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Dct- 8, 1946-
Filed July 19, 1945
.. .
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
~ -‘
Julia R. W. Torrens, Lake Jackson, Tex.
Application July 19, 1945, Serial No. 605,933
4 Claims.
This invention relates to a novel accessory in
the form of an attachable cover for a conven
(01. 132-31)
plastics may well be utilized. Plastics can be
made of different shades and colors and weights,
tional type hair curler and the obvious purpose
and therefore lend themselves highly adaptable
is to enclose and conceal from View an other
to an accessory or article of this type. However,
wise unsightly hair curler.
There has been a long-felt need, I believe, for
other equivalent materials may be, in practice,
the provision of feasible and satisfactory means
to counteract the disordered and disheveled ap
pearance that attends the use of a plurality of
The cover is in the nature of a shield or shell
of proper dimensions and curvature and shape
_to enclose, concealed from view, the regulation
ugly curlers during the hair setting and curling 10 or conventional hair curler 6, as shown in Figures
period. Having in mind such demands from the
trade and others, I have conceived and produced
2, 3 and 4.
The so-called top or main body
portion 7 is of proper cambered or convex form,
a curler cover which, I believe, to .be a partial
this according to trade requirements. The gen
solution of the problem. That is to say, I be
eral shape and contour as shown in the drawing
lieve that such hair curlers can be ell’ectively 15 has been found suitable and acceptable. This
hidden and thus camouflaged to the extent that
will necessitate providing transverse ends 8 in
their use and appearance is less objectionable,
order to enclose and conceal the curler 6 as
and I achieve desired results through the medium
e?ectively as possible. Incidentally, the numer
of a simple and expedient ornamental cover
als ‘9 designate ventilating and weight-reducing
which is fashioned to enclose and conceal the 20 holes.
hair curler to which it is attached.
In order to assemble the cover on the hair
More speci?cally, I have perfected and brought
curler, I provide simple and expedient ?nger-like
into being a unique and decorative mask for hair
retaining elements, these being denoted by the
curlers, said mask being made of plastic or
numerals l0 and II, respectively. I have sep
equivalent material, conforming to and wholly 25 arately numbered said elements, because the one
shielding the hair curler, being appropriately
indicated at I0 is nearly twice as long as the
apertured for ventilation, and equipped with a
one denoted at H. This makes it possible to
ribbon or equivalent ornament to add thereto the
?rst insert the element 10 in the tubular end of
additional factor of eye appeal.
the hair curler, after which the remaining ele
Other features and advantages will become 30 ment can be forced and easily snapped into the
more readily apparent from the following de
adjacent end of the hair curler. The hair curler
scription and the accompanying illustrative
is usually provided with some sort of hinged latch,
and therefore the ?ngers l0 and H coact with
In the drawing, wherein like numerals are
the existing or stock parts, making it possible
employed to designate like parts throughout the 35 to easily apply the cover to the curler. The
crown'portion of the curler is provided with a
Figure 1 is a perspective view of an ornamental
pair of transverse, parallel slots l2 and I3 and
curler cover constructed in accordance with my
these are arranged to permit the intermediate
ideas and showing the manner in which it is
portion of a bow of hair ribbon M to be lodged
40 and fastened in place. I intend the expression
Figure 2 is a top plan view of said cover and
“hair ribbon” to cover any sort of ornament such
curler, the bow of ribbon being detached.
as lends itself adaptable for use in connection
Figure 3 is a central longitudinal sectional view
with an ornamental cover of the type shown.
through the structure seen in Figure 2, this look
I desire to stress the camou?aging properties
ing in the direction of the arrows, the hair rib 45 of the cover, its ability to mask and conceal an
bon. in this instance, beinCT in place.
otherwise unsightly and obnoxious curler, and
Figure 4 is a central transverse section on the
its ornate and decorative characteristics. Also,
plane of the line 4-5 of Figure 2, this with the
it is unusually simple in construction, inexpen
hair ribbon in place.
sive, and provides a satisfactory ways and means
Referring now to the drawing by distinguish 50 of disguising a mechanical contraption, such as
ing reference numerals, it will be seen that the
a burdensome appearing hair curler. Then, too,
cover, as a unit, is denoted by the numeral 5.
As before indicated, it is constructed of appro
I desire to emphasize the color combination sus
ceptible of adoption, the choice of ornaments to
priate light weight, washable material and, in
be worn according to a wearer’s individual taste
practice, I have found that various kinds of 55 and desires. What is more, I believe that the
cover herein comprehended has commercial pos
sibilities and is otherwise aptly ?tted to achieve
desired ends.
It is thought that persons skilled in the art
to which the invention relates will be able to
obtain a clear understanding of the invention
after considering the description in connection
with the drawing.
Therefore, a more lengthy
description is regarded as unnecessary.
Minor changes in the shape, size and arrange
ment of details coming within the ?eld of inven
tion claimed may be resorted to in actual prac
tice, if desired.
I claim:
1. In a structural assemblage of the class de
scribed, in combination, a conventional type hair
curler comprising an open-ended perforated tube
ing shield having means detachably connected
with the open ends of said tube, said means
embodying long and short resilient ?ngers
adapted to telescope into the tube.
3. An ornamental cover for a conventional hair
curler comprising a hollow shell of elongated
concave-convex form having enclosing end and
side portions, said end portions being provided
with attaching and retaining ?ngers, and the
10 crown portion being provided with slots to ac
commodate insertable and removable ornamental
4. As a new article of manufacture, an ac
cessory fashioned to receive, enclose and wholly
conceal an unsightly tubular hair curler, com
prising a mask, said mask being in the form
of a hollow shell of elongated concavo convex
form and including longitudinal side portions and
and bail-type latch, and an ornamental enclosing
enclosing transverse end portions, said end por
shield having means detachably connected with
20 tions being provided with laterally inturned at
the open ends of said tube.
taching and retaining ?ngers adapted to ?t into
2. In a structural assemblage of the class de
open ends of the tubular portion of the afore
scribed, in combination, a conventional type hair
mentioned hair curler.
curler comprising an open-ended perforated tube
and bail-type latch, and an ornamental enclos
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