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@cé; E5, 16. '
Filed Oct. ~18, 194s
. /~_
422/ .
Patented Oct. 15, 1946
Andrew J. Eldred, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich, as_ v
signor to Autopulse Corporation, Detroit, Mich,» I
a corporation of Michigan
Application October 18, 1943, Serial No. 506,785
3 Claims. (Cl. I285-—210)
The invention relates to manifold assemblies i ' greater cross sectional area than the intermediate
and refers more particularly to manifold assem
portions of the body, as illustrated particularly in
blies for attachment to pumping elements.
Figures .3 and 4. M are hollow headed securing
The invention has for one of its objects to pro
bolts insertable through the holes ll into the
vide an improved manifold assembly compris
holes I0, the heads I5 of the bolts being located
ing a hollow body having a longitudinal passage
in the recesses I2 and the inner ends of the heads
and hollow bolts for securing the body to pump
being substantially ?ush with the adjacent side
ing elements and placing their inlet ports or their
of the longitudinal passage 1. The bolts have
outlet ports in communication with the longitu
the threaded shanks l6 outwardly of the hollow
dinal passage, the construction being such that 10 body for threaded engagement with the walls of
the bolts are at one side of the longitudinal pas
either the inlet ports or the outlet ports so that
sage and do not obstruct the flow of the ?uid
the bolts secure the hollow body to the pumping
through the longitudinal passage.
elements. The bolts are adapted to be secured
The invention has for another object to pro
into the port walls by suitable means extending
vide a simple construction of manifold assembly
through the holes H, such as wrenches engaging
the parts of which may be readily manufactured
the passages through the bolts which are polyg
and assembled.
onally shaped, or spanner wrenches engaging
These and other objects of the invention will
suitable longitudinally extending holes in the bolt
become apparent from the following description,
taken in connection with the accompanying draw
ing, in which
Figure 1 is a plan view, partly in section, of a
screws I‘! which are threaded into the walls
For closing the holes ll there are the cap
bounding the holes, the cap screws preferably
terminating so that their inner ends are flush
with the adjacent wall of the longitudinal pas
manifold assembly embodying the invention at
tached to a plurality of pumping elements;
Figure 2 is a side elevation of the manifold IO La sage 1.
Suitable gaskets, such as the gaskets I8 and
i9, are preferably provided between the hollow
body and the pumping elements and the hollow
Figures 3 and 4 are enlarged cross sections on
the lines 3-3 and 4-4, respectively, of Figure l.
The manifold assemblies embodying the in
body and the cap screws.
vention are designed particularly for use with 30
pumping elements and especially pumping ele
ments for liquid fuel. As shown in the present
instance, I, 2 and 3 are separate pumping ele
ments each having an inlet port 4 and an outlet
port 5. The pumping elements insofar as the .
present invention is concerned may be of stand
and construction.
The manifold assemblies for connection to the
inlet ports or the outlet ports are alike and there
fore but one will be described. In detail, the 40
manifold assembly has the hollow body 5 pro
vided with the longitudinal passage 1 which is
open at one end 8 and closed'at the other end 9.
The body is formed at opposite sides of the lon
gitudinal passage 1 with different sets of trans
verse holes which are arranged in pairs of ax
ially aligned holes I ll and H positioned longitu
dinally of the body for axial alignment with either
the inlet ports or the outlet ports. The body is
From the above description it will be readily
seen that a simple construction of manifold as
sembly has been devised for attachment to a plu
rality of pumping elements. It will be seen that
the means for securing the body of the manifold
assembly and placing the inlet ports or the outlet
ports of the pumping elements in communication
with the longitudinal passage of the manifold
assembly are located at one side of the longitu
dinal passage and therefore do not obstruct ?ow
through the longitudinal passage. The flow is
also kept smooth and free from eddies, surging
or other agitation resulting in a larger delivery
of liquid. As a result, the manifold assembly may
be of smaller cross section than those heretofore
45 made and at the same time take care of as great
amount of ?ow. It will also be seen that by hav
ing one end of the longitudinal passage closed
the direction of ?ow through the manifoldas
sembly may be readily changed by reversing the
also formed with the recesses I2 at the inner ends 50 manifold assembly.
of the holes I!) and adjacent the longitudinal pas
What I claim as my invention is:
sage 1. To accommodate the holes l0 and II and
l. A manifold assembly for attachment to a
the recesses 12, the body is preferably provided
plurality of pump elements each of which has a
with the longitudinally spaced portions l3 which
port which comprises a hollow body having a lon
are polygonal shaped in cross section and of 55 gitudinal passage and transverse holes positioned
for axial alignment with the ports, securing bolts
extending through the holes and having threaded
shanks outwardly of said body for threaded en
gagement with the walls of the ports, said bolts
being located at the same side of the longitudinal
passage as the holes and being hollow to place the
ports in communication with. the’ longitudinal
passagasaid hollow body: also having other trans
having their heads positioned in the recesses and
also having threaded shanks extending through
the ?rst mentioned holes outwardly of said body
for threaded engagement with the walls of the
ports of the elements, and closure means for the
holes of the other set.
3'. A manifold assembly for" attachment to a
plurality of'port'ed elements comprising a hollow
body having a longitudinal passage and different
verse holes for the insertion therethrough of said
securing bolts, and cap screws for closing the. 0 sets of holes at opposite sides of the longitudinal
passage,_ hollow headed securing bolts insert
last mentioned holes.
able through the holes of one set into the holes
2. A manifold assembly for attachment to a
of the other set,‘ said bolts being located entirely
plurality of ported elements comprising‘ a one‘
atonegside of thelvlongitudinal passage and hav
piece hollow body having a longitudinal: passage
different sets of transverse holes at opposite sides,
ing threaded shanks outwardly of said body for
threaded engagement with the walls of the ports
of the longitudinal passage and recesses‘ at the
inner ends of the holes of one set adjacent» the
of‘the elements, and‘closure means for the holes
of- said ?rst mentioned set.
and longitudinally spaced portions provided with.
longitudinal passage, hollow headed securing bolts
insertable throughthe holes oi the other set and 20
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