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0d. 8, 1946.
Filed May 11, '1945
Patented ‘Oct. 8, 1946
Everett V. Filbrun, Dayton, Ohio
Application May 11, 1945, Serial No. 593,133
2 Claims.
(CI. 46-43)
This invention relates to a mechanical toy in
which there is a plurality of inclined tracks or
runways and thimble shaped pockets which re
ceive spherical articles from the lower ends of
runways and discharge them onto the upper ends
of other runways.
ing through the sides of the uprights and the
The outer ends of the pockets in the normal po
sition are supported in alignment with the track
ways by engaging the standards at the lower end
of the opening l6. These pockets are normally in
It is an object of this invention to provide a
mechanical toy in which the lower end of one
a position to receive marbles 3E! rolling down the
runways, as is clearly shown from an examination
runway is adjacent the upper end of another
of Figure 1. The outer end of each pocket is
runway and which has a thimble shaped pivoted 10 slightly heavier than its inner end, but is only so
pocket member to receive a spherical article from
much heavier that it is possible when a marble
one runway and discharge it onto another run
enters the inner end of the pocket, the weight of
the marble will tilt the pocket down so that the
This invention has for its object to provide a
marble is discharged from one runway onto an
mechanical toy hereinafter described and claimed 15 other. The outer ends of the pockets are slightly
and illustrated in the accompanying drawing in
Figure 1 is a side elevation of a toy embodying
this invention in which parts are broken away
to show operating structures.
closed, as indicated by the numeral IS.
The lever 20 which is adapted to receive a
marble from the runway I2 is constructed in sub
stantially the same manner as the runways 6 to
l2, but has one end free to move up and down. In
Figure 2 is a top-plan view.
Figure 3 is a section on line 3-—3 of Figure 2.
order to hold the free ends of the track 20 in ?xed
relation to each other, there is provided a tie 2|.
The drawing shows a base i rectangular in
The track member or lever 20 is supported on one
shape and composed of any suitable material,
of the uprights by means of a pivot v22. Attached
either wood or metal. Adjacent to one end of the 25 to pivotal end of track member 20 is a threaded
base is a receptacle 2 which may be formed by
member 23 which provides support for an adjust
cutting away part of the base. Adjacent to each
able weight 28. Around this threaded member 23
end of the base is a U-shaped upright or standard
3 composed of side members 4 and a Web or bot
tom 5. These uprights may be made of wood but
are preferably made of sheet metal, and are at
tached to the base in any suitable manner, as by
The standards or uprights are connected by
is a loop 24 to which one end of arm 25 is attached
by means of a pivot pin 26; the other end of this
arm 25 is attached to the pocket adjacent to end
of the runway B by means of a pivot pin 21. On
the threaded member 23 adjacent the loop 24 is a
weight 28 held in adjusted position on the thread
ed member by means of a nut 29.
means of inclined tracks or runways 6, ‘l, 8, 9, l0, 35 In order to play the game marbles are placed
upon the runway 6. One of these marbles will be
H and I2. The lower ends of track ways 6, 8, l0
and I2 are attached to one of the uprights 3 ad
in the inner end of the upper thimble shaped
jacent the upper ends of the tracks or runways
pocket. These marbles will remain on the run
way 6 until the pocket at the end of this runway
7, 9 and i l and the pivoted track member or lever
Each inclined track or
is tilted so that the marble in the end of this pock
et is dropped onto the runway 1. From runway ‘I
the marble will pass into the pocket at the lower
runway is composed of two parallel members
slightly spaced apart and provided with down
tilt the pocket so that the marble is discharged
2!). The ends of the track ways are attached to
the sides of the uprights or standards by means
of rivets or screws l3.
end thereof; the weight of the marble will then
wardly and inwardly directed flanges M which 45 onto the runway 8. This operation is continued
until the marble ?nally reaches the pivoted track
provide the supporting surface for the spherical
member 20. When the marble rolls down the piv
otal track 20, the weight of the marble will tilt
this lever thereby moving the arm 25 upward to
to provide space for a thimble shaped pocket I‘! 50 tilt the pocket at the end of the runway 6, there
pivotally supported between the sides of the up
by starting the movement of another marble
rights and extending outwardly through an ob
down the various trackways.
articles such as marbles.
At the lower end of each track way the ?anges
M are cut away, as indicated by the numeral 15,
long hole in the web 0r bottom of the upright, as
indicated by the numeral l6. These pockets are
supported pivotally by means of rivets l8 extend
. From the lever 20 the marble falls into the re
‘ ceptacle 2.
The operations of the marbles are fully auto
lower end of runway B.
What I claim is:
1. A mechanical toy, a pair of standards, a plu
rality of sets of oppositely inclined tracks at
tached to and supported by the standards, one of
said tracks pivotally mounted on one of the stand
ards, pivoted pocket members mounted on the
standards adapted to receive marbles from one
set of tracks and discharge them on another set
‘of tracks, one of said pocket members being con
pocket shaped thimble member pivoted at each
hole for receiving an object from the trackway
and discharging it to a lower trackway, and a
nected to and tilted by the pivotally mounted ,
one above another to the standards at their ends,
the lower end of each trackway being adjacent
the upper end of another trackway, said stand
ards being provided with oblong holes therein
adjacent the lower end of each trackway, and a
matic except for the tilting of the pocket at the
2. A mechanical toy comprising a pair of stand
ards, a plurality of inclined trackways attached 15
lever forming a pivoted trackway adapted to re
ceive said object from the lower trackway, where
by it is tilted and operates the thimble shaped
pocket member adjacent the lower end of the
upper trackway.
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