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t. 15, 1946.
Filed March 20, 1943
2 Sheets-Sheet l
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' ‘\6 l ‘
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Oct. 15, 1946.
Filed March 20, 1943
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
JOHQ C/720/7'6AL
. 0' ‘L
Patented Get. 15, 1946
2,409,405 '
John C. Trotter, Williamsville, N. Y., assig'nor to
- Bell Aircraft Corporation, Buffalo, N. Y.
Application March 20, 1943, Serial No. 479,899
3 Claims.
(01. 89-375)
This invention relates to ordnance, and more
‘particularly to gun mountand turret enclosure
adjustment to’ be inclined rearwardly away from
the customary vertical attitude thereof. ~ For ex
arrangements adapted for use upon aircraft or
the like.
ample, as illustrated by Fig. 1, the gun battery
mount mechanism may comprise a bearing block
I2 rigidly supported upon a ?xed structural por
tion Id of the aircraft to rotatably mount a gun
mount post !6 to extend below the bearing l2 for
keyed engagement with a gun mount bracket l8.
' One of the objects of the invention is to provide
a new and improved gun mount. Another object
is to provide a new and improved gun mount ar
rangement whereby a gun battery enclosure of
new and improved form may be mounted thereon
Hence, the post-bracket unitis, unless otherwise
to enclose the gun battery and gun mount ar 10 restrained, freely rotatable about an axis dis
‘rangement. Another object of the invention is
posed vertically in front View but inclined rear
to provide a gun battery turret and enclosure
wardly in side view as shown in Fig. 1 of the draw
which is of improved form and which is adapted
to rotate in improved manner in conjunction with
A pair of machine guns or cannon, or the like,
gun battery aim adjustments, Another object of 15 having gun casing portions 28-29 and corre
the invention is to provide an improved gun mount
sponding barrels 22-22 are mounted upon the
and turret enclosure arrangementwhich is par
bracket is so as to be bodily movable therewith
ticularly adapted to provide reduced air- pres
about the axis of the gun mount post l5, but to
sure forces thereagainst from externally of. the
be freely pivotable, unless otherwise restrained,
turret enclosure. Another object of the invention 20 relative to the bracket l8 about elevational aim
is to provide in combination, an aircraft anda
adjustment axis extending transverselythrough
gun mount and turret enclosure protruding in im
the bracket I 8. For this purpose the guns- are
proved manner beyond the basic pro?le of the air
illustrated as being carried separately upon cor
craft pro?le, whereby the combination aircraft
responding pairs of bearer rods 24; each pair of
and gun battery enclosure o?er reduced overall 25 rods being cross braced atv 25—25 to provide a
resistance to relative air flow. Other objects and
frame upon which the corresponding gun is
advantages of the invention will appear from the
mounted by means of slide for reciprocation rela
In the drawings:
tive tothe frame in directions longitudinally of
the gun. A shock absorbing and counter recoil
force member 29 is connected to extend between
corresponding slide brackets 28 and frame braces
26 to elastically-resist recoil movements of the
guns and to provide the necessary counter-recoil
impetus intermediatelyv of each gun ?ring opera
Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a gun battery and
mount of the invention arranged in conjunction
with an airplane, and a gun turret enclosure of
the invention shown in section; ,
- ‘Fig. 2 is a view taken substantially along line
II-V-IIof Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a section taken substantially along line
III—III of Fig. 1; and
Fig. 4 is “a fragmentary section taken along
upper end with a cross bar 32 (Fig. 2) providing
line IV-IV of Fig.2.
the elevational adjustment trunnion bearing of
The drawings illustrate the invention in con
junction with an aircraft fuselage portion Iii
‘comprising a streamlined convergent end portion
such as the nose or tail of a large combat air
‘plane or the like; but it will be understood that
the gun battery mount- and enclosure of the in
vention may be employed with equal facility to
provide the advantages of the invention at any
other portion of an aircraft fuselage, such as in
connection with ‘gun emplacements protruding
from side 'wall or‘ top' or bottom deck portions
The gun battery mount arrangement of the
A stirrup 30 extends rigidly from each gun
bearer frame unit to engage at its corresponding
the gun battery. The bracket 18 is formed with
a bearing block portion 3:! to rotatably mount the
cross bar 32 thereon. Thus, the gun battery: is
freely pivotable for elevational aim adjustment
purposes relative to the bracket :8 about the axis
of the cross bar 32, while the guns‘ are indi
vidually reciprocable relative to each gun mount
bearer frame.
The bracket I8 comprises generally a C-shaped
end wall portion 35 which is concentric of the
50 axis of elevational aim adjustment of the cross
bar 32. Circular side plates 38-38 are ?xed to
corresponding of the stirrups Ell-3i! so as to
invention is characterized by support of the gun
extend in spaced parallel relation concentrically
‘battery relative to ?xed base structure so as to dis
of the axis of the cross bar 32 to form in con
pose‘ the‘ traverse or “azimuth’f axis of gunlaim _ 55 junction with the Q-shaped bracket IS a hollow
gun battery upon the target; and it will be under
stood that any suitable means for connecting the
‘ ‘ frame-like casing, whereof the side plates 38-33, >
rotate relative ‘tothebracket‘ 18 in connection
gunsight and the gunv battery control mocha» ‘
' with elevationalaim adjustments of the gun bat;- ' >
nism may be employed, such-as is known in. the l ,
The bracket [8 is so proportional-land ar-~ .'
ranged that the interior of the casing so provided
5 ordnance art.
frame of each gun unit for smoothing the feed- . - l
‘ ing of cartridge belts from positions, remote from p
the gunbattery into the ammunition feedways
‘munitlon belts feeding the guns in connection
with the gun ?ring operations. “The bottom por
10 of the guns.
To house the‘ gun battery against the’ air-,
: tion of the bracket i8 is formed with a down-- '
wardly extending spout lid in open. communica
tionwith the interior of the’casing, whereby they
ejected belt links will be received by» the casing
between the guns to fall vtherethrough ‘in response
to the forces of gravity to be discharged through
stream‘ and elements exteriorly thereof a turret
enclosure‘ is provided as indicated generally at»
W to comprise a generally cylindrical casing
15 ‘mounted upon the airplane to rotate with the
»bracket I {about the axis of the postlBy Thus, p.
the cylindrical sidewall portion .12 of the casing
the spout ‘as to fall'clear of theigun battery niech~ .
>moves concentricallyof theaxis of the post is in
l conjunction with all azimuth. adjustments of the,
vMotor means for actuating the’ guns to pro-v
: ~ l
‘gun battery aim; whereby the, wall portion ,12
vide azimuth and iel'evational adjustments thereof . .
may be'pr'ovided in any suitable form.
An ammunition belt guide } r011 .
B1 is pivotally mounted upon the gun mount
‘ ‘is in open communication with the ports of the
> guns through which are cjecteol‘the ammunition
’belt links subsequent» to segregation of the am
As illus» > :of theturret- maintains a constant relation with», ,
trated in the‘drawings, such aim adjustment» respect to adjacent portions of the fuselage skin, i
‘which‘are preferably arranged to befairedinto v v.
means comprises a pair of hydraulic motors Sella?
rately connected to the gun mount post it and > ; ’ streamline relation with respect to the casing wall, ,
~ vto the gun frame support‘stirrups iii-39» respec—; .25 72, asindicated 93014.; Hence, it will» be under»-, > »
tively. ‘A'h‘ydra'ulic motor of the Vans piston type . stood that the gun mount andenclosure arrange
men-ttof the invention provides ‘a rotating turret
, ~ ' isillustrated
to the bearingatblock
56 as82comprising
and containing-a
a casingpiston
keyed tothe post EtyThus, oscillation of ‘the
motor piston in response to application'o'f fluid:
pressure forces at alternate sides thereof will
I r ,
' enclosure of generally cylindrical form which may ~ ‘ »
‘ > be readily merged at its rear with abuttingsta~
tionary wall structure of the aircraft’ while the
frontal surface of the turret: enclosure is of ,cys . » ,»
procure ’ corresponding : oscillations of the gun ' lindrical form'and slopes rearwardly and down-v . ,
“ mount bracket about the axis of: the post IE.‘ It > ‘wa'rdly asit emerges from the fuselage so asto
will be understood; however, ‘that themotor '56 I
Ymay‘ comprise; an ‘electric motor,v or any other
‘ > suitable oscillation producing device; and that in ;
1 present a irearwardly sloping surface to'the, rela-: » ,
tive airstream instead of. a vertical abutment
thereto as in the» case of, a turret arranged ‘50
any case the control means therefor will bear- 1 ~ rotate about a'substantially vertical axis, Consee- , »
uently a'more perfectlystreamlined airplane is’
I ranged to be‘ operated by manual manipulations
of acontrol deviceisuch as the handle 55 shown fprovided without reducing'the eifectiveness of >
in Fig.‘ 1, in accord with any known ordnance 40 the gun battery; Preferably, the ends, of the
turret enclosure will be truncated as illustrated
control principles.
in Fig. 1; and the outboard end portion thereof
To procure gun aim adjustments of the gun
will be preferably closed as indicated at 76. Sup
frame unit about the axis of the cross bar 32
plemental fairing as indicated at ‘lilmay be ar
relative to the bracket is, a vane piston type
hydraulic motor is illustrated at 66 as being ar 45 ranged to extend from ?xed structure of the fuse
lage to complete the overall streamlining of the
ranged interiorly of the gun mount bracket as
aircraft, in any preferred manner.
sembly. The case portion of the motor til is of
It will be understood that the turret enclosure
segmental sectional form (Fig. 4) ; the apex por
of the invention may be provided of any suitable
tion of the motor casing being arranged to com
prise the bearing block 313 supporting the cross 50 materials, transparent or non-transparent as
may be preferred; and that the frame structure
bar 32. The piston 52 of the motor 3% is illus
thereof may be of any suitable character whereby
trated as terminating in a hub 65 at its inner
to support the’ turret enclosure shell relative to a
end encircling the cross bar 32; whereby it Will
base which is in turn rotatable relative to the
be understood that oscillation of the piston 552
within the motor case in response to application 55 fuselage l0 substantially concentrically of the axis
of azimuth ' rotation of the gun battery!v ‘The
of ?uid pressure forces at alternate sides thereof
shell of the turret enclosure will be slotted as
will procure corresponding oscillation of the cross
indicated at 80 to permit the guns to be adjusted
‘bar and of the gun support frame attached there
in elevation relative to the enclosure.
to. Suitable hydraulic motor mechanisms of ‘the
type referred to are disclosed in my prior patent 60 Although only one form of the invention has
been shown and described in detail, it will be
application Serial No. 438,400, now Patent
apparent to those skilled in the art that the in
2,350,946, dated June 6, 1944. It will also be
vention is not so limited but that various changes
understood, however, that any other suitable type
may be made therein without departing from the
of motor mechanisms may be mounted in con
nection with the gun support frame to provide 65 spirit of the invention or the scope of the ap
pended claims.
oscillation thereof about the axis of the trunnion
bearing for elevational aim adjustments of the
I claim:
gun battery; and that in any case the motor
1. In combination, an aircraft including a
streamlined body having a convergent end and a
control mechanism will be operably coupled with
the manual control handle 55, whereby selective 70 thrust axis, bearing means supported by said air
manipulation of the latter will provide the desired
craft and inclined away from said end and out
wardly with respect to said axis, a gun mount, a
composition of azimuth and elevational adjust
post rotatably journalled on said bearing means
ments of the gun battery. Any suitable gun sight
and suspending said gun mount, and an enclo
device may be employed if desired, asindicated
at 65, to enable the gunner to accurately train the 75 sure for said gun mount rotatable therewith about
w >
a common axis, said enclosure being faired into
and with respect to said body.
2. In combination, an aircraft including a
streamlined body having a convergent end and a
longitudinal axis, bearing means supported by said
aircraft and inclined away from said end vand
outwardly with respect to said axis, a gun mount,
a post rotatably journalled on said bearing means
3. In combination, a vehicle including a
streamlined body having a convergence and a
longitudinal axis, gun mount bearing means
spaced from said axis and inclined away from ‘
said convergence and outwardly with respect to
said axis, a gun mount rotatably suspended from
said bearing means carried by said vehicle, and
an enclosure for said mount faired into and with
and suspending said gun mount, and a gun mount
respect to said body having a cylindrical side Wall
enclosure faired into and with respect to said body
having a cylindrical wall terminating in a ‘trun
cated closed end wall, said enclosure being rotat
and mounted upon said Vehicle for rotation as a
unit with said gun mount.
able as a unit with said gun mount about a com
mon axis.
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