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Get. 8, N46.
Filed Feb. 22, 1945
A3,., '
ai rroe/wsrs.
Patented Oct. 8, 19u46
Sherman H. Holt, Tulsa, Okla. "
Application February 22, 1945, Serial No. 579,263.
3 Claims. (o1. 30s-.4)
This invention relates'to oil well pump plungers.
v In one kind of oil well pump a pump barrel is
lowered into a well and locked in position, and a
hollow plunger connected to »the lower end of a
of the barrel, and Eig. 3 is a` vertical section
through Fig. 2.
Referring to Fig.v 1 of the drawing, a hollow
plunger lI is rigidly mounted on the upper »
pump rod is reciprocated in the barrel to pump GI
end of a conventional hold-down 2 by which the
the oil to the surface. In the inverted type pump
4plunger is held down in an oil well. This hold
the lower end of a hollow plunger is locked in
down inc_ludesl an upwardly opening ball check
.the well and a barrel encircling the plunger is re
vali/e3. Slidably mounted on the plunger is a
ciprocated thereon by means of a pump rod. In
.cylindrical pump barrel 4 which includes at its
either _case the plunger has a vertical ltubular body
upper end an upwardly opening ball check valve
surrounded by one or more packing members.
5. The top of the barrel is provided with a
One packing member generally is wound around
:threaded stud 6 to which the lower end vof a re
the tube in the form of a coil with one end rest
ciprocable pump rod (not shown) can be attached
ing against a stationary member on the tube
for moving the barrel .up and down on 4the sta
while the other end engages a packing follower
tionary plunger. _This causes the fluid below the
or collar slidably mounted on the tube. On the
pump to be drawn up through the hold-down and
opposite side of the collar there are one or more
hollow plunger into the barrellv and then Ito be
packing cups each engaged by a metal cup ring
out of the top of the barrel above the upper
alsol slidably mounted on the plunger body. The
valve 5.
outer ring is engaged by a coil spring which -is 20,
plunger is a vertical tube 8
held in position by a. stationary member on .the
(Fig. 2) having an lintegral enlargement 9 near
plunger tube. This spring urges the cup rings
its lower end and against the bottom of which an
and packing cups toward the collar ywhich in turn
annular centering member I0 is held by a cou
presses against the helical packing coil to keep
pling II screwed part way onto the tube. This
it expanded against the> barrel in which the v »coupling
is :connected by a pipe I2 to the top of
plunger is mounted. The pressure of the fluid
3, whereby .there is a vertical pas
in the well on the packing cups also tends to
sage from .the lower end of Ithe hold-down .to the
hold the collar .tightly against .the packing. On
top of the plunger. Screwed on the upper end of
the downstroke of .the plunger in an ordinary
the tube is a pair of nuts I4 and I5 between which
pump, or on the downstroke Iof .the barrel in an 30
there is a centering member I6. The two «center
inverted pump, the frictional engagement of .the
ing members center the plunger in the barrel.
barrel with .the packing cups tends to move them
Mounted on the plunger tube between lower nut
and .the cups rings and collar away from the
I5 and enlargement 9 is .the packing by which
helical packing, compressing the spring somewhat
ñuid is prevented from escaping past the outside
in doing so. On the reverse stroke these slidable
the plunger. The main packing consists of a
members all move back to their original positions.
length of suitable packing material wrapped heli
'I'his constant travel back and forth tends to
cally in a coil I8 around the plunger tube with
create wear on both the packing coil and the
its upper end engaging nut I5. The lower end
packing cups as well as on the spring.
of .this .coil is engaged by a follower or collar I9
It is among the objects of this invention to pro
slidably mounted on the tube. Engaging the bot
vide an oil well pump plunger in which the pack
tom of the collar is a packing cup 20 into which
ing 4cups and packing follower are restrained from
.projects the reduced upper end of a metal cup
being moved `away from the packing coil by fric
ring 2|. The bottom of this ring is engaged by
tion between the pump barrel and packing cups,
another packing cup 22 into which projects the
and in which this result is accomplished without
reduced upper end of another cup ring 23. Both
interfering with the tendency of the plunger
cups and rings are slidably mounted on the
spring to keep the packing follower pressed tight
plunger tube. Of course, more :cups and rings
ly against the packing coil.
may be used if desired, and some may be located
The preferred embodiment of this invention is
below enlargement 9. Below the lower ring a coil
illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which
spring 24 is mounted on the tube with its lower
Fig. 1 is a side view, with the barrel and valves
end abutting against tube enlargement 9. 'I'he
partly broken away in section, of an inverted rod
purpose of this spring is to hold the packing .cups
pump incorporating my invention, Fig. 2 is an
in position and -to keep collar I 9 pressing up
enlarged fragmentary View showing the position
wardly against the packing coil I8 so that the
of certain plunger elements during a downstroke 55 coil will be maintained expanded radially into
1. A plunger comprising a vertical tubular
gontact with the inner surface of the surrounding
body, a, packing cup slidably mounted on said
body, a cup ring slidably mounted on said body
It is the principal feature of this invention
that on the downstroke of the barrel on the
plunger the friction between the barrel and the
packing cups will not move them downwardly
on plunger tube 8 and thus cause the packing
coil, rings and collar also to work up and down
in engagement with said cup, a backing ring
slidably mounted on said body in engagement
with the cup ring, and a spring mounted on said
body and urging said rings toward the cup, one
of said rings having its end face which is adja
centlthe other ring inclined to its axis, whereby
on the tube withresulting wear. Accordingly, .
anyQten'dency ofthe packing cupÍto move the
a, backingring _2,6 ‘is slidably mounted on thetube.
between the upper end of the spring and the
lower cup ring. both of which it engages. One _,
of these two adjoining rings 23 and 26 has its s l
rings axially and compress the spring will cant
the backing ring into binding engagement with
said body and prevent such movement.
2. A plunger comprising a vertical tubular
surface which is at the end adjacent the other
body, a packing cup slidably mounted on said
ring inclined to the axis of the tube and to the 15,k body, a cup ring slidably mounted on said body
ring face it engages. Because it is desirable to
'in engagement ¿with said cup, a backing ring
make the backing ring thin, it is preferred that '
slidably mounted on said body in engagement
the lower face 21 of cup ring 23 be inclined or
with the cup ring, and a spring mounted on said
beveled. This ring therefore engages the back#
and urging said rings toward the cup, the
ing ring only at one side of the plunger tube. 20 body
cup ring -havingïits end face which is adjacent
This does not keep the spring from performing
thev backing Vring inclined to thev backing-ring>
its function of constantly urging the rings, pack
face that it engages, whereby any >tendency of j
ing-cups, and collar upwardly on the plunger
the packing cup to move the rings axially and,
tube.- However, on the downstroke ofthe barrel
compress the spring will cant the backing ring
when’its friction against theïpacking cups at'
into vbinding engagement with said body and pr’e- '
tempts to move them downwardly on- tlie plunger
vent such movement.
~ '
tube, lower cup ring 23 is caused to exert pres
3. A plunger comprising a >vertical tube, 'a'
sure on the backing ring at only one side of the
helical packing member wound on said-, whereby the thin ring is canted or cocked
rigidly mounted on said tube'again'st onel
on the tube as shown in Fig. 2. The backing ring 30 means
end of said packing, a, collar- slidably mountedi
therefore binds on the tube and refuses to slide
on said tube against the other end of said pack
downwardly on it. The result is that the pack
a packing cup slidably mounted on said tube'l
ing cups and the other slidable members on the.
on the other side of said collar, a cup ring' slid-A
plunger tube > are 4prevented from alternately
engagement with"
moving `down and up on Athe tube which 'would 35 Vably mounted on said tube in
slidably mounted‘f
cause them-to wear an undesirable amount.
on said tube in engagement with the cup':ring„_
According Ato the provisions of the patent
and a coil spring mounted on said tube and -urg`-„ 4
statutes, I have explained the principle and con
struction of my invention and have illustrated'
and described what I now consider to represent 40
its best embodiment. However, I desire to -liave
it understood'that, within'the scope of the ap
pended claims, lthe invention may be practiced
otherwise than as specifically illustrated and
ing said rings and >cup toward said collar, the loup*
ring having its _end face which is adjacentïthel‘j
backing ring inclined to its axis, whereby-any1*
tendency of the packing _cup to move the'A rings'
axially and compress the spring> will cant the4 backing ring‘into binding-engagement with said ï
45 body and prevent such movement.
I claim:
SHERMAN H. 4HC_)I¿'_I‘.V j l
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