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od.' 15, 1946.
2,409,416 „
Filed May 9, 1945
Patented Oct. 15, 1946
Fred E. Broberg, Racine, Wis.
Application May 9, 1945, Serial No. 592,878
1 Claim.
My invention refers especially to scissors blade
Sharpeners and it has for its object to provide a
simple, durable blade sharpener and grinder for
use by those unskilled in the cutlery sharpener art.
The tool is especially adapted for use in barber 5
The face-plate is formed with a horizontally
disposed blade receiving slot 8, adjacent to the
center of the abrasive ring, and said slot extends
to the edge of the face-plate, at which point it is
intersected by a rectangular clearance notch 8’
shops or other places wherein scissors or shears
in the housing wall, as best indicated in Figure 4
for hand cutting are in use and constantly requir
of the drawing.
ing attention.
The lower edge of the slot 8 has fitted thereto
A specific object of my invention is to provide a
a slightly inclined guide or blade rest 9, which
grinding tool having a motor driven abrasive ring 10 rest is pivotally supported by a bracket I0 secured
and a blade guide or rest associated therewith,
to the front wall of the face-plate I', adjacent
and having adjusting means to position the blade
the center of the abrasive ring.
guide incidental to wear upon the grinding ring.
The outer end of the blade rest 9 is provided
Another object of my invention is to provide a
with a downwardly turned lip II, having a blade
wheel disc having a group of circumferential aper 15 guide tooth II’ extending upwardly therefrom.
tures therein, for the reception of iibre buttons
The inner end of the lip II is slotted for'the re
which are formed with the ring and secured by
ception of a retaining screw I 2, which engages the
upsetting, the said feature being desirable due
housing wall rearwardly of the notch therein,
to the fact that the ring is strengthened against
whereby the inner edge of the rest or guide, which
cross cracking undergrinding pressure.
20 parallels the face of the abrasive ring, is adjust
With the above and other minor objects in
.able with reference to the ring face angle.
view, the invention consists in certain peculiarities
The abrasive pulley wheel assemblage is driven
of construction and combination of parts, as will
by a belt I3 from a pulley I3', which pulley is
be hereinafter fully set forth with reference to
mounted upon the shaft of an electric motor 4.
the accompanying drawing and subsequently 25 It will be noted that the motor is pivotally
s mounted upon the inner side walls of the housing
In the drawing:
Iby screw bolts I5.
Figure 1 represents a sectional elevation of a
Interposed between the lower face of the hous
grinding tool embodying the features of my ln
ing sleeve 2 and motor shell, is`¿§ a guided coil
vention, -the section being indicated by line I-I 30 spring I6, which serves to hold the belt I3 under
of Figure 2.4
tension at al1 times.
Figure 2, a face View of the same with parts
While I have shown and described a simple ex
broken away and in section to more clearly illus
emplification of my invention minutely as to de
trate structural features.
tail, it is to be understood that I may vary the
Figure 3, a plan sectional view of the tool, the 35 structural features within the scope of the claim.
section being indicated by line 3-3 of Figure 1,
I claim:
A blade Sharpener tool comprising a housing,
Figure 4, a fragmentary face View of the hous
a motor driven abrasive wheel mounted therein,
ing, having attached thereto an adjustable blade
the same including an abrasive ring, a face-plate
40 carried by the housing, having a horizontally dis
Referring by characters to the drawing, I indi
posed slot therein extending outwardly from a
cates a housing having e, removable face-plate I'
point near the center of the wheel, an angularly
and a horizontally disposed shaft receiving sleeve
positioned blade rest adjacent the lower edge of
2. The sleeve has journaled therein a shaft 3 to
the slot, a bracket carried by the face-plate near
which is secured a pulley wheel 4 at its front end. 45 the center of the wheel, a pivot connecting the
The outer face of the pulley in turn has fitted and
bracket and blade rest, a down turned lip extend~
secured thereto a disc 5. The disc is formed with
ing from the blade rest, a guide tooth carried by
a series of circumferential perforations, through
the lip adapted to guide a blade being sharpened,
and means connecting the down turned lip, and
which is pressed headed buttons 6 of an abrasive
ring -I to permanently secure the ring and, as in 50 housing for adjusting the aforesaid blade rest
dicated, the front face of said ring is slightly
relative to the abrasive ring.
angled or ilared rearwardly, it being noted that
the ñared grinding face of said ring just clears
the inner face of the face-plate I ’.
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