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Oct 15, 1946.
Filed Ap'ril 26, 1945
[27' U?”
V (J5
Eye K2574.’
Wig”??? I
Patented Oct. 15, 1946
George Seiler, Chicago, 111.
Application April 26, 1945, Serial No. 590,458
‘6 Claims. (01. 62-447)
My invention relates to a new and usefulmanu
facture, i. e., a protective collar and‘over?ow
bracket, made of cast iron or other suitable ma
‘ the accompanying drawing, and. particularly
pointed out in the appended claims.
‘Referring now to ‘the drawing:
terial, for use in connection with spiral cooler
coil such as are commonly used by taverns for
cooling liquids or beverages and which make use ‘
of ice or mechanical refrigeration.
In apparatus for cooling beverages, it is com
mon practice to provide standard cylindrically
sleeved coil cooling units which furnish, n0 ‘pro 10
tection to the spiral coil‘pipe from injury in the
Fig. 1 is 'a longitudinal section of my invention
showing a position of protective collar over and
?anged into the top of coil pipe cylindrical sleeve
unit of standard refrigeration or beverage cooling
Fig.v 2 is a bottom plan view of my invention,
viewed on line 2-"—2 of Fig. 1.
Fig. 3 is a detail cross sectional View of ?anged
collar and bracket, viewed on line 3-3 of Fig. 1,
process of poking and packing ice. into the sur
showing one form of bracket for attachment to
rounding ice chamber, as a result of which prac
an ice chest or Wall of an icing chamber, and
tice the coil pipe will in time expand and stretch
showing the position of the bracket above
upwardly because of pressure due to manual
slot and above the normal overflow level.
packing of ice andwork up and over the top
Fig. 415 an elevational view of my invention
rim of the cylindrical sleeve and will otherwise
be distorted, displaced or damaged.
The present invention'remedies this objection- ~
with a modi?ed type of mounting bracket show
ing an enlarged aperture or ori?ce for connec
able condition by the provision of a flanged pro‘ .20 tion of the shank of dispersing faucet. .
’ ‘Fig. ,5 is a detail cross section of said bracket,
up within
unit that
the willprevent
cooling chamber
the coil
:viewed on line 5-5 of Fig. 4.
7 ‘Fig.6 is a longitudinal section of my invention
prevent its lower ‘portions from being damaged
showing alternative means of connecting said
in the course of manually packing‘ ice down into
25 mounting bracket to‘the faucet shank, and show
the surrounding ice chest or chamber.
‘ ing a rubber bushing mounted on the top end of
The objects of my invention aree- .
the coilleading to dispensing faucet.
(1) By means of the protective, ?anged collar
Similar characters refer to similar parts in the
securely, though adjustably, set into and over the
several ?gures of the drawing.
top or rim of cylindrical sleeve of the standard
types of coil refrigeration units common to liquid 30 Referring to Fig. 1, reference character I I des
ignatesthe' top-side or ‘upper flange of the pro‘
dispensing apparatus, to prevent damage and dis
tective collar with integral ?ange l2 extending
tortion to the ‘coil pipe when ?lling the tank with
.downward from inner perimeter of said collar,
ice and when packing ice into the ice chest or
icing chamber.
(2) By means of a bracket adjustably attached
to the wall ‘of cooling chamber, or, in the alter.
native attached to faucet shank, and slipped ‘into
and through an oblong slot of an integral exten
which collar‘ is ?tted into and over the top of
cylindrical metal sleeve 24 of the spiral coil cool
ing unit 29. The upper bracket-end 13, which is
preferably integral; .is connected to wall IQ of
ice chest or box and the lower depending bracket
sion of the protective collar, to maintain the ‘ section .I 4 is slidably mounted in position through
cylindrical sleeve and spiral coil unit in upright 40 ‘slot it formed in inwardly extending ring mem
ber H, which is integral with said‘ collar ‘unit.
proper position and the mounting bracket there- ‘
The coil terminal or end section 20 leading to
of above over?ow level.
(3) By means ‘or a rubber bushing set into a‘ " faucet extends through aperture, !5 of ring mem
ber H which, as stated, is integral with said col
small round aperture and seat of an integral ex
tension of the collar, to hold rigid and solid, and “ lar unit and said coil end section is‘ preferably
held rigid within said aperture I5 by means of
keep from distortion and displacement, the .up
rubber bushing it set in the aperture of said ring
per. coil pipe sections leading into and connect
extension l'l.
ing with the dispensing faucet.
Through ori?ces in said bracket as shown at
With the above mentioned and other objects
in view, my invention consists in the novelty of 50 22 of Fig. 3 accommodate screw or other fas
its concept, and in its simplicity of construction . tening elements 22 for secure attachment of the
bracket to the wall of the icing chamber, as
and of installation. Other and further objects
shown in Fig. 1.
and advantages of my invention, its arrangement;
In a modi?ed form of mounting bracket illus
and combination of parts. will appear from the
following description, taken in connection with 55 trated in Figs. 4 and 6, reference numeral l3-—b
designates a metal shank portion thereof which
is equivalent to the apertured mounting portion
described with reference to Figs. 1 and 3. Said
mounting bracket portion I 3-17 is provided with
spaced apart apertures therein, one of said aper
tures being adapted to receive the lower end
portion of a mounting bracket, and the other
of said apertures being adapted to receive and
a relatively large aperture or passage 13-11.
which is of su?icient size to be slipped and
mounted upon the inwardly extending threaded
necting with the liquid dispensing faucet.
hold in proper position a coil pipe terminal con
3. A protective collar having an integral ?ange
extending downwardly from the inner perimeter
thereof; a curved laterally extending flange on
Sad ?tting 26 is mounted in the conventional 10 said collar, and an integral inwardly extending
manner in a suitable passage through the side
projection having an elongated opening and hav
wall of the ice chest and it is normally secured
ing a second opening adjacent the innermost
nipple-like portion 25 of a conventional ?tting
26 shown partially in cross section in Fig. 6.
therein by a suitable lock nut 2| threaded on the
portion of said inwardly extending projection,
inwardly extending nipple portion thereof. The
said second opening being adapted to receive a
inwardly extending portion 25 of the said ?tting 15 coil pipe terminal section connecting with the
26 terminates in a cone seat which is adapted
to receive and be engaged by a suitable bushing
21 which is held in normally secured position by
dispensing faucet thereof, and a depending
mounting bracket having a portion thereof ex
tending through said elongated opening.
4. A protective collar made of hard material,
The said bushing 21 is securely mounted about 20 having an integral ?ange extending downwardly
lock nut 28 as shown in cross section in Fig. 6.
the inwardly extending end or terminal section
of the coil pipe 20 which is removably held in
sealing engagement in said nipple portion 25 by
from the inner perimeter thereof and having a
slightly curved laterally extending ?ange, an
integral inwardly extending projection on said
said nut 28.
collar and having a slotted opening, a mounting
In the mounting of the adjustable bracket 25 bracket having a depending portion slidably en
illustrated in Figs. 4 and 6, either on old or new
gaging said slotted opening, said projection hav
coil box installations, it is only necessary to dis
ing a second opening partially de?ned by a
connect and withdraw the terminal section of
downwardly recessed seat, a rubber bushing
the coil pipe 20 and remove the lock nut 2| and
mounted in said seat and adapted to frictionally
then mount the shank portion I3—b upon and 30 engage and hold a coil pipe terminal section,
about the nipple portion 25 and replace and
said coil pipe section being connectable to a dis
tighten the lock nut 2| and reconnect the coil
pensing faucet.
pipe section 20 by remounting the nut 28 to
5. A protective device adapted to hold and
tightened position as illustrated in Fig. 6. The
guard the upper portion of a spiral cooling coil
off-set or angular intermediate portion of said 35 and adapted to ?t over and into a cylindrical
bracket maintains the depending lower portion
sleeve within such coil comprising a passaged
M in a, position su?iciently spaced from the ice
collar of angular cross section; a depending
box wall so as to provide ample space for the
bracket , having an upper apertured section
laterally extending ?ange H and guard ll of the
adapted to be fastened to the refrigerated com
protective unit. As shown at 23 of Fig. 5, the
partment Wall at a point above the normal over
backside of upper portion I3-—b of faucet shank '
?ow level, said bracket having a depending arm
bracket is provided‘with two ribs running op-‘
extending through and engaging the passage of
posite and parallel to each other along the edge
said collar.
thereof to secure a tighter hold and to prevent
6. In a device for protecting and holding the
distortion, as bracket backside is pressed against
upper portions of substantially spiral cooling coils
inner side of the ice box wall.
adapted to be contained within a refrigerating
While the foregoing speci?cation sets forth
container, a protective collar of angular cross
the invention in speci?c terms, it is to be under
section having an inner downwardly depending
stood that numerous changes in the shape, size
flange and having a laterally extending ?ange
and materials may be resorted to without de-‘ 50 adapted to overlie the upper end portions of said
parting from the spirit or scope of the invention
coil; a projecting member on said collar ex
as claimed hereinafter.
tending inwardly thereof and having a pair of
Having thus described the invention, what is
spaced apart openings therethrough, one of said
claimed as new is:
1. A protective collar of substantially right
angled cross section adapted to seat within and
to cover the upper end section of a cooling coil,
said collar having an integral inwardly extend
ing projection provided with a slot-like aperture
for the reception of the depending portion of a
mounting bracket.
2. A protective metal collar having an integral
inwardly extending projection provided with two
openings being adapted to receive the upper end
section of the cooling coil; a metal bracket
adapted to be secured in the upper part of a re
frigerating container and having an integral
downwardly extending arm normally extending
and engaging the other of said passages in said
inwardly extending member, said collar being
movable along said bracket arm to permit mount
ing of said collar at varying positions.
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