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Qa. 15, 1946.
Filed Nov7 5, 1945`
l2 sheets-sheet;
lou. 15, 1946. `
s_ WAR@
Filed NOV. 5, 1945
2 Shee'cs-Shee‘l‘l 2
Patented Oct.. 15, „1946
" amasar;
<_Stephenv Wargo, Streaton, Ill.
Application Ndveinber 5, 1945,se1~ia1Nq.62c,tes
Y i l2 claims.- (c1. 24e-14e)
The primary object of this invention resides'in
the` provision of a support
cans ' =
adapted to retain and lock the covers thereof so
as to prevent dogs, cats and other roving animals
from upsetting or removing the same and thereby
spread the garbage over the adjacent area.
Another object of this invention resides inthe
provision of a support for a garbage can adapted
to be adjusted to accommodate cans of different
A further` object of this invention resides in the
particular construction of the standard.
A still further object of this invention resides
in the particular construction of the garbage can
supporting platform.
garbageA is `collected `and preferably consists of
This invention relates to the official class of
supports and more particularly garbage can> sup~
an angle iron standard B, a substantially circular
platform ‘I of skeleton construction, a substan
tially semi-circular yoke 8 for retaining a gar-`
bage can in upright position on the platform, and
an arm Q‘swingably ‘secured to the standard'for
horizontal movement' over the garbage can cover'.
The ‘standard 6 consists of upper and Alower
sections Iii and II connected by a similarly
shaped plateV l2 having elongated vertical Vslots
I3"therein»to accommodate bolts I3” passing
through apertures I4 in said sections toretain
them in adjustable relation through the instru
mentality of nuts I5 or the like screwed thereon.
Welded or otherwise secured ‘tothe lower sec-l
tion I0 and extending at right angles therefrom
is a platform 1 which consists of a strap of metal
having its inner portion bent at right angles as
indicated by the numeral I6 to seat in the lower
Aside from the aforesaid objects this invention
resides inthe particular construction of the sta 20 section E for secure welding thereto with its outer
bilizing yoke for engaging the upper portion of
portion or arms I‘I indicated by the numeral I8
garbage cans.
continuing fro-m the aforesaid right angle por
Among the many objects of this invention is
tions thereof on arcuate lines to provide a sub
the particular construction of the garbage can
stantially circular flange above the garbage can cover retaining arm.
supporting straps I9 welded or otherwise secured
to the lower edges thereof in spaced relation to
One of the salient features of this invention re
sides in the particular combination of elements
one another. Said arms I'I have their outer or
for removably supporting garbage cans and lock
free ends spaced as indicated by the numeral 20
ing the covers thereon.
to permit grasping of the lower outer edge of a
With these and other objects in view', this in
vention resides in certain novel features of con
struction and arrangement of elements to be here
inafter more particularly set forth in the speci
30 garbage can to lift it off the straps I9 a suflicient
distance to clear the upper edges of the arms.
The aforesaidyoke 8 has its inner portion 2|
sort to such departures therefrom as come within
shaped similarly to the inner end of the platform
for seating the same in the upper section and
welding it thereto while its outer portions 22 are of
arcuate shape with their free ends bent outward
ly as indicated by the numeral 23 to permit the
upper portion of a garbage can to rest therebe
the spirit of the invention.
tween so as to hold it erect on the platform and
ñcation, illustrated in the accompanying drawings
and pointed out in the appended claims and, al
though this disclosure depicts my presentconcep
tion of the invention, the right is reserved to re
In the accompanying drawings forming a part 40 yet permit easily removal therefrom.
of this application;
Secured within the angular portion of the yoke,
as’by welding or otherwise, is an elongated sleeve
Fig. 1 is a side View of the garbage can support.
`?‘ig. 2 is a plan View thereof.
23’ having itsbore 24 preferably disposed in a
perpendicular plane to accommodate a trunnion
Fig. 3 is a front view of the garbage can sup
45 25 formed on the inner end of an arm 26 which
is adapted to swing on a horizontal plane closely
Fig. 4 is a `perspective View of the standard.
5 is a perspective view of the platform.
6 is a perspective view of the stabilizing
over or in contact with the cover of a garbage
can seated on the platform so as to prevent dogs
and the like from removing the same or dislodg
Fig. '7 .is a perspective view of the arm for locke
ing the garbage can from the platform. -Said
trunnion is provided with a flange 2‘I adapted to
rest on the upper end of the‘sleeve and, in order
to retain it in operative position in the sleeve, a
cotter-pin 28 is inserted in an aperture 29 ad
ing the cover on the garbage can.
In the present illustration of this invention, the
numeral 5 designates, in general, a garbage can
support adapted to be disposed in the back yards ‘
of residences or other elected places from which `5.5» , .jacent the lower end thereof.
Although the lower end of the standard is
pendicular plane, a garbage can cover locking
arm, and means securing the arm to the sleeve
yfor swinging movement on a horizontal plane
sharpened as indicated by the numeral 30 for
driving the same into the ground, it is within the
purview of this invention to ?lx the standard to a
over the cover of a. garbage can seated on the
support with any well known means capable of
supporting the same for carrying out the func
2. In a garbage can support, comprising a
tions of the invention with the elements recited.
standard consisting of aligned upper and lower
With this invention fully set forth, it is mani
sections of angle iron, an angle iron plate hav
fest that means are provided for both supporting
ing elongated slots therein connecting the afore
a garbage can in secure position above the ground 10 said upper and lower sections of the standard,
and retaining its cover thereon against removal
bolts passing through the opposed end portions
by clogs, cats and other roaming animals and,
of the sections and slots in the plate, nuts on the
through the particularassemblage of coopera
ends of the bolts, a substantially circular plat
tive elements, the support can be manufactured
form including can supporting straps secured to
cheaply and sold at a nominal price.
15 the lower section of the standard and disposed
Having thus described my invention what I
horizontally at right angles thereto, a substan
claim and desire to protect by Letters Patent is:
tially semi-circular yoke secured to the upper
1. In a garbage can support comprising a
section of the standard and disposed horizontally
standard of angle iron configuration, a platform I
at right angles thereto above the platform with
having its inner end portion of a shape similar
its free ends bent outwardly in opposite direc
to that of the standard and those portions ex
tions, a sleeve secured within the yoke at its
tending therefrom of arcuate conñguration with
inner end with the opposite ends thereof termi
their free ends terminating in spaced relation to
nating above and below the upper and lower
one another, means rigidly securing the platform
edges thereof and its bore dispo-sed in a perpen
to the standard with its angular portion seated 25 dicular plane, a garbage can cover` locking arm,
in thel angular portion of the standard and at
a trunnion formed on the inner end of the arm
at right angles thereto to dispose in the bore
right angles thereto, a substantially semi-circular
yoke having its inner portion of a-shape similar
of the sleeve for swingably supporting the arm
on a horizontal plane in close relation to the
to that of the standard and those portions' ex
tending therefrom oi' arcuate configuration `with 30 cover of a garbage can seated on the platform,
a collar formed on the trunnion and resting on
their free ends bent outwardly on a line passing
„ approximately through the center of a circle upon
the upper surface of the sleeve, and fastening
means rotatably securing the trunnion within
which the outer portions of the yoke are drawn,
the bore of the sleeve.
a sleeve secured within the angular portion of
the yoke and having its bore disposed in a per 35
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