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Get.’ 8, 15946.
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FiledOct. 14, 1945*
2 Sheets-She'e't 1
Oct: 3, 1946.
2,409,011 -,
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
Harold H. Belcher, Orange, Mass, assignor to
Rodney‘ Hunt Machine Company, Orange,
Mass, a corporation of Massachusetts
Application October 14, 1943, Serial No. 506,280
15 Claims. (Cl. 26-49)
This invention relates to a new and improved
fulling mill embodying novel features.
Objects of the invention include the provision
mounted on vertical axes on the box and pro
vided with swivel nuts in engagement with a
right and left-hand screw-threaded rod for
pivoting the throat plate guides to and from
pressure loaded clapper for the packing boxes c1 each other to adjust the sides of the front open
ing, thereby providing without expensive con
whereby any desired degree of pressure may be
struction a tapering inlet to guide the cloth to
conveniently and easily applied for the fulling
the fulling rolls with minimum tension thereby
operation; the provision of a pneumatically op
contributing to faster lengthwise fulling.
erated clutch for the main drive of the fulling
Other objects and advantages of the invention
rolls; and the provision of a pair of fulling rolls. 10
will appear hereinafter, reference being had to
the top roll being pneumatically pressure loaded
the accompanying drawings, in which
for adjustment of pressure between the rolls and
of a novel fulling mill including a pneumatically
in which the top roll is mounted on a lever pivoted
to the vertical arm of an L-shaped frame, the
latter being mounted on a pedestal supported on
the floor so that the Weight of the fulling mecha
nism is not carried on the frame of the machine,
and wherein the vertical arm of the L-frame is
provided with a stop which may be used to sup
port the pivoted lever for the top roll in out-of
the-way inoperative position uncovering the
bottom roll and leaving the latter open for re
Further objects of the invention include the
provision of a fulling mill having a pneumatically
operated main clutch, a separate pneumatically
pressure loaded top roll. and a separate
pneumatically pressure loaded clapper for the
packing box, this construction embodying three
Fig. 1 is a side view in elevation of a fulling
mill according to my invention with parts broken
away and omitted for clarity of illustration;
Fig. 2 is a front elevational view of one side
of the fulling mill with parts removed;
Fig. 3 is an enlarged top plan view of the front
end of a packing box showing the throat guide;
Fig. 4 is a side view of Fig. 3.
Referring to Fig. 1 the reference character [0
indicates the floor line. A pit is provided for
the reception of the bottom part of a channel
iron framework, indicated generally at l2. This
framework comprises vertical end members and
horizontal front-to-rear members l4 which sup
port the tub, not shown, but which members
conform in general to those disclosed in the co
separate air cylinders, all of which are, however, 30 pending application Serial No. 453,364 ?led‘
controlled by a single valve located adjacent to
the cylinder controlling the drive clutch so that
when the mill is started up the drive clutch will
engage just prior to the actuation of the top roll
and packing box clapper cylinders so that the
fulling rolls will start without undue pressure,
and the stopping of the mill is virtually simul
taneous as to the three cylinders.
Further objects of the invention include the
August 3, 1942, the general purpose of this con
struction being to support the tub either from
the framework or to have the tub rest on its own
support in the pit, thus avoiding strain on the
tub and allowing for lighter materials therein.
I provide a pedestal it which rests on the
floor and on which the entire operating mecha
nism of the fulling mill is mounted separately
from the tub and framework I2. For this pur
provision of a top fulling roll mounted on a lever 40 pose- I provide an L-shaped bracket having its
horizontal arm [8 disposed on the pedestal and
which may be swung to an inoperative position
its vertical arm 20 rising therefrom. There are
uncovering the bottom roll and a packing box
a plurality of pedestals and L-shaped brackets,
which extends to the front of the rolls and which
but only one of each is shown as the others are
is pivotally mounted so that it may be swung
to an inoperative position completely uncovering 45 of like construction. At the top of the vertical‘
arm 20 I provide a pivot pin 22 for swingingly
the bottom roll for removal thereof; the pro
mounting a lever 24. Lever 24 rotatably sup
vision of a novel chain drive for the fulling roll
ports the top roll 26 as by a bearing indicated
in which the driving run of the chain for the
at 28. At the free end of the horizontal arm
top roll, if extended, will pass directly through
the pivot of the top roll lever so that there will 50 Hi there is an air cylinder 30 pivotally mounted
as at 32 and having a pivot connection with
be no tendency of the chain to exert pressure by
the free end of lever 24 as at 34-. It will be seen
pulling on the top roll toward the bottom roll.
that by this construction I have provided a top
A still further object of the invention resides
in the provision of a pair of throat plate guides
roll and support therefor which is adjustable by
' for each packing box, said guides being pivotally 55 air pressure to and from the bottom roll 36, the
latter being journalled in any desired way on
the horizontal arm [8 of the bracket, as for in
stance, by a block 38. At the top of the vertical
arm 20 I provide a stop 40 which may be used
to support the top roll 26 when the pivot pin 34
each guide having a swivel nut 96 mounted
thereon in any convenient manner. A right and
left-hand threaded rod 98 engages the nut and
by means of a hand wheel or other device, not
shown, the rod 98 may be rotated to thereby
is disconnected and the lever 24 swung around
so that it may rest on the stop 40. This will
swing the throat guides to and from each other
to vary the size of the front opening.
clearly uncover the bottom roll 36 for inspection
The air pressure supply for the roll pressure
and repair.
and packing box system is preferably taken from
A motor 42 drives a pulley 44, said pulley being 10 the line supplying the clutch operating cylinder
journallecl in any suitable manner and driving
with a valve positioned to control all three cylin
a sprocket wheel 46 which in turn drives a chain
ders at once. Hence when the clutch is released
48 in the direction of the arrow shown with re
the pressure on the rolls and packing box would
lation to the chain. A take-up idler 50‘ may be.
be simultaneously released. However, when the
used, but in any case, it will be noted that chain
valve is closed, the clutch would engage just
48 passes upwardly over a sprocket wheel 52 ?xed
prior to loading of the rolls and packing box and
to the top roll shaft, and then downwardly on an
the drive starts up with no pressure on rolls and
incline to drive a similar gear 54 secured to the
packing box. These pressures would come up
bottom roll shaft. The operation of the parts is
very quickly thereafter however, so that the mill
shown arranged so that the center line of the 20 will reach operation very quickly. This system
chain between the two rolls indicated at 56 passes
will ease the starting load but will not impair the
directly through the center of the pivot 22, and
ei?ciency of the machine.
therefore, the force of the chain will be in a di
The piping and valves for the cylinders is not
rection through pivot 22 and cannot exert down
illustrated as this merely involves a valve, a. line
ward pressure on the upper roll, the nip pressure
to the clutch cylinder, and a branched line to
being dependent only on the air cylinder and top
the other two cylinders, although each of the
roll weight. Also by this construction I am en
packing box and top roll cylinders will have a
abled to use but a single drive, and therefore, I
separate valve to control its individual pressure.
do away with the double drive of the conven
The present construction allows separate man
tional fulling mill, which results in unequal full
ufacture of the top cover, the tub, and. the me
ing in the different packing boxes in cases of dif
chanical parts, and facilitates assembly by avoid
ferent loads and in unwanted stress where one
ing the old method of building the mechanical
side drives at times to the exclusion of the other
parts, disassembling, and rebuilding on the tub.
side and vice versa.
Having thus described my invention and the
As will be seen in Fig. 2, I provide an air cyl
advantages thereof, I do not wish to be limited
inder 58 which is operatively secured to a lever
to the details herein disclosed, otherwise than
60 mounted in a bracket 62 on the floor. Lever
as set forth in the claims, but what I claim is:
50 is provided with a yoke 64 secured in a rotat
able manner to a clutch part 68 keyed to the
1.. A fulling mill comprising a frame, a roll
operatively ?xed in the frame, a second roll mov
The pulley 44 embodies 40 ably mounted on the frame, a pneumatic device
main driving shaft 69.
the cooperating clutch part 10, the pulley 44‘ being
loose on shaft 68. Air cylinder 58 is operable to
engage clutch parts 65 and 19 so as to start ro
tation of the fulling roll by means of the chain
drive above described.
I provide a packing box comprising an iron
frame 12 having secured thereto wooden sides 14.
Between the wooden sides I mount a clapper 16
which is pivoted at 18 to the iron frame. Clapper
18 is in the form of a bell-crank, and an air cyl
inder an is pivoted on the packing box frame and
has its piston operatively secured to the bell
crank shown in the position of the clapper. By
this means pressure on the clapper may be easily
varied according to the judgement of the operator 5
of the machine.
The packing box is supported on a pivot 82
and swings on the frame of the machine from
an operative position shown in Fig. l to a posi
tion wherein a stop 84 ?xed with relation to the (10
packing box abuts the rear end of the horizontal
arm l8 of the L-shaped bracket as at 86.. The
front end of the packing box extends forwardly
of the roll and is supported on a cross frame
member 88 secured to the upright 20. At this
point the packing box may be secured as by a
bolt 90. In order to remove the bottom roll it is
merely necessary to remove the pin 34 and ‘bolt
90, swing lever 24 around to rest on stop 40, and
then swing up the packing box about its pivot
82, whereupon the bottom roll is completely clear
and can be removed for repairs.
At the front end of the packing box I provide
vertical rods 92 (see Figs. 3 and 4)., On these
for moving the second roll selectively to or from '
the ?rst named roll, a packing box, a clapper
therefor, a pneumatic device for adjusting the
clapper, a drive for the rolls, a clutch for said
drive, pneumatic means for operating the clutch,
and a valve for said pneumatic means and de~
vices‘ effective to actuate the clutch operating
device just prior to the other pneumatic devices
whereby the rolls will start to rotate with little
or no pressure on packing box or rolls when the
mill is started.
2'. A fulling mill comprising a frame, rolls
mounted on. the frame for rotation thereon, one
roll being operatively ?xed and the other roll
being movable to and from said ?xed roll, a
pneumatic. device for moving said movable roll,
a drive for the rolls, a clutch for the drive, pneu
matic means for actuating the clutch, and a
valve for controlling said pneumatic device and
means, said valve. being effective to actuate the
clutch actuating means just. prior to operation of
the roll moving means whereby the rolls will
start to rotate with little or no roll pressure when
the. mill is started.
3. A fulling mill comprising a frame, a roll
mounted in operatively ?xed position in the
frame, a second roll, a movable support for the
second roll mounted on the frame ata ?xed point,
a chain drive for the rolls, the chain centerline
driving the second roll lying on a. line passing
through said point, whereby the pull of the chain
cannot. affect the nip pressure of the rolls.
4, A fulling mill comprising a generally L
shaped frame, a roll mounted in the horizontal
rods there are mounted the throat guides 94, 75 arm of the frame, a support pivoted to the verti- "
2,409,01 1
cal arm, a roll mounted on the support for swing
ing movement to and from the ?rst named roll,
pressure device being connected directly to the
clapper for swinging the same within the pack
ing box, said packing box, clapper, and ?uid pres
a chain drive for the rolls, the centerline of the
sure device forming a single unit.
chain run driving the second named roll lying
11. A fulling mill comprising a frame, a lower
in a line passing through the pivot point of the C11 roll journalled therein, an upper roll swingably
support so that the pull of the chain cannot
mounted on the frame, a packing box movably
affect the nip pressure.
5. A fulling mill comprising a frame, a lower
roll, an upper roll, a movable support for the
upper roll for positioning the latter in out-of
the~way position to expose the lower roll, a pack
ing box movable on the frame at one side of the
mounted on the frame, throat guides on the pack
ing box and extending into position between the
rolls, said upper roll being swingable to a po
sition freeing the throat guides and thereby per
mitting movement of the packing box.
12. A fulling mill including a frame, fulling
rolls and extending to the other side thereof,
rolls, a packing box, a pivot support on the frame
throat guides on the packing box extending be
at the rear of the rolls, said packing box extend~
tween the rolls, said upper roll freeing the pack
ing to the front of the rolls, said ‘packing box
ing box when
said out-of-the-way position
being mounted for swinging movement on the
whereby the packing box is movable to a position
pivot support to a position at the rear of the rolls.
freeing the lower roll.
13. In a fulling mill, a packing box, a ?uid
6. A fulling mill as recited in claim 5 including
pressure device mounted on the packing box, a
a detachable connection for the packing box at 20 clapper pivoted on the packing box and depend
the front of the rolls.
ing thereinto, said ?uid pressure device being
7. In a fulling mill, a. fulling roll, a frame in
connected to the clapper for swinging the latter
cluding transverse supports at the front and rear
in the packing box, and a pivot between the
of the roll, a pivot on the rear support, a packing
packing box and the fulling mill whereby the
box swingingly mounted thereon, and a detach 25 packing box, clapper, and ?uid pressure device
able connection at the front support for securing
are all swingable as a unit on the fulling mill.
the packing box in operative position, said pack
14. The apparatus of claim 13 including a sep
ing box being swingable out of the way of the roll
arable cover for the fulling mill, said cover com
when said connection is detached.
pletely covering the packing box, the clapper,
8. A packing box as recited in claim '7 includ 30 and the ?uid pressure device, whereby the pack
ing a stop for limiting the movement of the pack~
ing box, clapper, and ?uid pressure device are
ing box in inoperative position.
located wholly within the cover, the latter being
9. A fulling mill comprising a pair of fulling
removable without disturbing the packing box
rolls, a packing box having spaced side walls, said
packing box extending from the rear to the front
of the rolls, a clapper mounted on the packing
box to the rear of the rolls and throat guides
mounted on the packing box walls at the front
of the rolls, a vertical rod on each packing box
wall, a throat guide swingably mounted on each
rod for adjustment to and from each other in a
horizontal direction, a swivel nut on each throat
guide, and a right and left hand threaded rod
engaging the nuts.
15. In a fulling mill, a frame, an enclosure for
the mill, a unitary packing box mounted on the
frame and completely within the enclosure, a
removable top for the enclosure, said packing
box including a fulling clapper, a ?uid pressure
device pivoted on the packing box, said fluid pres
sure device being directly connected to the clapper
for moving the same in the packing box, said top
being removable to expose the packing box with
10. A packing‘ box, a ?uid pressure device 45 out disturbing the same.
mounted on the packing box, a clapper pivoted
on the box and depending thereto, said ?uid
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