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Patented ocr. 1'5, _1946
‘l 'F.arl Mosaly, Eagle Rock, Calif.VA i
v'Application Nòvember 4, 1944,"seria1Na'5c1Qa45
1 Claim. ('Cl. 24-137)
This invention relates to a clothes pin.
The general object of the invention is to pro
vide a simple and effective clothes pin which can
be economically manufactured of material such
The outer surface of each arm is slightly arcu
ate as at I8. On the inside each arm includes
a straight 'forward portion I9 and a straight rear
ward portion 20 which are arranged at an obtuse
as plastic.
angle as shown in the drawing.
Each arm. near the gripping portion has an
A more specific object of the invention is t0
elongated recess 2| in the inner face thereof. At
provide a clothes pin comprising a pair of mem
the inner end the recess 2| terminates in a sub
bers which may be molded 0r otherwise made
stantially semi-cylindrical shaped groove 22. At
and which are joined by a spring member which
provides the double function of providing a pivot 10 the forward end the body includes an overhang
ing portion 23 which overhangs the front portion
support and also urging the two arms of the
clothes pin together.
of each recess 2| to form a shoulder.
A more specific object of the invention is to
provide a clothes pin including a pair of molded
To pivot the arms and also to give them the
desired resilient gripping action, I provide a
spring 23’ which includes a substantially cylin
drical portion 24. The portion 24 is arranged in
members having spring receiving cavities therein.
An additional object of the invention is to
provide an improved spring construction for urg
ing the arms of the clothes pin towards each
the recesses 22 of a pair of the arms. The por
tion 24 includes a pair of legs 25 which are sub
stantially parallel when the clothes pin arms are
An additional obj ect of the invention is to pro 20 closed. The portions 25 extend forwardly and
their free ends 26 are arranged beneath the shoul
vide a clothes pin including arms having aligned
ders 23. Thus the spring serves as a pivot for
holes in the gripping portion to facilitate drying
the arms which turn about the cylindrical portion
clothes which engage the clothesline.
24 and also serve to press the arms together due
Other objects and advantages of my invention
will be apparent from the following description 25 to the engagement of the free end of the springs
with the shoulder 23.
taken in connection with the accompanying draw
In assembly one leg 25 of the spring is ar
ing, wherein:
ranged beneath the shoulder 23 on one arm and
Fig. 1 is a side elevation showing my improved
the cylindrical portion of the spring is arranged
clothes pin;
Fig. 2 is a top plan view of the clothes pin;
30 in the recess 22 of the arm. VThereafter the other
arm is arranged adjacent to the first arm and the
Fig. 3 is a sectional view of the clothes pin
free end of the other leg of the spring is moved
taken on line 3-3, Fig. 2;
into the groove 2| and beneath the shoulder 23
Fig. 4 is a transverse section taken on line 4_4,
Fig 3;
Fig. 5 is a side elevation showing a modified
spring, and
Fig. 6 is a top plan View of the modiñed spring.
of the other arm, whereupon the recess 22 in the
other arm engages the cylindrical portion 24 of
the spring to hold the parts in assembled posi
Referring to the drawing by reference char
In the gripping portion I3 I provide a recess 21
acters, I have shown my invention as embodied
which extends from the semi-cylindrical recess 22
in a clothes pin which is indicated generally at 40 rearwardly. This recess provides a stiiîening
il). As shown the clothes pin includes a pair of
iiange 28 which provides ample strength for the
arms I| which are identical.
The arms II are
preferably made of plastic material although they
may be made of any other material having the
operation of the clothesÄ pin.
In Fig. 5 I show a modified spring member 3U.
The spring member 24 is preferably a leaf spring
desired properties.
45 While the spring 3U shown in Fig. 5 consists of a
Each arm includes a body I I' having a gripping
wire having several turns 3| which form a cylin
portion I2 at the front end and having an op
drical portion. From the portion 3| two legs 32
erating portion I3 at the rear end. Each arm in
and 33 extend. The legs 32 and 33 have inwardly
the gripping portion is provided with a notch
I4. The notches are aligned to provide a recess 50 extending ends 34 and 35 respectively which eX
tend beneath the shoulders 23. The spring 30
I5 through which the clothes line passes. Each
is inserted in the same manner as that described
of the arms has a hole I6 therethrough in align
ment with the notches I4. `The holes I6 provide
From the foregoing description it will be ap
ventilation and cause quicker` drying of the por
tion of the clothes which engage the clothes line. 55 parent that I have invented a novel clothes pin
which can be readily manufactured and. which is
highly eiîlcient for its intended purpose.
Having thus described my invention, I claim:
A clothes pin comprising a pair of arms, said
drical intermediate portion, the cylindrical shaped
intermediate portion of the spring being seated
arms being identical, each arm including a body
having a gripping portion and an operating por
tion, each arm gripping portion having an elon
ing the walls of the grooves, the legs of the spring
in the grooves of said arms, the entire outer pe
riphery of the spring cylindrical portion contact
extending along the gripping portion and being
arranged in said recesses, the length of the spring
gated recess extending along the inne1I face there
legs being substantially equal to the length of
of, each recess terminating near the free end of
the recesses, the resiliency of the spring being
the associated gripping portion, each body ad 10 such that the legs of said springs are normally
jacent to the free end of the gripping portion
urged towards each other, the free ends of said
including a portion overhanging one end of the
spring legs being disposed beneath the shoulders,
recess to provide a shoulder, the end of each
said arms in the gripping portions having op
recess remote from the shoulder having a sub
posed notches therein, the notches being aligned
stantially semicylindrical groove therein, the 15 to receive a clothes line and said arms having
grooves being complemental and a spring includ
holes therethrough aligned with the notches.
ing a pair of legs joined by a substantially cylin- '
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