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~ ‘Oct. 15, 1946.
> I
4 2,409,430
' Filed may 1, '1944
12 Sheets-Sheet 1 ~
A Item qs'
Oct. '15,- 1946.
v c.- v.' GREENLEAF
» 2,409,430
Filed May 1, 1944
@2 Sheets-Sheét 2
/ /
Patented _Oct. 15, 1946
Carroll v. Greenleaf, Edmonds, Wash.
Application‘May 1, 1944, Serial No. 533,628
1 Claim.
(01. 138-76)
The described ?ow indicator is designed to be
interposed in a pipe line, particularly an oil dis
charge pipe line of a tanker, or the like, by bolt
ing the same through the bosses 4 and bolt holes 5
simply constructed, inexpensive, ef?cientdevice
to the end ?anges of the usual pipe line sections,
to be interposed in an oil pipe line and which is
not shown. When thus installed, the stream of
adapted to render the stream ?owing through
oil pumped through such a discharge line is
the line clearly visible and is equipped with means
clearly visible through the pipe section I so that
for indicating positively whether or not the oil is
it is possible to see the color of the product being
Other, and subordinate, objects are also com 10 pumped, particularly in the case of different gas
olines, and prevent mixtures occurring in unload
prehended by my invention, all of which, together
ing oil, or gasoline. Also, whether or not the pipe
with the precise nature of my improvements, will
line is full, or only partially so, or empty, may
be readily understood when the succeeding de
be readily ascertained. The ?ow indicator mem
scription and claims are read with reference to
the drawings accompanying and forming part 15 ber 8, under the ?ow of oil, or gasoline, through
the pipe section I will be swung in the direction
of this speci?cation.
of the flow to positively indicate that the contents
In said drawings:
of the pipe line are ?owing therethrough, and in
Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of my inven
the event that such is not the case, said member
tion in its preferred embodiment,
will assume a perpendicular position and thereby
Figure 2 is a view in end elevation,
indicate that the contents of the pipe line are
Figure 3 is a View in longitudinal vertical sec
My invention relates to improvements in flow
indicators for oil pipe lines, more particularly,
the principal object in view being ‘to provide a
not being pumped therethrough. When gasoline
in a common plane with the ?ange and are pro
the inventive concept, and right is herein ,reserved
is being pumped through a pipe line equipped
Figure 4 is a view in transverse section taken
with my improved ?ow indicator, the accumula
on the line 4—4 of Figure 1,
Figure 5 is a fragmentary view in perspective 25 tion of static electricity in the indicator is ob
viated, since the rings 3 connected by the bars 6
of the bonding devices.
are bonded to the pipe sections, not shown, be
Referring to the drawings by numerals, my
tween which the ?ow indicator is interposed
improved flow indicator comprises a pipe section
through the before-mentioned bolts which are
I of any suitable length and diameter and which
is provided with a pair of circumferential, radial 30 bonded with the bosses 4, as will be clear.
The foregoing will, it is believed, su?ice to im
external end ?anges 2. The pipe section I is
part a clear understanding of my invention with
formed of a suitable transparent plastic which
out further explanation.
is a non-conductor of electricity.
Manifestly,'the invention, as described, is sus
A pair of ?at rings 3 are embedded in the
ceptible of modi?cation without departing from
?anges 2 and the body of the pipe section I each
to such modi?cations as fall within the scope of
vided with a plurality of circumferentially and
the appended claims.
equidistantly spaced tubular bosses 4 on one side
What I claim is:
thereof extending through the flanges and termi
A device of the class described to be inter
nating flush with the inner faces of said ?anges. 40
posed between sections of a pipe line comprising
On the other sides of said rings 3, the ?anges
a pipe section of transparent insulating plastic
are provided with bolt holes 5 aligned with the
with circumferential end ?anges having
bosses 4.
bolt holes therein for bolting in the line, and
A plurality of flat bars 6 of metal suitable for
conducting electricity extend longitudinally of the 45 means embedded in said section for obviating the
accumulation of static electricity in the section
body of the pipe section I and are connected at
and constructed and arranged for bonding with
their ends to the rings 3, said bars being grouped
said line through said bolts comprising a pair of
around the section I in equidistantly spaced rela
conductor rings embedded in said ?anges and
tion and embedded in the body of said section
and longitudinal external ribs ‘I extending be 50 provided with tubular bosses aligned with said
bolt holes and adapted for the extension of said
tween the ?anges 2.
bolts therethrough, and longitudinal conductor
In what constitutes the top of the pipe section I,
bars embedded in said section and connecting
and in the transverse center thereof, an arrow
said rings.
like ?ow indicator member 8 is suspended by a
staple-like hanger 9 embedded in the body of the 55
pipe section I, said member 8 being swingably
mounted on the hanger 9 for movement longitu
dinally of said pipe section.
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