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Oct. 8, 1946.
A. M. sTARcK
_ 2,409,075
Filed Nov. 18, 1944
V E N To R
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
' 2,409,075
vArthur M. Starck, Stamford, Conn. ,
Application November 18, 1944, Serial No. 564,110
2 Claims. (Cl. 248-161)
This invention relates to adjustable stands and
more particularly to stands for lamps, micro
phones, music supports and the like.
embodied in a lamp in secured in a customary
manner at the endof a cross? arm ll of a post 12
which is mounted on top of an upper telescope
Stands for lamps and the like have been made
tube I3. The tube l3 telescopes within a lower
vertically adjustable by various constructions
which usually employ clamping screws that have
the disadvantage of requiring loosening and
tube M which has an inner diameter onlyslightly
greater than the external diameter of the tube
[3. The tube 14 is vertically supported by suit
able means such as a base 15. It is desirable to
tightening each timeit is desired to change the
provide means for preventing relative rotation
height adjustment. Screws are furthermore
difficult to operate and detract from the appear 10 between the tubes [3 and I4 and for such purpose
a spline or longitudinal ridge [6 is formed in
ance of the stand. The unbalanced weight of the
the wall of the tube l3 and a corresponding co
vertically movable part of a stand causes con
operating groove is formed in the tube '| 4,
siderable eifort to be required to raise it and
The function of the counterbalance device‘is
also makes it di?icult to obtain accurate adjust
15 to stabilize the weight of the movable part of the
stand, that is, the tube l3 and the parts supported
Principal objects of the present invention are
thereon. The counterbalance device is disposed
to provide an improved stand for'lamps and the
entirely within the tubes 13 and i4, and it includes
like which is easily adjustable ‘in height, which
a helical torsion spring I‘! having its lowerend
needs only to be pushed down or up to adjust
its height, and which will remain at the adjusted 20 secured by a bolt l8 to the lower end of the tube
[4. A spacer I9 is disposed between the Wall
height without the use of clamping screws.
of the tube l4 and the spring [1. The spring I‘!
Other objects of the invention are to provide an
extends to a point near the upper end of the
adjustable stand of the type in which the upper
tube l4 and has secured to its upper end a cap
portion is vertically movable with respect to the
lower portion; in which the Weight of the upper 25 piece 20 by engagement of the upper coils of the
spring in threads 2| formed in the cylindrical
portion is counterbalanced; in which the counter
part of the cap. In the upper portion of cap 20
balancing device is completely enclosed within
there is provided a slot-shaped opening 23 the
telescoping tubular members of the.stand; and
longer dimension of which is substantially equal
in which a spring is employed as a counterbalanc
ing element in such a manner that the variation 30 to the inner diameter of the cylindrical part of
the cap piece.
in force exerted by the spring may be compen
Through the slot 23 extends an auger-like or
ribbon-like spiral member 24 such as may be
Other objects of the invention will in part be
formed by twisting a rectangular flat strip of
obvious and will in part become apparent from the
metal. The twist or pitch of the spiral however,
following detailed description of one embodiment
is not uniform for reasons hereinafter described.
thereof, in which:
The length of the spiral member 24 is slightly
Figure l is an elevational view of an exemplary
greater than the length of the spring l1 and it
lamp stand according to the invention, with parts
extends upward into the tube I3 to which it is
broken away to show the interior construction;
Figure 2 is a view of a section taken on the 40 anchored at its upper end. A stud 25 is secured
to the inside wall of the tube [3 and the end of
line 2-2 of Figure 1 showing the upper anchor
the stud is threaded to receive a nut 26 which
of the counterbalance device;
clamps the upper end of the member 24 to the
Figure 3 is a view of a section taken on the line
stud. When the member 24 is forced into the
3—3 of Figure 1 showing the counterbalance and
means to prevent relative rotation between tele 45 spring H, the cap 20 is rotated and such rotation
twists the spring I'I. When the member 24 and
scoping members;
tube l3 are stationary, the tension of the spring
Figure 4 is a view of a section taken on the line
I‘! reacts on the helical elements or surfaces of
4—4 of Figure 1 showing the guide between the
the member 24 and tends to force it upwardly.
spiral ribbon and the spring; and
Figure 5 is a view of a section taken on the line 50 The pitch of the member 24 and the strength
of the spring [1 are selected so that the upward
‘5-5 of Figure 1 showing the lower anchor of the
force on the member 24 is suf?cient to balance
counterbalance device.
the weight of the tube I3 and elements carried
As a preferred example the stand device of the
present invention is incorporated in a ?oor lamp
or bridge lamp. The device to be supported is 55
When a torsion spring is twisted, its tension
is described herein only for purposes of illustra
tion, but solely by the terms of the appended
What is claimed is:
1. In a telescoping stand having stationary and
in most cases be constant. In order to compensate C11
movable relatively non-rotatable portions, a de
for the effect of spring characteristic the pitch
changes in accordance with the spring char
acteristic. Therefore, the rotary force on the
cap 29 changes at different positions of mem
ber 24, but the weight to be counterbalanced will
of the member 24 is varied so that it is coarser
at the upper portion than at the lower portion.
Thus when the cap, 2011s in the upper region of,v
the member 24; the coarse pitch in conjunction
with the greater tension of the spring l'l will pro;
vide an upward thrust in member 24 which is
about the same as the upward thrust which is
obtained by the weaker tension in conjunction
with the ?ner pitch when the cap Zlldsizi‘thelower
region of the member 24.
vice for counterbalancing the weight of the mov
able portion, said device comprising a helical
compression spring non-r‘otatably, secured at one
end‘to' the stationary ‘portion, a cap member
rigidly secured to the other end of said spring,
and an elongated member non-rotatably secured
at one end to the movable portion and provided
with a helical element extending through and
> threadedly engaging said’cap member to torsion
said spring, said cap member reacting under the
While not essential, it is' found'advantageous
to enclose the spring I‘! within a guide; tube. 23
in which the cap 20 and spring I‘! are rotatable
torsional force of said spring to provide a vertical
force'adapted to support the weight of said mov
able portion.
and which is secured between the spacer l9_ and
2; In a telescoping stand having stationary and
the endof the spring H by bolt [8.’ A limited
the spring ll as by givingthe lower end the .
movable relativelyv non-rotatable portions, a. de
vice for counterbalancing the vweight of the mov
able portion, said device comprising a helical
compression spring non-rotatably secured at one
end to the stationary. portion, a cap member
requisite number of‘ turns-before securing, it by
rigidly secured to theother end of said spring,
the bolt I82
and an elongated member non-rotatably secured
at one end to the movable portion and provided
with a helical element extending through and
threadedly engaging said. cap, member to tor
degree 7 of adjustmentv of the counterbalance de
vice according tothe weight to be supported is
obtainable by presettins the initial tension of
It will be seen that the, lamp may bemoved
up and‘ down with equal. ease, that such» move
ment will be smooth, and, that only, a minor ;
amountof friction between the, movable and sta
tionaryiparts su?icesito hold the lamp ?rmly in
any adjusted position.‘
It. Wi11..,be, ' understoqdj that"
the disclosure .
described above, various, modi?cations may be
madeiwithout affecting the. principle of thein
vention; furtherthat theinvention is not to be
considered as limited to the; embodimentwhich
sionsaid spring, said cap member reacting under
the torsional force of, said spring to provide a
vertical force adapted to support the weight of
said movable portion, said element having a vari
able‘pitch, said pitch being greatest at the end
farthest removed from the spring and least at the
end which enters the spring.
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