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ocr, 15, 194s.
Filed July 21, 1944
\ 3.....'
Patented Oct. 15, ‘1946
Robert Bentley, Monroe, and Howard Bentley,
Detroit, Mich.
Application July 21, 1944, Serial No. 545,920
2 claims.
(craze-_86) '
such as cork, rubber or the like. This tube IG is
Our invention relates to a new and useful im
cut away as at 23 to permit entry of the nozzle
provement in a filling spout adapted for use on
of the filling hose.
tanks such as gasoline tanks and the like. It is
The spout Hl is outwardly oifset, as at 2li, to
an object of the present invention to provide a
provide a space for reception of the ring 25 of
device in which a movable cap will be eliminated
sealing material such as rubber, leather, cork,
and which may be thrown outwardly into opera
felt or the like. When the tube is in its collapsed
tive position beyond a sealing part and concealed
position, as shown in Fig. 1, the door I3 may be
within the sealing part when not in use.
closed and if it is locked, access to the tank is
Another object of the invention is the provi
sion in a iilling spout of an extendable tele 10 prevented. In this position, it will be noted
that the bead i8 is in engagement with the groove
scoping member so arranged that it will be filled
I4, thus tending to secure the tubes lû and I6
in any position of telescoping.
in fixed relation. When it is intended to use
Another object of the invention is the provi
the structure, the door or closure i3 is swung to
sion of a telescoping member so arranged that it
will be spring held in its position of outward 15 open position, as shown in Fig. 2, and the tube
IS may be moved outwardly. In Fig. 3, this tube
movement and its position of inward movement.
IB is shown moved to its outermost position and>
Another object of the invention is the provi
the bead I3 is in engagement with the groove l5,
sion in a filling spout of this type of a pair of
thus tending to retain the tubes in ñxed rela
telescoping members so arranged that a leak
proof seal is provided when the parts are in 20 tion. When the tube I6 is being moved relatively
to the tube l!) so that the bead I8 is being moved
closed position.
either from the groove l5 toward the tube i4
Other objects _will appear hereinafter.
or vice versa, there will be sectional engagement
It is recognized that various changes and mod
between the tubes i6 and la, the slit l1 serving
iiications may be made in the detail of structure
illustrated without departing from the spirit of 25 to permit the inward springing of the end of
the tube on which the bead I3 is formed. When
the invention and it is intended that such
moved to the outer position, the nozzle may be
changes and variations shall be embraced within
projected through the opening 23 foi` iilling pur
the scope of the claims which form a part hereof.
Forming a part of the specincation is a draw
ing in which
_ When moved into the closed position, as shown
in Fig. 1, the rubber gasket or sealing member
22 will be in engagement with the end of the tube
It and prevent leakage. The ring 25 snugly em
braces the tube I5 and prevents leakage at this
Fig. 2 is a sectional view taken on line 2_2 of
Fig. 1;
35 point so that a gas leak-proof connection is thus
Fig. 3 is a longitudinal, central, sectional View
With a filling spout constructed in this man
of the invention in extended position;
ner, it is obvious that the losing of the closure
Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken on line 4_4 of
cap is prevented and a structure is afforded which
Fig. 1.
In the drawing, we have illustrated the tank 40 is highly eiiicient and easily operated.
or container il having the tubular spout lll there
What we claim as new is:
on. We have indicated the container 9 as being
1. A device of the classldescribed, comprising:
a gasoline tank for automobiles which embodies
Aa tank; a tubular ñlling spout projecting out
a fender ll having an opening l2 formed therein
wardly from said tank and having a pair of
closed by a suitable swingable closure I3. The 45 spaced peripheral grooves on its inner surface
spout IE) is provided with the annular grooves Ill
and outwardly flared at its outer end; a sealing
and i5. Telescopically engaging in the spout lil
ring mounted on the inner surface of the out
is an extension tube I6 having axially directed
wardly flared end of said spout; a telescoping
slits l'l formed in its inner end. The telescoping
tube mounted in said spout and snugly engaged
extension tube IG is formed from suitably resil 50 at its periphery with said ring and provided on
its inner end with a plurality of circumierentially
ient material and is provided at its inner end
spaced, axially directed slits; a peripheral bead
with a peripheral bead I8. 'I'he outer end of the
on the slitted end of said tube engageable in
tube IE is closed with the cap I9 which has cir
either of said grooves` said bead being in fric
cular flange 20 providing a channel 2l in which
engages a ring 22 of suitable sealing material 55 tional contact with the inner surface of said
Fig. 1 is a longitudinal, central, sectional View
of the invention, showing it applied and in closed
spout in its slidable movements therein, there
being a ñlling opening formed in one side or"
said telescoping tube; a closure on the outer end
mounted in said spout and engaging at its pe
riphery with said ring; a peripheral bead on the
inner end of said telescoping tube engageable
With the inner surface of said spout, said inner
of said telescoping tube; an overhanging spaced
apart ñange on the outer end of said telescoping CII end of said telescoping tube being axially slitted
tube to provide a channel; and a sealing ring
through said bead, there being a ñlling opening
mounted in said channel and engageable with
formed in one side of said telescoping tube, ac
the end of said, spout upon fulltteleseopíngrof said
cessible. uponY the drawing outwardly of Said tele
telescoping tube therewith.
scoping tube relatively tov said spout a pre-deter
2. A device of the class described, comprising,
mined distance; a closure on outer end of said
a tank; a tubular ñlling spout projecting out
telescoping tube having a flange projecting be
wardly from said tank, and having its outer end
yond the periphery thereof and axially turned for
outwardly flared to provide an axially directed
overlying the flared portion of said spout; and
terminal portion of larger diameter than the in
a sealing ring mounted on the face of said flange
side diameter of the remaining portion; a seal 15 for engaging the end of said spout upon full
ing ring mounted on the inner surface of the out
telescoping of said telescoping tube with said
wardly flared end of said spout and having an>
inside diameter substantially the same as the in
side diameter of said spout; a telescoping tube
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