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50M E5, 1946.
Filed Jan. 18, 1945
Patented ‘Oct. 15, 1946
Louis M. Ootchett, Hingham, Mass, assignor to
Saco-Lowell Shops, Boston, Mass, a corpora
tion of Maine
Application January 18, 1945, Serial No. 573,359
4 Claims.
(01. 19—135)
This invention relates to weighting mech
anisms for the top rolls of spinning and drawing
stantly urged downwardly and rearwardly by the
spring l4, and that this pressure is transmitted
through the connector [5 and saddle [2 to the
front and rear top rolls 2 and 4. Also, that the
It aims to devise a mechanism of this
character which. will be exceptionally simple in
construction, reliable in operation, and which
degree of pressure so applied to the saddle can be
adjusted merely by inserting a screw-driver in
the upper end of the stirrup rod l3 and revolving
can be adjusted easily, quickly, and without dis
turbing the normal relationship of the parts.
the latter around its own axis. Such rotation
The nature of the invention will be readily un
raises or lowers the lower end of the rod and
derstood from the following description when
read in connection with the accompanying draw 10 therefore changes the degree of compression of
the spring. Access to the slotted upper end of
ing, and the nove1 features will be particularly
the rod is for this purpose is afforded through
pointed out in the appended claims.
the aperture it, as will be evident from an inspec
In the drawing,
tion of Fig. 2.
Fig. 1 is a view, partly in side elevation and
partly in vertical section, illustrating a weight
ing mechanism embodying this invention; and
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the saddle shown in
Fig. 1.
For convenience in lifting the part l5 to release
the saddle, or to connect the latter again with the
weighting mechanism, the upper end [5' of this
member is thickened so as to provide a somewhat
elongated knob that may be easily grasped be
trated in the drawings, comprising top and bot 20 tween the thumb and fore-linger. In other words,
this portion of the connector above the level of
tom front rolls 2 and 3, respectively, similar rear
the end of the rod is made somewhat T-shaped,
rolls 4 and 5, an intermediate bottom roll 6 with
having a thin neck where it passes through the
which the top roll 4 can be adjusted into cooperat
aperture [6 and a, relatively large laterally thick
ing driving relationship, if desired, a slip roll ‘I’,
an apron 8 driven by the lower rear roll 5, and a 25 ened head.
Preferably a cover piece 2'! is adjustably se
guide bar 9 over which the apron runs. Roll
cured to the stirrup rod It by a set screw 28 and is
stands (not shown) support these rolls in their
provided with a sleeve which telescopes over the
operative positions, and the stands themselves are
upper end of the tube 28 and prevents the en
mounted on a roller beam It.
All the foregoing, including also the saddle i2, 30 trance of lint and ?y into the tube.
It should be observed that the adjustment of
are prior art devices and are here illustrated sim
the pressure applied to the saddle and thence to
ply for the purposes of disclosure of the weighting
the top rolls, as above described, can be made
mechanism provided by this invention.
while all the parts remain in their normal opera
The latter mechanism includes a stirrup rod
l3 urged downwardly by a spiral compression 35 tive positions. Also, by making graduations on
the outer surface of the tube I8 where they will
spring M which encircles it, the upper end of this
cooperate with the lower edge of the member 21
rod being screw-threaded into, and substantially
to indicate variations in the degree to which the
through, a connector [5 which extends freely
spring i4 is extended by the di?erent adjustments
through the slot E6 in the saddle and is hooked
A known form of drafting mechanism is illus
over the cross pin I‘! in said slot. The spring is 40 of the rod, a measure of the pressure applied to
the saddle is afforded.
enclosed loosely in a tube It, and bears at its
The invention thus provides a weighting mech
lower end against a washer 20 which is backed up
anism of exceptionally simple but sturdy con
struction, not liable to get out of order, easy to
22 which acts as a stop and is held in place by the 45 operate, and very convenient to adjust.
crimped-over end portion '23 of the tube. As
Having thus described my invention, what I
shown, the tube is .pivoted at 24 to a stud 25 pr0~
desire to claim as new is:
jecting upwardly from a foot piece 26 bolted to
l. A weighting apparatus for one or more of
the roller beam l0, so that the tube and the stir
the top rolls of a textile drawing mechanism, com
by the headed-over lower end 2! of the rod l3,
and its upper end abuts against another washer
rup can swing freely backward and forward in 50 prising a saddle having a vertical slot therein, a
pin extending transversely across said slot, a
connection with the release of the saddle from
spring loaded stirrup rod, and a connector releas
the weighting machine, or re-hooking the con
necting member again to it.
ably hooked over said pin, said rod being screw
It will be evident from an inspection of Fig. 1
threaded into said connector with its upper end
that with this arrangement the stirrup is con 55 slotted to take a screw-driver, and said end being
accessible through said slot, the rotation of said
rod serving to adjust the pressure applied to said
2. A weighting apparatus for one or more of
the top rolls of a textile drawing mechanism, com
prising a saddle, a pressure-applying member
bearing‘ on said saddle, releasably connected
axis adjusts the weighting effort exerted by said
spring on, said saddle, the upper part of said rod
being accessible for application thereto of a tool
for rotating said rod to produce such adjustment.
4. A weighting apparatus for one or more of
the top rolls of a textile drawing mechanism,
comprising a saddle, a connector bearing on and
thereto‘ and held against rotation relatively to the
releasably engaging said saddle, a stirrup rod, the
saddle, a stirrup rod screw-threaded into said
member, and a spring exerting a downward pull
upper part of which has a screw-threaded con
on said rod, said rod being rotatably connected
part of. saidrrodand connected with its lower end
nection with said connector, a spring encircling a
with said spring so that rotation of said rod ' ' to apply a downward pull thereto, a tube enclos
around its own axis adjusts the degree of said
3. A weighting apparatus for one or more of the
top rolls of a textile drawing mechanism, com
prising a saddle, a stirrup rod, a spring connected
ing said spring and pivotally anchored to a part
of the machine frame, a stop at the upper end of
said tube against which the upper end of said
spring abuts, and a sleeve telescoped over the up
per end of said tube, a part of said rod above said
‘ tube being accessible so that the rod can be rc
with said rod to exert a downward pull on it,'and
tated around its own axis to adjust the weighting
a device having a hook connection with said sad
dle and a screw-threaded connection with said 20 e?ect exerted by said spring on said saddle.
rod such that rotation of said rod around its own
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