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06L 15, 1946.
z \w"
Filed June 30, 1944
8 k
Patented Oct. 15, 1946
, to‘ Heatbath Corporation,- Indian Orchard,
Mass., a corporation of Massachusetts
Application June30, 1944, Serial No. 542,953
2 Claims. (Cl. 158-116)
This invention relates to improvements in
burner apparatus.‘
The principal objects of the invention are di
to readily receive the tube 6 and the bottoms of
rected to the provision of a gas burner which is
constructed and arranged for various uses and
is characterized by novel means for reinforcing
the burner against warping and maintaining the.
the grooves 26 are such relative to the notches
24 in plates 22 that when the plates are as
sembled in the notches of the strut there is a
wedging action.
With the tube inserted in the openings 23 of
the plates 22 the edges of the plates at the sides
of the notches 24 thereof are received in the
grooves 26 and as the strut is moved towards
Various novel features and advantages of the 10 the tube 6 the wedging action tends to spread
or widen the notches and cause the upper op
invention will be observed'from the following de
posite side portions of the plates 22 to move in
scription thereof in the form at present preferred.
wardly towards one another so that the tube is
In the drawing:
?rmly gripped in the openings 23.
Fig. l is a side elevational view of a burner
The member 8 may take any form desired and
embodying the novel features of the invention;
the strut I!) may be secured to the said member
Fig. 2 is a left end elevational View of the
and tube 6 in any desired manner.
burner as shown in Fig. 1;
The notches 26 may be spaced to provide any
Fig. 3 is a sectional view on the line 3——3 of
burner during operation at an efficient operating
Fig. 1;
Fig. 4 is an elevational view of one plate of the
burner shown in Fig. 1;
Fig. 5 is a transverse sectional view through
the longitudinal strut of the burner; and
Fig. 6 is a partial plan view of the strut of the
Referring now to the drawing in detail, the in
vention will be fully described.
A burner tube is represented by 6 which ex
tends from a support 8. The support 8 is hol
low and is adapted for connection to a gas sup
ply system and the tube is closed at its left hand
end. Gas is emitted from the tube 6 through
a series of ports 1 along its upper side which may
be of any size desired and relatively arranged to
suit various conditions.
and the grooves of the strut acting on the notches
of the plates as described not only insure intimate
contact of the parts but provides a strong vrigid
construction wherein the plates and strut coop
erate to reinforce the tube against warping and
sagging._ Also the plates function for the con
duction of heat from the tube while at the same
time a free ?ow of air is facilitated around the
It may be desired to provide a series of open
ings 30 through the bar, as shown, in Fig. 6.
This will reduce the weight of the strut and per
mit air to pass through the strut which may be
considered necessary in some cases.
The parts may be made from various mate
A strut I6 is provided which is arranged at its
inner end for securement to the support 8 as
shown in Fig. 1.
desired spacing of the plates 22.
The plates ?rmly gripping the tube as they do
A strap i2 encircles the outer end of the tube 6
and has side parts M that lie on opposite sides of
the strut. A screw l6 passing through the side
parts and strut has a nut l8 thereon to draw and
hold the parts together.
A plurality of relatively thin plates 22 are pro
vided which are provided with openings 23 in
their upper edges and upwardly extending
notches 24 in their lower edges.
.‘ Grooves 26 are provided on opposite side faces
of the strut IE1. These are spaced apart accord
ing to the spacing of the plates 22 as desired.
The sides of the notches 24 in the plates 22 are
preferably arranged in} downwardly diverging re
lation, as shown in Fig. 4, as are the bottoms of
rials but aluminum has ‘been found to be desir- '
able for the practice of the invention,
The invention may be embodied in other spe
ci?c forms without departing from the essential
characteristics thereof. Hence, the present em
bodiments are therefore to be considered in all
respects merely as being illustrative and not as
being restrictive, the scope of the invention being
indicated by the appended claims rather than
' by the foregoing description, and all modi?ca
tions and variations as fall within the meaning
and purview and range of equivalency of the ap
pended claims are therefore intended to be em
braced therein.
What is desired to claim and secure by Letters
Patent of the United States is:
1. A burner of the class described comprising
in combination, a support member and a tube
member extending therefrom closed at its outer
the grooves 26 in the strut, as shown in Fig. 5.
The openings 23 in the plates 20 are such as 55 end and provided with ports along its upper side,
a strut supported by said members parallel to said
tube and below said tube. grooves in opposite side
faces of said strut spaced apart in pairs, plates
having notches in lower edges the sides of which
vided with ports, a strut spaced below and par
allel to said tube member having vertically dis
posed grooves in opposite faces thereof arranged
in spaced pairs therealong, plates having notches
are received in said grooves and provided with 6 in their lower edges and openings in upper edges
openings in upper edges through which said tube
member extends, the sides of said notches of the
plates and the bottoms of said grooves being sim
ilarly diverging whereby a wedging action thereof
through which said tube member extends, por
tions of said plates at the sides of the notches
received in said grooves, the bottoms of said
grooves of the strut and the sides of the notches
causes the upper side portions of the plates to be
of said plates arranged in downwardly diverg
urged inwardly towards one another so that said
- ing relation whereby said strut functions with a‘
tube is firmly gripped in the openings of the
wedging action in the notches of the plates to
cause upper side portions thereof to move in
wardly towards one another to ?rmly clamp the
tube member in the openings thereof.
2. A burner of the class described comprising
in combination, a support member, a tube mem
ber extending horizontally therefrom and pro
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