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Patented Oct. 8, 1946
Warner ' R. ‘Corey, Inkster, Mich.
Application August :14, 1945, :Serial .No.1(i1_0;8'3’lv
2 Claims.
This invention relates to a warning signal,
and has for its primary object to notify an
aviator or the driver of a motor vehicle when
his navigation or driving lights should be
turned on.
Another object is to produce such an emphatic
warning that its neglect will create an unpleasant
reaction to the aviator .ordriver of the vehicle, to
(or. 177-3711‘)
Referring to the drawing in, detail, .I have
illustratedinFigure 1 an engine block l0 carry
ing the usual spark plugs II to which high ten
sion leads I: extend from the usual distributor
in the conventional manner. Mounted on the
instrument board iii of the vehicle is a gaseous
discharge lamp it, one terminal l5 voi which
leads through a suitable condenser [6 to ground.
The opposite terminal'of the lamp M is-connected
such an extent that he will be compelled to heed
the signal
turn on the navigation or driving 10 through a wire I’! to a coincidental switch desig
nated generally l8 arranged to control the navi
lights, as the case may be.
gation or driving lights of the vehicle in the con
Among its features, my invention embodies a
ventional manner. Leading from the switch I8 is
lamp mounted in the vicinity of the instrument
a conductor [9 which terminates in. a seriesof
board of a vehicle having driving or navigation
lights, means to establish communication be 15 spiral loops 20 extending around one of the lead
wires 42 and held in proper position thereon by
tween the lamp and a source of pulsating energy
means of suitable clamps 2|. The windings 20
capable of illuminating the lamp, and a coinci
serve as a pickup coil and function to collect the
dental switch associated with the navigation or
leakage current around the cable I2 in much the
driving light and so arranged that when the navi
gation or driving lights are turned off, the lamp 20 same manner as the “pickup coil l0” described in
on the instrument board will be turned on and
Patent No. 2,322,703, issued June 22, 1943, to
Herbert S. Polin. It is obvious that by connect
when the navigation or driving lights are turned
il’lg the lamp to a single cable l2, it will ?ash
on, contact will be broken through the energizing
only at such time as that particular cable is ener
circuit of the lamp.
The signal hereinafter referred to is primarily 25 gized, with the result that a periodically ?ashing
signal will result on the instrument board of the
designed for notifying the driver of a vehicle,
vehicle directly before the eyes of the operator.
whether it be aircraft or a road vehicle, when the
Should it be found desirable, it is also obvious
degree of darkness is such as to require the use
that a second coil may be wound about a different
of the vehicle’s navigation or driving light so
spark plug cable l2 so that two or more cables
as to contribute to the safe conduct of the ve
may be utilized to energize the lamp and produce
hicle on its course. It is not infrequent to see a
varying ?ashing e?ects. In fact, where a multi
moving vehicle in operation after dusk, or even
cylinder engine is used or several multi-cylinder
after dark with the proper navigation or driving
engines are used, it is possible to so connect the
lights unilluminated.
Another important object of this invention is 35 lamp It as to produce an almost constant glow.
However, for most purposes, and in ,fact, to se
to create in the eyes of the navigator or driver
_ cure the most satisfactory results, -I ?nd it de
of the vehicle an annoying series of light ?ashes
sirable to employ only one such coil so as to
which, while normally invisible in daylight, be
produce an intermittently flashing signal in the
come increasingly visible as darkness descends,
so as to bring about a condition which compels 40 eyes of the operator.
In order to render a conventional switch l8
the aviator or driver of the vehicle to turn on his
useful as a coincidental switch for my purpose, I‘
navigation or driving lights in order to‘ remove
?nd it advantageous to rivet or otherwise attach
the annoyance.
to the conventional sliding switch block 22 of the
Figure 1 is a diagrammatic view illustrating 45 switch I8 a bridging contact plate 23. This plate
is preferablyof a good electrical conducting ma
this improved warning signal applied to the in
terial, such as copper, and has no connection
strument board of a vehicle and connected to
whatsoever with any part of the navigation or
the ignition system of the vehicle engine from
headlight control members other than its attach
which the warning lamp derives its source of
50 ment to the insulated block 22, for movement
therewith. Mounted in one end of the frame of
Figure 2 is a plan view of one type of coinci
the switch 18 is an insulating block 24 carrying‘
dental switch which may be used in conjunction
a pair of spaced spring pressed contact members
with this invention, and
25 and 26 which are held in such position that
Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional view taken
55 when the block 22 is moved to move the light con
substantially on the line 3-3 of Figure 2.
In the drawing
trolling contacts to off position, the plate 23 will
rupted with the turning on of the navigation or
be moved into contact with the contacts 25 and
26 so as to establish electrical communication be
tween the conductors l1 and 19, respectively. The
switch l8 herein referred to is of a conventional
type commonly employed on one of the popular
brands of motor vehicles and it is to be under
driving lights, as the case may be.
stood that- any other type of such a switch may
While in the foregoing there has been shown
and described the preferred embodiment of this
invention, it is to be understood that minor
changes in the details of construction and com
bination and arrangement of parts may be resort
ed to without departing from the spirit and scope
.be modi?ed so as‘ to suitably establish contact be
of the invention as claimed.
What is claimed is:
tween the conductors ,l'! and I9 when thevehicle l0
1. The combination with a vehicle having driv
navigation or driving lights are out.
ing or navigation lights, an instrument board and
The operation of the device is more or less obvi
ous, as it will be readily understood that when ' an electric ignition system for its engine, of a glow
discharge lamp mounted in the vicinity of the in
the driving lights or navigation lights of theve
hicle are out, contact is established between the 15. strument board, means associated with the igni
tion system and connected to the glow discharge
conductors l9 and I‘! so that current will ?ow
,lamp to energize the latter when the engine is in
from the coil 20 through the conductor l9,v con- ‘
operation, and means to interrupt the ?ow of
tact 26, bridge plate 23 to the~contact 25, and
energy through the lamp when the driving or nav
thence through the conductor I‘! to the lamp l4
igation lights of the vehicle are turned on.
and the circuit is completed through the con
2. The combination with a vehicle having driv
ductor I5 and condenser I6 to ground so that the
ing or navigation lights, an instrument board and
lamp will periodically ?ash in ‘unison with the
an electric ignition system for its engine, of a
energization of the spark plug to the lead of which
glow discharge lamp mounted in the vicinity of
the coil 20 is applied. Under ordinary daylight
conditions, the ?ashing of the lamp on the instru 25 the instrument board, means associated with the
ignition system and connected to the glow dis
ment board l3 will produce no irritating effect, but
charge lamp to energize the latter when the en
as the day wanes and darkness replaces the light,
gine is in operation, and a switch operable coin
the flashing, of the lamp M will become increas
cidental with the switch controlling the driving
ingly visible to a point where it becomes a posi
or navigation lights automatically to discontinue
tive annoyance to the operator of the vehicle and
the ?ow of energy through the glow discharge
he will thus be warned that it is time to turn on
lamp when the driving or navigation lights are
the navigation or driving lights of the vehicle, and
due to the coincidental features of the switch it,
turned on.
the ?ow of current to the lamp M will be inter
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