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Get. 8, 1946.
Filed March 17, 1944
Patented Oct. 8, 1946
Robert T. Connelly, Duluth, Minn.
Application March 1'7, 1944, Serial No. 526,968
3 Claims.
This invention relates to soribers the prin
(01. 33-41)
cipal object being to provide novel improvements
provided with a suitable ?ange-like head or
collar and washer for holding the roller 1 in
in combination with somewhat similar instru
mentalities now used for scribing and gauging
linoleum or the like; the instant improvement
being for the purpose of making such instru
mentalities particularly practicable for use in
gauging or marking steel ,plates and the like in
is carried the elongate scriber beam 8 it carrying
at its forward end the vertically adjustable
scriber pin 9, as common in such instruments.
Now within the body I is also carried a plu
place. Longitudinally adjustable within the body
rality of removable divider blocks Ill, preferably
each a little longer than the body to provide
In this latter art it is well known that such 10 convenience in removing and re-arranging the
metal plates vary a great deal in thickness and
same for relative spacing of the arm 5 and
in comparison with linoleum or the like, are
beam 8.
hard of ready manipulation for use of such com
When the plate to be scribed or marked for
mon gauging devices and to overcome such di?i
subsequent welding or ?tting is quite thin or
oulties is the principal object of the instant in 15 as in some cases the upper surface being in the
same plane with the one carrying the scriber,
Other objects and advantages may appear
such work obviously may be much more ac
during the further description of the inven
curately accomplished if the lower face of the
beam 8 is on the same plane or nearly so, as
Referring now to the accompanying drawing 20 the upper face of the arm 5, thus the convenience
forming part of this application and in which
of the adjustment afforded by the spacer blocks
like reference characters indicate like parts.
as shown in Fig. 3 of the drawing.
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of one of the im
Obviously, with this adjustment feature of
proved scribers, used in marking a relatively
spacing blocks, made in any number and thick
thick plate spaced from and upon a lower level 25 ness desired, the adaptability of the machine is
than the template, and
materially augmented.
Fig. 2 is a somewhat reduced, side elevation of
It will be noted that the roller 1 and gudgeon
two plates, one overlapping the other and upon
therefor appears abnormally long for normal
which the scriber is being used, and
work, however, in the shipbuilding art, the plates
Fig. 3 is a somewhat enlarged central sectional 30 upon which the scriber is used may be relatively
view of the scriber, adjusted oppositely to that
quite thick and if perchance the edge to be
shown in Fig. 1.
matched should have been previously beveled as
In the drawing l represents the body portion
shown in Figs. 2 and 3 at l I, the roller 1 must be
which is preferably of inverted U-shaped box
sufficiently long to at all times, when being used,
like structure open at both ends and its lower
35 engage the lower most apex of said angle. Should
most longitudinal side.
the plate being marked happen to be one having
The uppermost longitudina1 side 2 being pro
added stock, ?xed in place and overlapping a
vided with two through thumb screws shown at
like ?xed and beveled plate as shown in Fig. 2
3 and 4 provided with any desired form of con
which is frequently the case in shipbuilding,
venient means for manipulating same by hand, 40 the convenience of selective spacing of the beam
the art of shipbuilding.
they being for holding ?rmly together when de
sired the elements contained in the body portion,
5 represents a relatively thin ?at arm-like mem
and arm of the scriber is obvious.
This of course is a common occurrence in ship
building where such plates are welded together
ber extending materially beyond the body at both
and both beveled before doing so, one of such
ends thereof and securely attached to the lower 45 plates being illustrated at l2 upon which the
most edges of the body portion l, the entire
scriber is slidable manually and the one being
length of said body portion and in any desired
marked or scribed shown at I3.
manner, thus forming the ?xed bottom thereof.
From the above it is apparent that I have add
Toward its forward end this arm 5 is gradually
ed a marked improvement to a type of scriber
tapered or narrowed and terminates in a semi
50 heretofore well known, but without which quite
circular hub-like attachment for the depending
impractical in the art of shipbuilding,
?xed gudgeon pin 6 about which is mounted the
Having thus described my invention what I
roller 1 for nonfrictional engagement With the
claim and .desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
edge of the plate upon which the scriber is being
1. The combination with a scriber of the class
used, the lower end of the pin 6 of course being 55 described having a hollow body portion normally
open at opposite ends, an arm-like gauging mem
ber carried upon the lowermost longitudinal face
of said body portion, a gauging beam longitudi
nally adjustable Within said body portion, and
means for holding same in any of its adjusted
positions; of means carried by said body portion
for selective positioning of said beam in spaced
relation perpendicularly in respect to said arm
like member.
3. The combination with a scriber of the class
described having a hollow body portion normally
open at opposite ends, an arm-like gauging
member carried upon the lowermost longitudi
nal face of said body portion, a gauging beam
longitudinally adjustable within said body por
tion, and means for holding same in any of its
adjusted positions; of means carried within said
body portion for selective positioning of said
2. A structure as set forth in claim 1, including 10 beam in spaced relation perpendicularly in re
spect to said arm-like member.
said last mentioned means comprising a plural
ity of divider blocks individually or collectively
positionable above or below said beam within‘
the hollow of said body portion for the purpose ~
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