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Oct.v 15, 1946.
Filed March 5, 1945
/7/? 2770/1] J. 56/778555"
Patented Oct. 15, 1946
Anthony J. Berneski, Latrobe, Pa., assignor to
Westinghouse Electri
c Corporation, East Pitts
burgh, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania
Application March 3, 1945, Serial No. 580,879
1 Claim.
My invention relates to rocker-ring mountings
for commutator-type dynamo-electric machines,
and while my invention is of general application,
it is more particularly designed for machines in
which space-requirements are at a premium, and
in which it is necessary to occasionally loosen the
clamping-means for the rocker-ring, in order to
angularly adjust the rocker-ring within the ma
(Cl. 171-324)
chine from the front end thereof, before the front
endbell 9 is attached in place.
According to my present invention, a plurality
of removable segments I8 are ,removably secured
to the inner periphery of the front frame-ring,
as by means of bolts I9, after the rocker-ring I5,
with its brushholder—assembly, has been inserted
in the machine, and before the front endbell 9
has been attached to the machine~frame I. The
front endbell 9 is then secured to the front frame
ring I0.
I also provide rocker-ring clamps 2I, which
accessible through the commutator covers I2,
The object of the invention is to provide an im~
proved rocker-ring clamping-means, having re 15 to clamp the rocker-ring I5 back against the
shoulders which are provided by the removable
movable segments which are bolted to the inner
I8, clamping-bolts 22 being utilized for
periphery of the front frame-ring, after the rock
this purpose.
er-ring, with its attached brushholder-assembly,
In operation, when the machine is in service,
has been put in place, and before the front end
it is necessary to adjust the angular position
bell has been secured to the machine. In this 20
brushes I1 with respect to the commutator
way, I provide an abutment against which the
5, it is only necessary to remove the commutator
rocker-ring may be clamped, by clamps which
covers I2, and reach in and loosen the clamping
are subsequently accessible through'the remov
22, after which the rocker-ring I5 may be
able commutator-covers of the machine.
With the foregoing and other objects in view, 25 rotated to its desired adjusted position, after
which the clamping~bolts can be retightened,
my invention consists in the parts, structures,
thus drawing the clamps 2| against the face of
combinations, and assemblies, hereinafter de
rocker-ring I5, and again holding the latter
scribed and claimed, and illustrated in the ac
securely in place. It will be observed that this
companying drawing, wherein
chine, so as to properly position the brush-rigging
with respect to the commutator. More particu
larly still, my invention was designed for a par
tially enclosed generator, with a drip-proof front
Figure 1 is a longitudinal view, partly in sec 30 adjustment is accomplished by clamps 2!, and
clamping-bolts 22, which are altogether acces
tion and partly in elevation, showing a three-wire
sible from the spaces covered by the removable
direct-current generator embodying my inven
commutator covers I2, so that there are no loose
tion, and
parts, back of the rocker-ring I5, that is, be
Figs. 2 and 3 are detail views of the improved
rocker-ring clamping means and of the remov 35 tween the rocker-ring I5 and the front endbell 9,
so that it is not necessary to remove the front end
able segmental abutments for the rocker-ring.
bell 9, which supports the front end of the rotor
In Fig. 1, I have illustrated my invention as be~
3, through a bearing 23. At the same time,
ing applied to a three-wire direct-current gen~
the provision of the removable abutment-seg
erator, having a framel, and a rotor member 2
which is mounted on a shaft 3. The rotor mem 40 ments I8 makes it possible to assemble the brush
holder structure in the ?rst place, that is, in the
ber 2 comprises an armature 4, a commutator 5,
factory, before the front endbell 9 is assembled
and a blower 6. The frame I has ?eld windings
on the machine.
‘I, a rear-end air-intake 8, and a removable front
I claim as my invention:
endbell 9, which is removably attached to the
front frame-ring I 0. The front endbell 9 has 45 A commutator-type dynamo-electric machine
having a frame having a front frame-ring and
louvred air-outlets I I, which are illustrated as be
a removable front endbell, and a rotor-member
ing inclined, so as to make the generator drip
having a commutator, said frame having a rock;
proof. The generator frame I also has removable
er-ring ?tting Within the inner periphery of said
commutator-covers I2, through which access may
be had to the space around the commutator 5, 50 front frame-ring, a brush assembly carried by
said rocker-ring, a plurality of removable seg
while the machine is in service.
removably secured to the inner periphery
Mounted within the front frame-ring If] is the
of said front frame-ring in position to provide
rocker-ring I5, toward which my present inven
abutments for said rocker-ring, and clamps en
tion is especially directed. The rocker-ring I5
the opposite face of said rocker-ring and
insulatingly supports a brushholder-assembly 55 tightenable
to clamp said rocker-ring against
comprising brushholder brackets I6 and brushes
said abutment-segments.
I1. This entire brushholder-assembly, including
the rocker-ring I6, must be inserted into the ma
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