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Oct, 15,‘ 1946.
' c. H. JOLLY
Filed June 13, 1945
Patented Oct. 15,“ 1946
Carl H. Jolly, United States Navy
Application June 13, 1945, Serial No. 599,293
2 Claims. (01. 89-137)
(Granted under the act of March 3, 1883, as
amended April 30, 1928; 370 0. G. 757)
This invention relates to rocket launching de
vices for airplanes, and is particularly directed to
rocket launchers of the retractable type.
The chief object of the present invention is to
plicable to the other; both structures being op
erably connected to each end of the carriage l2
and operated simultaneously.
The carriage I2 is pivotally mounted to the
provide a rocket carrying airplane with a re
struts M at l5, The strut Hi, which is of such
tractable carriage which is normally within the
length that in its extended position the rockets
body of the plane in its retracted position so that
are carried outside the propeller arch, is like
the plane’s streamlined effect is not disturbed and
wise pivotally mounted at its upper end at I6
and has a segment pinion gear 26 extending up
which when extended, places the rockets in a ?r
ing position parallel to the thrust line and out 10 wardly therefrom. The pinion gear 26 is engaged
side the propeller arch.
to a gear rack H, one end being ?xed to the
A further object is to provide a device which
piston rod I3 with a piston l9 mounted at its
free end. The piston I9 is slidably positioned in
permits a plane, such as of the TBF type, to carry
a greater load of rockets or a larger size rocket
a cylinder 29 rigidly mounted on the chassis of
torpedo if the plane carries a load torpedo.
15 the airplane and having two ports 2|, 22 along
Other features of the present invention will be
the sidewalls at each end thereof.
Each of the ports 2!, 22 are connected to a
apparent from the following detailed description
rotatable reversing valve member 24 to which an
of some speci?c embodiments thereof.
outlet passage 25 and an inlet passage 23 are con
Preferred embodiments of the present inven
nected; the inlet passage 23 communicating with
tion will be hereinafter described, with reference
to the accompanying drawing, wherein like
a source of ?uid under pressure (not shown).
The valve proper 2&1 has two passages therein
numerals refer to like parts, and in which:
permitting ?uid under pressure to enter the in
Fig. 1 is a view in side elevation of a portion
let port 22 in the position shown to force the
of an airplane showing the retractable rocket
carrying device with rockets in position, the de 25 piston to travel in a direction away from the seg
vice being in its extended position and in partial
ment pinion gear 26 and at the same time, the
fluid in the cylinder 20 on the opposite side of
the piston is exhausted through the port 25 by
Fig. 2 is a front view showing the device in its
means of the port 2| and the second passageway
extended position; and
in the valve 24. This position of the rotatable
Fig. 3 shows the present invention with a large
valve 24 causes the pinion gears 25, 26 to rotate
size rocket torpedo releasably mounted on the
in a clockwise direction and the struts l4, It to
swing downwardly bringing the carriage l2 down
Referring to Figs. 1 and 2, the retractable
rocket carrying device which is normally housed
to its extended position.
within an open bay H in the bottom portion of 35 In order to swing the rocket carrying carriage
the airplane I0 consists in general of a carriage
l2 back to its retracted position, the valve 24 is
12 for carrying one or more rockets I 3, a plurality
rotated counter-clockwise so that the passage in
the reversing valve 2!! permits the port 22 to
of strut members [4, M for positioning the car
riage I2 in a retracted position while the plane
communicate with the exhaust port 25 and the
is in ?ight, or in an extended position when the 40 port 21 to be in communication with the source
of fluid under pressure in the inlet passage 23.
rockets are to be ?red, and a hydraulically op
The piston l9 and the gear rack I‘! will move in
erated pinion and gear rack mechanism, herein
a direction toward the pinion gear l6 causing
after described for operating the device.
the pinion gear It to rotate in a counter-clock
A plurality of rockets I 3 are releasably mounted
on the underside of the carriage l2 in the 45 wise direction and the strut H! with the carriage
E2 to swing upwardly to its retracted position
customary manner so that when the retractable
completely housed within the bay l !.
device is in an extended position the rockets may
An abutment 27, extending rearwardly from
be set off by ?ring mechanism (not shown), caus
the forward edge of bomb bay ll, acts as a stop
ing them to leave the carriage l2 and to travel
for the forward strut It to prevent the carriage
in a line parallel to the ?ight of the airplane.
from swinging beyond its normal extended po
Since the invention consists of two identical
sition. The control valves 24 may be situated
structures in the construction and operation of
in the plane where it is convenient for operation
the strut members I5, I11, and the hydraulically
or they may be operated by a remote control
operated pinion and gear rack mechanisms, the
hereinafter description of one set will be ap 55 mechanism. Also, the two valves 24 may be in—
terconnected so that operation of one will cause
the second Valve to operate in the same manner.
In Fig. 3 the invention shown is identical in
construction and operation to that shown in
carriage and at the other end in the upper por
tion within said bay, said strut member being of
such length to position the carriage beyond the
propeller arch in line of travel parallel to the
Figs. 1 and 2, except that the carriage i2 is con
structed to carry a single large sized rocket tor
pedo 28. This invention permits an airplane to
tached to said strut member, a gear rack en
airplane thrust line, a pinion gear rigidly at
carry a torpedo larger in size than normal for
the reason that since the torpedo is housed in
gaging said pinion gear, and hydraulic means
for operating said pinion and rack mechanism to
swing said carriage to its extended position.
capacity of the airplane.
sui?cient size to completely house the carriage
2. In a retractable rocket launching device for
?ight, no additional wind resistance is created, 10
airplanes, a carriage for releasably carrying one
and the Weight and size of the rocket carried is
or more rockets, a pair of strut members pivot
limited only by the load capacity of the plane.
ally mounted on said carriage, the strut members
In those cases wherein a plane carries rockets
of such length to position the carriage outside
or torpedoes on the outside of the plane While
in ?ight, the increased wind resistance caused by 15 the propeller arch in line of travel parallel to the
airplane thrust line, a bay in said airplane of
the exposed rockets decreases the load carrying
and rockets, means pivoting said strut members
While the form of mechanism herein shown
at their upper ends in said bomb bay, a segment
and described constitute a preferred form of
embodiment of the present invention, it is to be 20 pinion gear rigidly attached to each of the up
per ends of said struts, gear racks engaging said
understood that other forms might be adopted,
pinion gears, piston rods mounted on the free
all coming within the scope of the claims which
end of each of said gear racks, pistons rigidly
mounted on the free ends of said piston rods
The invention described herein may be manu
factured and used by or for the Government of 25 and slidably positioned in cylinders, a port sit
uated at each end of each of said cylinders, ro
the United States of America for governmental
tatable valve means permitting one of said ports
purposes Without the payment of any royalties
on each of said cylinders to communicate with
thereon or therefor.
a source of ?uid under pressure with said valve
WhatIclairn is: _
means in one position and the other of said ports
1. A device of the class described comprising
on said cylinder communicating with said source
an open bay in the bottom portion of the body
of fluid pressure With said valve means in an
of an airplane, a carriage normally positioned in
other position.
said bay, one or more rockets releasably mount
ed on the underside of said carriage, a strut
member pivotally mounted at one end on said 35
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