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Get. 15, 1946.
Filed Aug. 5, 1943
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
M56107 1?
Oct. .15, 19.46. '
I ~
.|-|_ G_ JACKSQN
Filed Aug. 5, 1943
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Patented Oct. 15, 1946
Horace Greely Jackson, Woodstown, N.‘ J.
Application August 5, 1943, Serial No. 497,495
1 Claim.
(Cl. 224-45)
My invention relates to improvements in hold
tended out of the end openings 6 over what con
ers for use in carrying bottles, the principal ob
stitutes the top of the panel I to provide a pair
ject in view being to provide a simply constructed,
of diagonally crossed loops 9, the ends of the
light weight, strong device by means of which a
cord 8 being knotted together, as at H). As will
number of bottles of the type having beaded in be understood, the cord 8 has sufficient slack
therein to provide for the loops 9 forming sus
necks may be easily and conveniently carried,
and which is especially adapted to be easily at
pension loops, as shown in Figure 2, by means
tached to the necks of the type of bottles speci
of which the holder may be carried. Preferably
the bands 9 are extended to a suitable tubular
Other and subordinate objects are also compre
hand grip, as at I l.
hended by my invention, all of which, together
The use and operation of the described support
with the precise nature of my improvements will
will be readily understood. The cord 8 is slidable
be readily understood when the succeeding de
in the openings 6, whereby said cord at each side
scription and claim are read with reference to the
drawings accompanying and forming part of this
' of the panel I may be ?exed "outwardly of the
panel opposite each notch 3 so that necks 4 of
bottles may be inserted in said notches 3, with the
In said drawings:
beads 5 above the panel, and said necks interposed
Figure 1 is a, view in plan illustrating a pre
between the notches 3 and the cord 8. When the
ferred embodiment of my improved holder,
support, and bottles, are lifted by means of the
Figure 2 is a view in side elevation,
20 hand grip II, the cord 8 will be tightened against
Figure 3 is a fragmentary view in top plan,
the necks of the bottles, under the beads 5, to
Figure 4 is a view in top plan of a modi?ed
releasably retain the bottles in the notches 3 and
embodiment of holder,
so that the bottles may be lifted by engagement
Figure 5 is a view in edge elevation of the same,
of the panel I with the beads of said bottles. 0b
Figure 6 is a view in top plan of another modi [.4 in viously, the cord 8 is tightened by the weight of
?ed embodiment of holder, and
the bottles being lifted by the panel I. As soon
Figure 7 is a view in edge elevation of the same‘.
as the hand grip H is released, the cord 8 will
Referring to the drawings by numerals, and
slacken so as to permit removal of the bottle necks
?rst to Figures 1 to 3 thereof, my improved hold
4 from the notches 3 in a manner which will be
er, in its preferred embodiment, comprises an 30 clear.
elongated, generally rectangular panel I of a
In the modi?ed embodiment of my invention
light, strong, inexpensive material such as ?ber
shown in Figures 4 and 5, a novel, bow-shaped
board, or the like, and which is provided in the
panel I2 is provided, as the basic element of the
side edges thereof with notches 3 spaced equi
support, and which is provided with curved ends
distantly along said edges and arranged in op L: (Si 13 forming together with an intermediate por
posed pairs on opposite sides of said panel. The
tion M of said panel, a single pair of notches l5
notches 3 are of the proper size for ?tting part
at one side of the panel spaced longitudinally of
way around the necks 4 of the usual type of
the latter. The panel I2 is provided with a single
bottle used for dispensing soft drinks and pro- row of small round openings 16 extending along
vided with a neck bead, as at 5. As will be un 40 said side thereof and arranged to locate an open
derstood, the notches 3 are substantially semi
ing upon each side of each notch 15. The panel
circular, in part, to ?t around the necks 4 of
I: is designed to be used with a cord, not shown,
the bottles, and are formed with ?aring mouths,
in substantially the same manner as described
as at 6, to facilitate entering the necks of the
with reference to the preferred embodiment of my
45 invention.
bottles in the notches.‘
A row of small round openings 6 is provided in
In the modi?ed embodiment of my invention
each side of the panel I, parallel with said sides,
shown in Figures 6 and 7, a substantially semi
the end openings of the rows being arranged
circular panel i ‘I is provided, as the basic ele
adjacent to the ends of the panel I, and said
ment of the support, and formed in its ends with
openings being spaced apart longitudinally of 50 a pair of small openings IS. A cord I9 is ex
the panel to locate an opening upon each side
tended through said openings l8 to form a hand
of each notch 3.
grip in any suitable manner above the panel l1,
A single length of cord, tape, or the like is
and for cooperation with the notch 28 formed by
threaded through the rows of openings 8, to
one side of the panel H, the cord [9 cooperating
extend along each side of the panel I, and ex 55 with said notch 20 in the same manner as de
said notches having ?aring mouths to facilitate
entering the necks in said notches, and an end
less cord slldably extended through the panel
a. bottle 2|.
The foregoing will, it is believed, su?‘ice to im
along said side and across the mouths of the
part a clear understanding of my invention with
notches for tightening against the necks under
out further explanation
pull on said cord, the cord embodying crossed
Maniiestly, the invention is susceptible of mod
hand grip loops for use in carrying the panel
i?cation in other respects than as disclosed here
and bottles, said panel having a row of apertures
in, and right is.reserved to all modi?cations fall-y
therein extending along said side with” the aper
10 tures alternating, with the notches. and through
ing within‘ the scope of. the appended claim.
What I claim is:
which said cord is slidably extended across said
A holder for use in carrying bottles of the type‘,
mouths, said crossed loops being operative under
having a bead around the neck thereof compris
pull thereon to tighten the cord across the mouths
ing an elongated panel provided in one side edge
of" all of said notches.
thereof with round bottomed notches for ?tting
around the necks of the bottles under the beads,
scribed with reference to the preferred embodi
ment of the invention, in holding the necks of
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