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Oct- 15, 1946.
F. D. .woon
Filed Oct. 9, 1944
2' Sheets-Sheet 1,
0a, 15, 1.946. '
F._D.> wbob
F'ilavd Oct. 9, 1944,
2 Sheets-Sheet 2;
Patented Oct. 15, 1946
Frederick D. Wood, Jacksonville, Fla.
Application October 9, 1944, Serial No. 557,828
2 Claims.
(01. 224-6)
My present invention, in its broad aspect, has
to do with improvements in devices for carrying
children or infants, and more particularly, it is
my purpose to provide a device of this character,
which has a supporting seat for the child or in
fant, which is designed to support the child in a
position facing the carrier or facing away from
the carrier, and which has an adjustable sup
rier, or mother, or away from the carrier with
its legs hanging over the sides of the seat, I pro
vide curved leg depressions d and 5 in each side
edge of the seat, and between leg depressions 4,
the seat is somewhat extended and squared off as
at 6 to mount a body rest part or pad or block ‘I
which is curved to ?t comfortably against a per
son’s side and extends above and below the seat.
porting strap or sling designed to suspend the
The block 1 is rabbeted as at 8--see Figure 5--to
seat from the shoulder of the carrier, and a body 10 receive the squared 01f edge 9 of the seat as shown
rest part, or pad, to comfortably engage the body
in Figures 4 and 5. All corners and edges of both
of the carrier to steady the seat against the body.
the block or pad and the seat are beveled and
Other advantages and objects of my invention
rounded as at H].
may be brie?y de?ned as follows: (1) , to sustain
Attached to the bottom of the seat and extend
the entire load from the shoulders of the. car 15 ing up about the ends 2 are the relatively wide
rier rather than from the arms, it being merely
ends ll of a strap or sling E2. The edges of the
necessary with my device to use one arm to go
ends converge upwardly as at It toward the
about the child to steady it; (2), to provide a
shoulder length It of the strap or sling, and the
device which is comfortable both for the child
length of the strap or sling is adjustable through
and the carrier; (3), to provide means for ad
the instrumentality of a buckle [5 or other ad
justing the device to different sizes of persons;
justing means. The strap may be formed of web
and (4), to provide a simple, sturdy, structure
bing or other suitable material, and in operation,
which may be manufactured and sold at small
the child may be supported facing the carrier, as
cost, and which may be easily kept in a clean
in Figure 1, or facing away from the carrier, and
and sanitary condition.
Other equally important objects and advan
tages of my invention will be apparent from the
following detailed description taken in connection
with the accompanying drawings, but changes in
size, shape, form, construction, arrangement and
correlation of parts may be made, provided they
fall within the purview of my broad inventive
concept and the scope of the appended claims.
In the drawings, wherein I have illustrated a
preferred form of my invention:
Figure 1 is a view of the same in use;
Figure 2 is a perspective view of my device;
Figure 3 is a front elevation;
Figure 4 is a plan view, with the supporting
strap or sling in section, and taken on the line 4- i)
d—4 of Figure 3, and
all the weight is sustained by the shoulders of
the carrier. It is necessary to use only one arm,
and that for guarding or steadying the child.
It is believed that the operation and advantages
of my invention will be apparent from the fore
going, but interpretation of the scope thereof
should only be conclusive when made in the light
of the subjoined claims.
I claim:
1. An infant supporting device, comprising an
elongated seat, the ends of which are curved to
ward each other, spaced leg depressions at each
side of the seat, an adjustable shoulder strap at
tached to the seat at its ends, and a curved block
secured at its transverse medial line at one side of
the seat to support the same from the body of the
2. An infant carrying device, comprising an
elongated seat having beveled edges and ends
erence are used to designate like or similar parts: 45 curved toward each other, and spaced curved leg
Figure 5 is a vertical section taken on the line
5-»5 of Figure 3.
In the drawings wherein like characters of ref
The numeral l designates a seat which may be
formed of hard wood, plastic, or any other suit
able material, and which is elongated and has
ends 2 curved toward each other as shown in
Figure 4 with rounded corners 3. Since it is con
templated that a child will occupy the seat, as
shown in Figure 1, either facing toward the car
depressions in each side of the seat, a curved
body engaging block secured at its transverse
medial line on one side of the seat, and an ad
justable shoulder strap having relatively wide
end portions attached to the seat at its ends.
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