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0a. 8, 1946.
Filed Nov. 3, 1945
as '
5 25
Patented Get. 8, 1946
Richard G. Turner, Worcester, Mass, assignor to
Crompton & Knowles Loom Works, Worcester,
Mass, a corporation of Massachusetts
‘Application November 3, 1945, Serial No. 626,461 '
5 Claims.
(Cl. 139-196)
This invention relates to improvements in loom
shuttles and it is the general object of the inven
tion to provide a shuttle having a relatively soft
tip for the purpose of reducing wear of the shut
tle picker.
Shuttles are ordinarily constructed with hard
ened steel tips which enter a conical shaped hole
in the picker. The picker may either be fastened
directly to the picker stick, or may slide along
a picker spindle, but in either case the metallic 10
point causes considerable wear and distortion of
2—2 of Fig. l,
Fig. 3 is an enlarged front elevation of the stud
or holder to which the rubber tip is secured, as
by vulcanization,
Fig. 4 is an end elevation looking in the'direc
tion of arrow 4, Fig. 3, and
Fig. 5 is an enlarged vertical section through
the rubber tip with the stud removed taken on
line 5-—5, Fig. 2.
Referring particularly to Fig. 1, I have indi
the picker. This Wear occurs at the time of pick
cated a shuttle box I0 along which extends a
ing when the picker is forced against the shuttle
tip, and also at the time of shuttle boxing when
the tip strikes the picker as the shuttle is brought
picker spindle H on which is slidably mounted a '
to rest in the shuttle box. It is an important ob
ject of my invention to reduce the aforesaid wear
Fig. 2‘ is an enlarged vertical section on line
picker 12. The latter has an elongated bearing
H5 in sliding engagement with‘the spindle and.
has a. picker head M for engagement with the
shuttle. Between the bearing and head there is
located a slot I5 which receives the upper end of
a picker stick IS. The head 14 will ordinarily be
provided with a conical hole I‘! on that side there
of which engages the shuttle. During. loom .op
eration the picker stick is caused to move in the
direction toward the center of the loom not
of the picker by providing the shuttle with a tip
made of some material softer than the picker
but possessed of su?icient wear resisting proper
ties to resist undue wear of itself by the picker.
The tip is so made that the surface of it which
engages the shuttle picker will be somewhat re
shown, to the right as viewed in Fig. 1,.to slide
silient, and to achieve this result I prefer to make
the tip of some such material as elastic vulcan 25 the picker along the spindle and impart the pick
ing force to the shuttle S. On its return flight
ized rubber.
the shuttle enters box [0 and comes to rest against
Shuttle tips are ordinarily held to the shuttle
the picker.
by means of a stud inserted into the wooden body
As already mentioned there are other types of
of the shuttle and fastened therein in any ap
proved manner, as by a cross pin; It is another 30 pickers with which my invention can be used,
but the form shown in Fig. 1 is thought su?icient
object of my present invention to ‘provide the tip
to illustrate the relationship between my inven
holding stud with a cavity or ‘cup into which a
tion and a particular type of picker, but it is to
part of the elastic tip extends. This cup is pref
be understood that the use of my invention is
erably in line with the force which is applied to
the tip longitudinally of the shuttle by the picker 35 not limited to this type of picker.
The shuttle S is provided with a body'20 having
at the time of picking and shuttle boxing, and a
' a weft compartment 21 in which is located a weft
knob of rubber on the tip end extending intothe
carrier or bobbin 22 provided with a supply of
cup will be temporarily compressed and tend to
weft W which is unwound from the bobbin dur
expand into tight holding relation with respect
to the stud. By this construction the holding re 40 ing the picking flight of the shuttle. . Each end
of the shuttle will have a tip designated herein
lationship between the rubber part of the tip and
generally at T of a form proportioned to enter the
its stud is increased at those times when the tip
conical hole ll in the picker head l4, but it is
is subjected to picking or shuttle boxing forces.
thought su?icient for present purposes to limit
With these and other objects in view which
will appear as the description proceeds, my inven 45 the description to one of these tips, since both
tips are substantially the same.
tion resides in the combination and arrangement
Except for the tip the matter thus far described '
of parts hereinafter described and set forth.
is of'common construction and may operate in
In the accompanying drawing, wherein a con
usual manner.
venient embodiment of my invention is set forth,
The .tip T is secured to a tip holder on stud 25
Fig. 1 is a plan View of part of a shuttle box 50
having a shank 26 peripherally grooved at 21 and
showing a shuttle equipped with my improved
driven into the wooden body 2|! of the shuttle and
shuttle tip together with a form of picker cus
held in position by a cross pin 28. The stud is
tomarily used at the drop box end of fancy looms
provided with a relatively thin integral flange 30
and at the replenishing end of certain types of
65 the inner surface 3| of which closely abuts the
outer end wall 32 of the body 20. The stud is pro
vided with a second ?ange 35 preferably of less
provided a shuttle equipped with a tip the picker
engaging part of which is non-metallic and made
diameter .than the ?ange 30 and spaced from the
of some soft resilient material such as rubber
which will conform to the hole I1 without caus
latter su?iciently to de?ne a space 36 into which
ing appreciable wear of the picker. I do not wish
to be limited to any particular degree of soft
nes's or resilience of the tip relatively to the picker
so long as the properties of the tip are such
moldable material can ?ow. The ?ange 35 is pref
erably slabbed or ?attened as at 31 so that it has
a non-circular ‘contour.
Projecting outwardly
from the ‘flange “35 is a circular cup 40 integral
with the stud 25 and preferably coaxial therewith
that it causes little or no wearing of the picker.
and having a cavity 4| which may be of the form 10 It will also be seen that the cup 40 is so located
with respect to the direction in which picking
indicated in Fig. 3 wherein that part“ of the .cav
forces are imparted to the shuttle that the knob
ity near the ?ange 35 is of larger diameter than
49 will be expanded to establish increasingly tight
the mouth 43 remote from the ?ange 35. The cup
holding relationship with the interior of the cup
is preferably though not necessarily or ~frustra
whenever the tip member is subjected to a force
conical form with an outer surface 44' whicheom
directed vlongitudinally of the shuttle, either at
verges toward the axis of stud _25.
_‘ p ’ w , _
the time of picking or boxing.
The tip T is shown more particularly in Figs. 2
Having thus described my invention it will be
and 5, and is made of a moldable elastic'm‘ate'rial,
seen that changes and modifications may be made
such as rubber, which can be vulcanized to the
stud 25. As shown more particularly in Fig. 5 20 therein by those skilled in the art without depart
ing from the spirit and scope of the invention
the resilient tip is provided with ,a flat “surface
45 which closely engages the outer;suri’ace- 46 of
and I do not wish to, be limited to the details
flange 30. The tip has a recess 41 which ?ts
closely around the ?ange 35, and the slabbed or
hereinrd-isclosed, but what I claim is:
?attened parts '31 of'?anges 35 preventrelative
turning of the rubber tip member with respect to
the stud member 25. . The tip is also provided with
another cavity 48 which receives the cup 4!! and
there is extending into this latter cavity a knob
49 which ?ts into the cavity 4| of the cup.
During manufacture the stud or tip holder
member 25 will be heldin fixed position with
1. In a shuttle for a loom operating with a
shuttle propelling picker, a metallic stud on the
shuttle having a cavity therein facing the picker,
and a tip of'softelastic material held on' the stud
and‘ha'ving a part thereof extending into said
2. In a shuttle for a loom operating with a
shuttle propelling picker, a metallic stud on the
shuttle extending longitudinally of the shuttle,
the outer or left end thereof as viewed in Fig. 3
a cup on the end of said stud facing away from
projecting into a mold not shown which receives
the rubber of which the tip is made. The rubber
will be heated and vulcanized by usual methods
and will flow around the cup 40 and ?ange 35 and
the shuttle, and a picker engaging tip made of
soft elastic material and having a part thereof
extending into said cup, said tip being of conical
form and so disposed that the axis thereof passes
into tight holding relationship with'respect to all
through said part of the tip in said cup.
‘parts of the ‘stud to the left of the ?ange 30 as
3. In a shuttle subjected to a picking force
viewed in Fig. 3. The knob 49 will thus be formed 40 directed'longitudinally of the shuttle, a metallic
with‘that end thereof adjacent to ‘the ?ange ‘30
stud on the ‘shuttle having a part thereof formed
of somewhat larger diameter than» the neck 50
as a cup facing away from the shuttle and in line
which ?ts the mouth‘ 43.
with said force, and a tip of soft elastic material
The tip and'stud 25 are sov related that the
held to said stud and having a part thereof
axis of the tip‘passes through cavity 4| 'andknob
49 so that at the time of picking and shuttle box
ing any force to which the tip is subjected be
cause of its engagement with the picker will
compress the knob and tend to expand it, there
by'establishing'a closer holding relationship be:
tween knob 49 and the interior of the cup 40.
Pickers are 'ordinarilyjmade of somematerial
softer than the steel of which the usual shuttle
tips are made, this material beingeither rawhide
or a textile impregnated with a‘ binder. The tip
member T shown herein will ordinarily be softer
than the picker and will cause very little wear of
the latter. It has been proposed heretofore to
use elastic rubber in the mounting of shuttle tips,
but so far asI am aware all such tips have had
metallic (parts to engage and wear the picker.
In the present instance there is no picker en
gaging metal on_the shuttle tip, and all parts and
surfaces of the tip which engagethe picker are
‘ entering said cup, said tip transmitting the pick
ing force through said cup to the shuttle and
said force expanding that part of the tip within
the cup against the latter.
4. In a shuttle subjected to a picking force
directed toward the shuttle along the axis there
of, a stud on the shuttle having a cup facing
away from the shuttle, and 'a, conical tip of soft
elastic material held tosaid stud and having a
knob entering ‘said cup, the axes of the stud, cup
and tip lying along the axis of the shuttle and
passing through said knob.
5. -In a shuttle subjected‘to a picking forcedi
rected toward the shuttle'along the axis thereof, a
stud on the shuttle having a cup thereon formed
to with a frustro-conical'cavity which converges in
aldirection away from the shuttle, and a tip of
softelastic material supported by said stud and
having a ‘knob which‘fillssaid cavity, said pick
ing-force being transmitted through‘said tip ‘and
softer than the picker and will conform to the 65 placing'said knob under compression tending‘to
preformed hole
From the foregoing it will be seen that I have
expand/said knob against said cup.
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