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Filed June 29, 194.5
MART/N ‘A! 53:05.
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
2.408.966? ‘
Martin H. Brede, Denver, 0010.
Application June 29, 1945, Serial No. 602,393
2 Claims.
(Cl. 224-5)
This invention relates to means for supporting
the equipment of a hearing aid on the person and
Plio?lm. It comprises a pocket-like portion l6
closed at its sides and bottom. The back of the
pocket portion l5 extends upwardly to form a top
flap I‘! which may be secured to the front of the
pocket portion by means of a suitable snap fas
has for its principal object the provision of a
neat, simple and comfortable device which will
have no metallic parts so as to eliminate corro
sion and static electric currents in the system.
Another object of the invention is to so con
struct it that it can be economically manufac
tener 23 or in any other desired manner.
The pocket portion is attached to the backing
plate Hi by slipping it upwardly thereon with
the two ends of the pocket extending into the
tured, easily assembled and adjusted to accom
modate various sizes of batteries and various 10 vertical slots I3. The tab I? is then ?rst passed
types of sets and which can be attached to the
through the lowermost slot l5 thence upwardly
‘wearer’s clothing without requiring pinning, per
and through the uppermost slot IE to the back
forating or other damage to the clothing or which
of the plate l0 thence over the top thereof.
can without change in construction be suspend
This forms a secure attachment without the ne
ed from a secure and comfortable shoulder strap 15 cessity for stitching, stapling or other attach
ment devices. It also allows for adjustment
since the depth of the pocket depends upon the
as desired.
Other objects and advantages reside in the de
tail construction of the invention, which is de
signed for simplicity, economy, and eiiiciency.
These will become more apparent from the fol
lowing description.
In the following detailed description of the in
vention, reference is had to the accompanying
drawing which forms a part hereof. Like numer
als refer to like parts in all views of the draw
ing and throughout the description.
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 illustrates the invention as it would ap
pear in use, two different adaptations being
Fig. 2 is an enlarged perspective view of the
apparatus arranged for carrying a hearing aid
‘ position of the flap IT in the slots I5.
The device as described can be attached to the
20 wearer without further addition by simply slip
ping the edges of an arm hole or neck yoke of
a garment through the end slots H, as shown'on
the breast of the subject in Fig. 1. It can also
be supported from a shoulder strap l8, the eX
25 tremities of which carry a plurality of spaced
apart buttons l9 stitched or otherwise secured
The backing plate It! is attached to the shoul
der strap by simply slipping the button threads
30 into the vertical slots i3 so that they will come to
rest in the button holes M, as shown in Fig. 5.
The length of the strap can be adjusted by se
lection of the proper buttons H).
battery from the wearer’s shoulder;
A holding tab 20 is stitched at 2i along one
Fig. 3 is a vertical section through the pocket
of the device, taken on the line 3—3, Fig. 2;
35 side of the mid portion of the shoulder strap l8.
The tab 20 is formed as a pocket to contain a
Fig. 4 is a similar section, taken on the line
stiffener 22 as shown in Fig. 6. The purpose of
d-d, Fig. 3;
the tab is illustrated in Fig. 1, it being designed
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary, rear View of the pocket
to slip under the shoulder strap of the wearer’s
illustrating the method of attaching the shoulder
strap thereto; and
40 undergarment to hold the shoulder strap l8 in
proper place on the shoulder.
Fig. 6 is an enlarged detail section through the The device is interchangeable, that is, it can
shoulder portion of the strap, taken on the line
be used for supporting either or all the battery,
6—6, Fig. 2.
The device employs a pocket supported from
the microphone, or the amplifying set of a stand
a backing plate it formed of plastic, ?ber or 45 ard hearing aid. The shoulder strap can be
eliminated by attaching a battery pocket in the
other semi-rigid, non-metallic, sheet material.
arm hole of a garment and the microphone set
The backing plate is contoured to provide two
pocket in the neck yoke thereof without the use
outwardly projecting ears l2 in each of which
an inwardly extending end slot II is formed.
of straps. Or, if preferred, both the microphone
Two vertical slots l3 extend upwardly from the 50 set and batteries can be supported from straps
without attachment to the garment in any way.
bottom of the plate it and terminate in en
While a speci?c form of the improvement has
larged button holes is. Two parallel, horizontal
slots 15 extend across the top of the plate 10.
been described and illustrated herein, it is de
The pocket is formed from any suitable, flex
sired to be understood that the same may be
ible sheet material, such as rubberized fabric or 65 varied, within the scope of the appended claims,
2. A carrying pocket for hearing aids compris—
without departing from the spirit of the inven
Having thus described the invention, what is
ing: a, backing plate; vertical spaced-apart slots
extending upwardly from the bottom of said
claimed and desired secured by Letters Patent is:
1. A carrying pocket for hearing aids compris
ing: a backing plate; vertical spaced-apart slots
the extremities of said shoulder strap engaging
extending upwardly from the bottom of said
backing plate; a pocket mounted on the face of
said plate; a. shoulder strap; buttons adjacent
in the vertical slots of the backing plate for re
movably attaching the plate thereto; and a hold
ing tab hingedly secured to one edge of said
shoulder strap intermediate its extremities so
plate; a pocket, the ends of which are carried in 10 that it may lie in parallel relation thereto for
the vertical slots; a closing flap for said pocket
underlapping and holding a portion of the wear
extending through said horizontal slots to lock
er’s garment against said strap.
the pocket to the backing plate; a shoulder strap;
and means on the extremities of said shoulder
strap engaging in the vertical slots of the back 15
backing plate; horizontal spaced-apart slotsex
tending across the upper portion of said backing
ing plate for removably attaching the pocket
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