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@et E5; 1946,
...1mm '
Filed Nov. 8. 194s
/d 22
` ’0
L_Luil IN1l f
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Patented Oct. 15, 1946
Leon T. Mart, Mission Township, Johnson County,
Kans., assignor to The Marley Company, Inc.,
Kansas City, Kans., a corporation of Kansas
Application November 8, 1943, Serial No. 509,384
1 Claim. (Cl. 299-114)
This invention relates to the art of water cool
ing and particularly spray nozzles or fluid dis
tribution members adapted for attachment to
conduits through which fluid is passing and from
which a portion thereof is Withdrawn by the
spray nozzle for conversion into minute par
One of the important objects of the instant
invention is to provide a spray nozzle of the type
designed to project laterally from pipes or the
like, that comprises a number of separable sec
tions held in operative position when the nozzle
in the side thereof for the reception of at least
one iluid distribution nozzle.
The nozzle per se comprises two sections I4
of like character, each of which has a smooth
abutting face I6 provided with detents I8 to co
operate with a coacting part of the opposite sec
tion to preclude accidental lateral relative move
ment of sections I4 as the nozzle is' being manip
ulated prior to introduction into opening I2.
’llwo of said sections I4 are employed to com
plete the nozzle body. The planar abutting faces
lie on a plane intersecting the axis of the body
and when the sections are together, the body has
a polygonal head 20, a screw-threaded section
A further aim of this invention is to provide
22 immediately below said head 20, an outlet
a multi-part distribution nozzle of the afore
oriñce 2.4 formed through the outer end wall
mentioned character, comprising a longitudinally
on the axis of the body, and a pair of inlet ports
split body having at least two sections, each of
26. There is an inlet port 26 formed by each
which cooperates to impart circular motion to
section I4. Each section is notched as shown in
the fluid entering the intake ports, one of which
Fig. 5 to form three sides of the inlet port, the
is created in each section of the body.
fourth side whereof is provided by the other
Heretoforc spray nozzles of the lateral type
section when the body is assembled.
have been formed through the employment of
Means for imparting circular motion to the
numerous elements, each of which are separately
fluid entering inlet ports 26, is in the nature of
cast, machined or otherwise manufactured. Such
an inwardly curled lip 28 concentric to the axis
conventional nozzles are expensive to manufac 25 of the nozzle body and extending the length of
ture, may not be put into use immediately after
each inlet port 26. These lips 28 are substantially
casting or molding occurs, and in many in
diametrically opposed as illustrated in Fig. 4,
stances, cannot be quickly remo-ved from the
and such arrangement of parts together with
operative position for cleaning. This invention, 30 the ñaring inner face of the hollow 39 of the
therefore, provides a spray or distribution nozzle
body, insures that the fluid will be forced up
formed of plastic or other suitable moldable sub
wardly and out through orifice 24.
stance, the parts of which are identical, need not
Each section I4 has a lip 28, an inlet port 26,
be machined after removal from the mold, and
a section of screw-threads 22, and a component
are held together when the nozzle in its entirety Cw. CA part of outlet oriiice 24 formed thereby. These
is introduced into a threaded` opening of a hole
sections are easily molded, no machining is nec
formed in a ñuid conduit.
essary prior to assembly, and installation, and
Minor objects of the invention including the
removal of the nozzle body permits quick clean
specific form of each section of the nozzle body,r
ing and relocating. These advantages as well
the manner of assembly for use, and the advan 40 as those emanating from simplicity, low cost of
tages arising from a unit embodying the in
manufacture, and use of inexpensive material,
» assembly is in its normal location.
vention, will appear during the course of the
will readily indicate that this multi-part distri
following specification, referring to the accom
panying drawing, wherein:
Fig. l is a fragmentary sectional view through
bution nozzle is advantageous and while the pre
ferred form has been illustrated and described,
it is desired to be limited only by the scope of
a length of conduit having a distribution nozzle
the appended claim.
embodying the invention mounted thereon.
Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the nozzle.
Fig. 3 is a side elevational View thereof.
Fig. 4 is a transverse cross sectional view taken
on line IV-IV of Fig. 3; and
Fig. 5 is a longitudinal sectional view through
the nozzle taken on the line of separation and
looking in the direction oli the arrow.
Conduit I6 has a threaded opening I2 provided
Having thus described the invention, what is
claimed as new and desired to be secured by Let
ters Patent is:
A spray nozzle of the character described com
prising a pair of cupped sections of substantially
the same contour having their edges in abutting
relation t0 form a hollow body; a notch formed
in the side wall of each section adjacent to one
end thereof to provide inlet ports, said notches
being diametrically opposed when the sections
are together to» create the hollow body; opposed
notches formed in the opposite ends of the sec
tions to establish an outlet oriñce on the axis
of the body; a polygonal head on the edge of
the sections having the outlet oriñce therein to
tion along that edge thereof forming the first
mentioned notches, said lips being eccentric to
the axis of the body and directed toward each
other to impart a whirling motion to the Water
passing through the hollow body, said sections
present Wrench flats; screw-threads on the ex
having cooperating detents formed on the abut
ting edges lto hold the threads of the two sections
terior of the sections below the said polygonal
head; and an inwardly curled lip on each sec
in operative relation.
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