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- 0d. 15, 1946.
M, A, BR055511I
' 72,409,471
Filed June 18,.1945
378356 a?
_ mmvzon. I
Patented Oct. 15, 1946
Mary A. Brosseit, ‘Chicago, 111.
Application June'18, 1945, Serial No. 600,056?‘
4 Claims.
(01. 46-9) 1
My inventionvrelates to airplane toys, and‘. deals.‘
more particularly witlrthe innovations of bomb
ing and jet? propulsion‘, and"one‘object is “to pro
vide a toy airplane in which such-v effects are
uniquely and“ amusin'glysimulated.
When the toy ‘is ‘to. be ‘used, it is taken‘? apart- at‘?
the joint betweenthernose compartment‘ and the
‘ body to expose the incense stick l5.
The latter
is lighted and the toy re-assembled. The glow
ping incense'stick will now‘ ?ll thebody It with
smoke‘; and pressure applied to the bulb't?lwill
be mainly effective to project ‘a densejet of smoke
22 from the rear tube l1 suggestive’ of gas ejected‘
A further object is-to design an airplane toy‘
with means for projecting al-smoke-jet' suggestive
of gasesemitted from ajet propelledwairplane.
Another object is to ‘design the toy with means
from a jet-propelled airplane.
for producing and dropping bubbles slmulati-ve v10
The pressure and‘release ofathe-bulb Ell-are‘ also.
of spherical bombs.
effective. to pass smokeinto the nose‘ comparts.
A still further object is to provide a toy of the
ment 5 l byway‘oflthe incense stick lilipwheth‘en
above character which may be kept in action
the same is porous or perforated asishown: This
for considerable periods of time, whereby to
action not only fills the nose compartment but
furnish a fascinating pastime and a medium for
also revives or extends the glowing portion 23
contests or games.
An important object is to construct the novel
toy along lines of simplicity and with a high
of the incense stick, in case the same tendsto cool
or become extinguished. The draught through
the glowing portion will also dislodge clinging ash
factor of safety.
particles, so that these may fall into the bottom
With the above objects in view and any others 20 of the body it and leave the incense stick burning
which may suggest themselves from the descrip
tion to follow, a better understanding of the in
A shallow bottle 26 is preferably provided as an
vention may be had by reference ‘to the accom
panying drawing, in which
Fig. ,l is a longitudinal section of the toy;
Fig. 2 is a cross-section on the line 2—~2 of
Fig. 1;
Fig, 3 is a fragmental View similar to Fig. 1
and showing a modi?cation; and
Fig. 4 is a section of a bubble-supply container. '
In accordance with the foregoing, speci?c ref
erence to the drawing indicates the body ‘of the
toy at iii, the same being similar in form to an
airplane body. In the preferred form of the in
vention the front of the body It is open to receive
a nose compartment H as a closure, a snugly
?tting lap or other joint l2 being employed to
hold the parts together.
accessory, and ?lled with a saponaceous solution
25. When the tube i8 is dipped into the bottle a
small amount of the solution will adhere inside
the tube; and when the toy is held aloft and the
bulb pressed a bubble 26 will form below the tube
and drop after assuming a desired size, simulating
the dropping of a spherical bomb. Or, in case
the frontal tube lil is dipped in the solution, a
bubble 2'! will form as shown.
In the modi?cation of Fig. 3 the bulb 2B is re
movably ?tted by being made with a metallic
screw type of nipple 2s. ‘The latter is of su?icient
capacity to receive the incense stick 3i) direct, so
that the airplane may be made in one piece.
It will now be apparent . that the novel toy
serves primarily as a smoke generator for the
The back of the nose compartment H is in the
supply and charging of its jet and bomb features.
form of a partition 63 formed with a rearwardly~ 40 Secondly, the body of the toy serves as a receiver
extended tube, H in the center. This tube is
fOr the incense stick'and an enclosure therefor,
adapted to receive a stick [5 of incense commonly
so that it may not some in contact at any time
known as punk and usually having a porous con
with the ?ngers or clothing, or subject surround
sistency. However. where the material is more or
ing objects to‘ ?re danger. The material forthe
less solid, it is preferable to bore the same longi
toy is preferably papier-maché having an asbes
tudinally as indicated at it for the purpose of the
tos content or internal lining, whereby to be
present invention.
' flame-proof and non—heating
case glowing
The body It is ?tted with a projecting tube H
fragments of the incense stick should fall into
at the rear and a similar but narrower down~
the bottom of the body. The handling of the
wardly-projecting tube It at the bottom; and 50 incense stick is not considered a material ?re
the nose compartment II also has a narrow f0r~
hazard, as children of the age to use the toy are
weirdly-projecting tube it. A dome-shaped rub
accustomed to using punk for the lighting of
ber bulb 29 is glued or otherwise secured on the
sparklers or keeping mosqvito's or ?ies away. In
conclusion, the novel toy is a fascinating device
body, the bulb having a nipple 2i entering ‘the
55 for pastime and entertainment as well as an ar
body from the top.
ticle which is economical to produce, simple in
construction and easy to handle and operate.
While I have described the preferred and modi
?ed forms along speci?c lines, various further
minor changes or re?nements may be made there
in without departing from it's principle, and I
desire such changes and re?nements as coming
Within the scope and spirit of the appended
I claim:
3. A toy comprising an elongated hollow mem
ber including a rear body portion and a remov
able nose portion joined thereto, said rear body
portion having a front opening, said nose por
tion having a rear partition closing said opening,
said partition having a tube supporting an aper
tured smoke-producing means, said body portion
having a plurality of openings, a rubber bulb se
cured to said body portion over one of the open
10 ings in communication with the interior of the
bulb, said nose portion having a front opening
1. A simulated toy airplane comprising an
elongated hollow body separable at an interme
4. A toy comprising an elongated hollow mem
diate point, a cross-partition carried by one body
ber including a rear body portion and a remov
portion at the junction site and formed with a
receptacle, a porous incense stick ?ttedinto the 15 able nose portion, said rear body portion having
latter and projecting into the other body portion
a front opening, said nose portion having a rear
partition provided with a rearwardly extending
to ?ll the same with smoke when burning, pres
tube centrally thereof communicating With the
sure means applied to said other body portion and
interior of said nose portion, said nose portion
e?ective to force smoke through said stick into
the ?rst-mentioned body portion, and a discharge 20 having its partition projecting within the front
opening of the body portion to close same and
element at the outer end‘of such ?rst-mentioned
said nose portion further having an external cir
body portion for the smoke received therein.
cumferentiai groove forming a lap joint with said
2. A simulated toy airplane comprising an
body portion, the latter having a plurality of
elongated hollow body separable at an interme
diate point, a cross-partition carried by one body 25 openings, a rubber bulb glued to the top of said
body portion over one of said openings in com
portion at the junction site and formed with a
munication with the interior of the bulb, an aper
receptacle, a porous incense stick ?tted into the
tured smoke-producing member carried by said
latter and projecting into the other body portion
tube, said nose portion having a front opening
to ?ll the same with smoke when burning, a bot
tom discharge element for said other body por 30 therein.
tion, and pressure means applied to the latter
and e?eotive to force smoke through said dis
charge element.
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