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Oct. 15, 1946-
' 2,409,339
Filed Feb. 3, 1945
‘ ;.,
Iavlp'r.‘ "’I! 'I I '
Patented Oct. 15, 1946
Jr. D.. Ballard, Fort Worth,, Tex.
Application February 3, 1945;v Serial’No; 575999“
2 ‘ Claims.
This invention relates»- to new andi usefuli im~
movements in intermixing' devices;
One object of theinventi'orr isl to: provide an:
improved device‘. for producing: whatis comme-r-e
cially knownas ribbon ice cream; sherbet and the:
likerbut‘may. be usedlforribbonizing other differentiated, ?uent; commodities;
marginal’ rectangular ?ange 2-! at‘ its‘ lower" end
for connecting it to other apparatus“ or‘ the ?ange
may be omitted andthe” spout used‘ to‘d‘eliver' the
ribbonized stream- directly’ intoi a suitable» conw
tainer (‘not shown);
A cross-bar 2-2’ is- secured across the’ top'ofl’the
hopper‘slightly below the flange HandS an elon-Y
gate'pin or shaft 23lis- inserted through“ an ape-re»
Aparticular. object of the inventionis-topro
ture‘ Main the center of‘ said1 bar; The shaft,
videan; improved device’ intozwhichi ?uent, diner»
entiated commodities; such; asaicercreamsofidiffer 10 which is nonrotating, has a‘ head? 25.‘ resting upon
the bar, whereby said shaft‘ is1 removably‘ sup
ent oolorsand ?avors, mayl be fed: from) separate
ported; The lower end”- of “ the:v shaitis=preferab1yJ
sources and automatically strati?'edi or: inter—
rounded‘ so as~1to1pass~throl1ghan~ aperture 25$ in"
mingled‘, inisucha manner as to produce a varie
a'lower‘lcross bar! 2111?," suitablysecuredfin: the spout‘,
gated mass in through which one of the creams
runs in a ribbon-like e?ect in contrast to the rest 15 as by welding. This lower bar is preferably located
a substantial distance above the lower end of said
of the mass".
A further object of the invention is to provide
a simple device of the character described wherein
the means for ribbonizing the commodities is
A ribbonizer 2B is loosely journaled on the shaft
23 between the bars so as to freely rotate and in
motivated by a ?owing mass, thus requiring no 20 cludes an elongate axial sleeve 29, surrounding
the shaft and a, helical vane 39. The internal di
auxiliary motive power or complex elements.
ameter of the sleeve is such as to give said sleeve
A construction designed to carry out the inven
a loose ?t around the shaft, whereby very free
tion will be hereinafter described together with
rotation of the ribbonizer is provided. The helical
other features of the invention.
The invention will be more readily understood 25 edge of the vane has a relatively close turning ?t
in the spout, sufficient clearance being provided
from a reading of the following speci?cation and
to assure free rotation without bypassing the
by reference to the accompanying drawing, where
in an example of the invention is shown, and
‘ The inner helical edge of the vane is suitably
Fig. 1 is a perspective view of‘ a device con 30 secured around the sleeve, as by welding. The
vane is preferably not given more than substan
structed in accordance with the invention,
tially one complete turn or ?ight around the
Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view of the device,
sleeve, because it is not the purpose to mix the
Fig, 3 is a plan view of the hopper and com
commodities to the extent that the mass becomes
ponent parts, and
Fig. 4 is a partial bottom view of the device.
35 mottled or that the individual creams lose their
distinctions. The vane is made just long enough
In the drawing, the numeral l0 designates a
to intermingle the commodities only sufficiently
generally rectangular hopper having an out
wardly directed marginal flange H at its top. A
to ribbonize them.
It is preferable to terminate the vane below
complementary cap plate [2 rests upon the ?ange
and formed integral therewith, is provided with 40 the bottom of the hopper so as to give the com
an upstanding transverse boss l3.
modities an opportunity to enter’ the spout be
The boss is provided on its front and rear sides
with reduced ears l4 registering with ears l5
projecting from the ?ange ll. Bolts l6 passing
fore being agitated, as well as to keep such com
modities more separately intact until they enter
said spout. The sleeve extends below the vane
through the ears I4 and I5, removably fasten the 45 so as to rotate on the lower bar 21 and provide
hopper to the plate. The boss is provided with
ample clearance between said vane and the bar
spaced internally screw-threaded openings or
to prevent choking.
inlets Ii’, into which feed pipes 18 and i9, re
In describing the operation it will be assumed,
spectively, are screwed. These pipes may lead
for the purpose‘ of illustration, that chocolate ice
from ice cream making machines or other sources 50 cream from a packaging (batch) or a continu
ous freezing machine is fed through the pipe MS
to feed creams of different flavors and different
colors into the hopper Ill.
and that vanilla ice cream is supplied from an
other similar machine through the pipe [9 into
the hopper l0. Since the pipes are cylindrical
The spout may» have a 55 and are spaced so as to deliver their streams
The hopper is in the form of a transition in
that it is merged at its lower end into a vertical
cylindrical spout 20.
at opposite sides of the rectangular upper end
of the hopper l0, and since such sides are in
clined'and substantially ?at, the streams will
slide down the same to the spout 20. Owing to
the fact that substantially no agitation occurs
in the hopper, little or no intermixing of the
commodities occurs in the passage down through
the hopper.
Upon entering the upper end of the spout the
wardly. This will permit the sleeve 29 to be tilted
to one side of the upper bar 22 and by pulling
said sleeve upwardly and turning it in a clock
wise direction, the vane will be screwed out of
the hopper. The separated parts may then be
thoroughly cleansed.
The foregoing description of the invention is
explanatory thereof and various changes in the
size, shape and materials, as well as in the details
commodities will come into intimate contact and 10 of the illustrated construction may be made, with
will unite in a single stream, but will not inter
in the scope of the appended claims, without de
mix. This stream will flow down onto the upper
parting from the spirit of the invention.
portion of the vane 30 of the ribbonizer 28 and
What I claim and desire to secure by Letters
substantially ?ll the cross-sectional area of the
Patent is:
spout. The ribbonizer offering negative resist 15
1. A device for producing a single variegated
ance will thus be rotated by the downwardly
frozen commodity from at least two moving dif
?owing stream and the two commodities, thus
ferent frozen commodities from separate sources
intermingled or ?guratively, twisted, so as to pro
of supply including, a single conduit having a
duce 'a variegated or ribbonized mass as the stream
plurality of spaced inlets at one end thereof and
passes along said vane. The stream after leav 20 for conducting the said differentiated frozen com
ing the vane will ?ow down the spout and dis
modities in a moving differentiated frozen mass,
charge therefrom.
said conduit having an outlet at its opposite end,
Due to the thick consistency of ice cream and
and rotatable means having an axis coincident
the like, the chocolate and vanilla creams will
with the longitudinal axis of the conduit be
to a large extent remain segregated, but the mass 25 tween said inlets and outlet actuated solely by
will exhibit a variegated or ribbonized effect which
the movement of the frozen mass for inter
will be preserved in the dispensing of said mass.
twining said di?erentiated commodities without
As the ribbonizer 28 offers little or no resistance
intermixing the same, said rotatable means ex
to the ?ow of the stream, but freely rotates, such
tending to either side of said coincident axes.
?ow will not be appreciably impeded.
2. A device in accordance with claim 1, where
The device is readily cleaned. By removing
in the rotatable means is formed with a single
the bolts IS, the hopper l0 and spout 20 may be
easily detached. The shaft 23 may be removed
simply by grasping the head 25 and pulling up
complete spiral blade.
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