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Oct. 8, 1946.
M, a CREE '
Filed June 21, 1944
s Sheets-Sheet 1
4 % Mew/v 6’. Our,
Oct. 8, 1946.
M. s. CREE
Filed June 21, 1944
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
' I I
i 1I Q Hi
s I
: "il 6
A24 -
[THE/01v '5. CREE,
042% $9 3946,
M, 5', CREE
Filed June 21, 1944
s Shg-ets-Sheet 3
giyid ’
Patented Oct.- 8, 1946
Marion S. Cree, Washington, Pa.
Application June 21, 1944, Serial No. 541,380
1 Claim.
(01. 33-100)
The present invention relates to new and use
said chambers receiving and retaining the weld
metal. The plate I is further provided, in its
ful improvements in templates for use particu
larly in the welding art, and has for its primary
marginal edges, with various shapes and sizes of
object to provide, in a manner as hereinafter set,
forth, a device of this character comprising a
notches or recesses 3, also a groove or channel 4.
unique construction, combination and arrange
ment whereby various welding operations may
be expeditiously and expertly performed by an
operator or mechanic of comparatively limited
tractor 6.
Another very important object of the invention
is to provide a device of the character described
The face 5 of the plate I is provided with a pro
with the groove 8.
ception of an
I0 having one
embodying novel means whereby various draftg
The threaded
ing operations may be rapidly performed.
Other objects of the invention are to provide 15 tersunk screw
groove 8.
a combination device of the aforementioned
character which will be comparatively simple in
The opposite face ‘I of the plate I has formed
therein a dovetail groove 8 extending into said
plate from one of its longitudinal edges. A
10 threaded opening 9 in the plate I communicates
The groove 8 is for the re
end portion of a removable blade
or more suitable scales I I thereon.
opening 9 accommodates a coun
I2 which secures the blade I0 in the
A holder I3 is adjustably and removably mount
construction, strong, durable, highly efficient and
ed on the blade I0. The holder I3 includes a
reliable in use, compact and which may be man
sleeve I4 which is slidable on the blade II]. A rib
ufactured at low cost.
20 I5 in the sleeve I4 is operable in a groove I6 in
All of the foregoing, and still further objects
the blade I0. A set screw I'I secures the sleeve
I4 in adjusted position on the blade Ill. The
and advantages of the invention, will become
apparent from a study of the following speci?
holder I3 further includes a vertical tube I8 which
cation, taken in connection with the accompany
is mounted on the sleeve I4 laterally thereof.
ing drawings wherein like characters of reference 25 The tube I8 is for the reception of a bar I9 of
designate corresponding parts throughout the
soapstone or other suitable marking material. A
set screw 20 secures the soapstone III in adjusted
several views, and wherein:
Figure 1 is a plan view of a device constructed
position in the tube I8. The blade I0 is of a
in accordance with the present invention.
cross sectional shape corresponding to the groove
Figure 2 is a plan view of the device, looking 30 8 and the sleeve I4 corresponds to the cross sec
at the opposite side thereof.
tional shape of said blade I0. Webs 2I connect
Figure 3 is a sectional view, taken substan
the tube I8 to the sleeve I4. .
tially on the line 3-—3 of Figure 1.
The blade I0 is adapted to be pivotally mount
Figure 4 is a sectional view, taken substan
ed on the face 5 of the plate I to function as an
tially on the line 4-4 of Figure 1.
35 indicator for the protractor Ii. When this is done,
Figure 5 is a fragmentary View in section, taken
the same screw 12 is used in the opening 9. The
substantially on the line 5—5 of Figure 1.
inner end portion of the blade I0 travels over the
Figure 6 is an elevational view of the soap
protractor 6 and is formed to provide a pointer
stone holder, showing a bar of soapstone therein.
22. This inner end portion of the blade I0 is
Figure 7 is a plan view of the soapstone holder.
also provided with a sight opening 23 through
Figure 8 is a plan view of a modi?cation.
which the protractor is observed when adjusting
Figure 9 is an elevational view, looking at one
said blade.
end of the modi?cation.
When the device is used as a welding template,
Figure 10 is an elevational view of an inter
the blade I 0 functions as a handle for manipulat
mediate portion of the modi?cation.
45 ing the plate I. Any of the marginal edges of
Referring now to the drawings in detail, it will
the plate I may be brought into abutting engage
be seen that reference character I designates
ment with the work to facilitate the making of
generally a substantially rectangular plate of
various welds, such as forming a “shelf” on a
suitable metal, which plate may be of any de
vertical plate. The plate I further includes cor
sired dimensions. The plate I has formed 50 ner portions 24 of various shapes.
therein various sizes and shapes of openings 2
The plate I and the blade II] are adapted to
function as a square with said blade secured in
constituting what may be considered chambers
to facilitate the performance of certain welding
the groove 8. The blade I0 may also be utilized
to draw parallel lines by moving the plate I along
operations such, for example, as forming bosses
on plates, building up heads on bolts, et cetera, 55 a straightedge. By pivotally mounting the blade
ID on the face 5 of the plate I, any desired angle
may be had through the medium of the protractor
with the present invention will be readily under
stood, and although preferred embodiments of
6. The blade l0 may be secured in adjusted po
sition by tightening the screw l2. With the
holder [3 on the blade I0 and the soapstone I9
the device are as illustrated and described, it
is to be understood that further modi?cations
and changes in the details of construction may be
in said holder, the device is adapted to function
resorted to which will fall'within the scope of the
as a compass with said blade swinging on the
invention as claimed.
What is claimed is:
plate I. Or, the blade I0 may be removed from
the plate I and a center punch inserted through
the opening 23 to function as a pivot about which
said blade may swing.
In the modi?cation illustrated in Figures 8 to
10, inclusive, of the drawings, a plate which is
A combination tool comprising a head having
a recess opening into one side edge and an adja
cent face, said head also having an internally
screw threaded opening communicating with the
recess, said recess extending perpendicular to the
side edge of the head, a blade adapted to be
particularly adapted for making welds on pipes
is designated generally by reference character 26. 15 received in the recess and to project from the
head perpendicular to the side edge of the head
The plate 26 has formed in certain of its edges
containing the recess, said blade having a coun~
arcuate recesses 2'! for the reception of pipes of
tersunk opening adapted to align with the screw
different diameters. Various sizes and shapes
threaded opening, a protractor scale on the face
of openings 28 are also provided in the plate 26.
of the head opposite that containing the recess,
A right angular recess 29 is formed in one edge
a pointer on the blade adapted to cooperate with
of the plate 26 for the reception of angle irons.
the protractor scale when the blade is on the
The plate 28 further includes a substantially
unrecessed side of the head and a screw adapted
beveled corner portion 30 for rebuilding broken
to enter the countersunk opening in the blade
off gear teeth. A groove 3| in, the plate 25, 'sim
ilar to the groove 8, accommodates the blade Ill. 25 and to engage the threaded opening in the head
to hold the blade in the recess or in cooperative
The blade I0 is provided in its outer end portion
relation with the protractor scale according to
with an opening 32 whereby the plates 26 and
the side of the head to which the blade is at
I may both be mounted on said blade if desired.
It is believed that the many advantages of a
combination device constructed in accordance 30
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