opening through the holder.
2. A bearing washer comprising a tapered seat—
noted that the liquid 21, spilling from between the
?rst member having an axial intake
members I, I6, into the pool of the tank 26, is
opening, an opposing seat-providing oppositely
available for re-circulation by being drawn into
the opening 3. A minimum portion of the liquid 10 tapered member having a de?ector dome cen
trally thereof and opposite the intake opening
may even be recirculated between the member i,
of the ?rst member, said members together form
i6, for the rising liquid not escaping thru the
bearing 25 and the clearance between mem-v
ing a holder for a bearing therebetween with its
in the range of 27° to 30° for taking care of a,
wide range of work units. In the event an item
of work has its outer portion effective as a closure
supply blast means having a nozzle directed‘into
between the portions 2, H, a ring 28 with radiat
ing ?ngers 29, spaces such bearing from the por
tion 2' for ?uid ?ow escape between the ?ngers
29 and outward from thence between the mem
ence oi‘. the holder.
axis in the direction between the intake opening
bers I, I5, may rise and be directed by the coni-.
15 and dome, there being peripheral clearance be
cal portion 2 to reenter the down?ow course.
tween the members about the bearing, and ?uid
Primarily the tapered portions 2, l1, may be
bers I, I6.
and clear of the intake opening for eifecting liq
uid circulation thru the bearing upon submerg
3. A bearing washer comprising a centering
seat-providing ' member to position in a liquid‘
9, bearing‘held thereby, a guide to the member,
said ‘member having an opening, and an air blast
What is claimed and it is desired to secure by 25 nozzle mounted by the guide at the opening, there
Letters Patent is:
1. For a bearing‘washer, a submersible holder
being a. spill-way from the washer remote from
the opening and nozzle, the nozzle’ being adjust
able to vary injector action clearance at the open
ing, there being clearance thru said spill-way for
adapted to center a bearing therebetween with 30 nozzle impelled liquid ?ow thru a bearing centered
by the member.
the bearing effective to hold the members spaced
to provide a spill opening outwardly therefrom,
comprising a pair of relatively axially shiftable
complementally-tapered seat-providing members
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