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15, 1946.
Filed June 5, 1945
I T131.
A’? 44,
A 77'0/P/VEK
Patented Oct. 15, 1946
' 2,409,197
Raymond C. David, Leominster, Mass, assignor
to Delamere Company, Inc., New York, N. Y., a
corporation of Delaware
Application June 5, 1945, Serial No. 597,624
_ 3 Claims. (01. 132-—46)
This invention relates to a hair wave clip of
they are made of plastic injection molding. They
the type comprising two pivotally connected
have substantially parallel arcuate portions [4
jaws for use in waving hair. Devices of this
between which hair may be gripped when the clip
type are provided with handles or ?nger pieces
is in its closed position, diverging handles or ?n
for manipulating the jaws and a spring for press
ger pieces I5 along the middle, portion of their
ing the jaws together.
upper edges for manipulating the jaws, said han
Heretofore the jaws have generally been piv
dles having overlapped ears “5 and I1, diverging
otally connected by a separate pin that extends
?anges l8 along the length of the lower edges of
through openings in overlapping ear portions of
the portions Hi, and teeth 1 9 on each jaw ex
the handles, and are provided with a coil spring 10 tending inwardly at an angle to the ?ange, the
mounted on the pin with its ends bearing against
teeth of the two jaws being interspaced, with
those on one jaw lying substantially parallel to
the handles, as disclosed, for example, in Patent
No. 2,040,807, of May 12, 1936, to A. Goodman.
the flange of the other in closed position. The
The operation of assembling the parts of such
parts above described are all more or less com
hair wave clips has been relatively slow and 15 mon in hair wave clips of this type.
tedious. The ears of the two jaws had ?rst to
According to the present improvement the ears
be lined up, then the pivot pin inserted through
it‘ of one handle, preferably the inner of the over
the aligned openings in the ears and through the
lapped ears, are each formed with a short cylin
center of the coil spring, and ?nally the pin had
drical stud or boss 23 that projects outwardly and
to be headed to prevent its withdrawal.
?ts into a corresponding opening 2| in the ears
Furthermore, with use of a coil spring the
ll of the other handle, whereby the two handles
spring tension is not distributed throughout the
are pivotally connected together. While I prefer
length of the handles but only in a restricted
to form the studs on the inner of the overlapped
area. This is particularly objectionable in the
ears and the openings in the outer ones, the rela
case of Wave clips made of molded plastic ma 25 tionship may be reversed.
The spring element l3 may be made of a single
terial since in some instances the handles tend
to become deformed in time with a resulting un
piece of spring wire bent to form two substan
sightly appearance.
tially parallel legs 22 and a connecting leg 23.
It is an object of this invention to provide an
While the spring is preferably of Z or S shape,
improved hair wave clip that can be easily and 30 it may be of any other suitable shape having sub
stantially parallel leg portions 22.
rapidly assembled without use of a separate pivot
The legs 22 are received in grooves 24 formed
Another object of the invention is to provide
in the inner faces of the handles [5, and, as seen
in Fig. 2, they extend throughout substantially
a construction wherein the spring element bears
against the handles throughout substantially 35 the entire length of the handles, thus distribut
their entire length.
I attain these objects, as well as others, by
ing the spring pressure over the length of the
handles. The overall width of the spring is
greater than the spacing between the grooves of
means of the construction hereinafter described
and illustrated in the accompanying drawing in
the two handles. By merely compressing the
40 spring it may be easily snapped into place in the
Figure 1 is a face View of the improved hair
wave clip;
From the foregoing description it will be seen
Fig. 2 is a top plan View thereof;
that my invention provides an improved hair
Fig. 3 is a bottom view;
Wave clip consisting of a minimum number of
Fig. 4 is a sectional view on the line 4-4 of 45 parts that can be easily and quickly assembled.
Fig. 1, on an enlarged scale;
What I claim is:
Fig. 5 is a fragmentary sectional view on the
‘l. A hair wave clip comprising two pivotally
line 5-5 of Fig. 4; and
connected jaws each having a handle, a longitu
Fig. 6 is a plan view of the spring element.
dinal groove in the inner face of each handle,
The device consists of only three parts that are 50 and a spring disposed between the handles in a
plane substantially parallel to the pivotal axis of
easily assembled and inexpensive to manufac
the jaws, said spring having two substantially
ture, namely, two jaw members l0 and II, and
parallel legs and a connecting portion, the par
a spring element 1 3.
allel legs being freely held in the grooves of the
The jaw members may be made of plastic,
metal, or other suitable substance, preferably 55 handles.
2. A hair wave clip comprising a pair of jaws
each having a handle formed with a longitudi
nal groove in its inner face, the two handles hav“
ing overlapped ears, a stud on each ear of one
handle ?tting into an opening in each ear of the
other handle to connect the two jaws pivotally
together, and. a spring having two substantially
parallel legs and a connecting portion disposed
3. A hair wave clip comprising two pivotally
connected jaws each having a handle, a spring
disposed between the handles in a plane substan
tially parallel to the pivotal axis of the jaws, said
spring having two substantially parallel legs and
a connecting portion, the parallel legs bearing
against the inner surface of the handles, and lo
cating means on the inner surface of each handle
to hold the spring freely in position and prevent
between the handles in a plane substantially par
allel to the pivotal axis of the jaws, the parallel 10 accidental displacement thereof.
legs being freely held in the grooves of the ban
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