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. 15, 1946. ‘
Filed Aug. 16. 1943
/. ..
(I)./ //
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. ___.
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> (60
/. V
Fatented Oct. 15', 1.946
‘ 2,409,535
Robert F. Bracke, Arlington Heights, 111., assign
or to R. F. Bracke & Company, Chicago, 111., a
partnership composed of Robert F. Bracke and
Robert Anderson '
_- 1 Application August 16, 1943, Serial No. 498,810
5 Claims. mi. @222)
_ My'invention relates to lavatories, and is more
particularly adapted for, but not limited to,
lavatories of industrial establishments employing
people who handle foodstuffs, surgical dressings,
or other articles which areto be protected against
.‘In my issued Patent No. 2,319,034, dated May
11, 1943, I have disclosed sanitary apparatus of
a: kind adapted to be installed in the individual
ment through the entrance 24 controlled by this
turnstile. A second turnstile 26 is located at the
opposite end of the rail 26 and adjacent a sanitary
basin 28 or other suitable means for disinfecting
the hands of the person leaving the toilet com
partment. This turnstile 26 controls the toilet
compartment exit 30 and is provided with suit
able ratchet mechanism to prevent people from
entering the toilet compartment by way of this
toilet stalls of a lavatory so that it is necessary 10 exit. The turnstile 26 is further provided with a
for a person to disinfect her hands before leav
latch mechanism for preventing a person from
ing the stall. Such sanitary apparatus is expen
leaving the toilet compartment by way of this
sive to install in a large lavatory having many
exit until this latch is released by operation of
individual toilet stalls, and furthermore, is not
the disinfecting basin 23‘.
adapted to meet the needs of men’s lavatories. 15
This disinfectingbasin may be of the kind
An object of my invention is to provide a new
shown in my said Patent No. 2,319,034, or of any
and improved lavatory which can be designed for
other suitable kind, but is preferably of the type
use by either men or women and which will afford
disclosed and claimed in my copending applica
the desired sanitary protectionat minimum ex
tion Serial No.'498,809, ?led August 16, 1943, now
Another object of my invention is to provide a
new and improved lavatory which may be easily
created by converting an existing lavatory at
minimum expense.
Other objects and advantages will become ap
parent as the description proceeds.
In the drawing:
Fig. 1 is a plan view of a conventional lavatory
which has been modified to embody my invention;
Patent No. 2,358,139, granted September 12, 1944.
In general, such a basin comprises a divided com
partment into which a person must insert both
hands to operate rods for closing the two switches
32 arranged in series in a circuit connecting a
25 battery 34 or other suitable source of current
with the latch releasing mechanism of the turn
stile 26., The lower ends of the switch-operating
rods are either immersed in “disinfecting liquid
or are located beneath nozzles which discharge
disinfecting liquid upon the hands of the user
Fig. 2 is a plan‘view of a specially constructed
when he moves these rods to switch closing posi
lavatory embodying my invention.
tion. It is therefore necessary for a person seek
In Fig. l I have illustrated a conventional men’s
ing to leave the toilet compartment to disinfect
lavatory which has been modi?ed to embody my
invention. This lavatory is in the form of a single 35 his hands before the turnstile 26 will permit him
to leave this section of the toilet room. The
room I 0 having a combined entrance and exit I2.
which connect the switches 32 with the
A series of wash basins M are arranged along one
latch mechanism of the turnstile 26 preferably
wall of the room ill, whereas the opposite wall of
extend under the ?oor or are attached to the
this room is provided with a plurality of in
dividual toilet stalls l6 and urinals l8. A rail 20 40 ceiling, so that they do not impede the exit 30.
In Fig. 2 I have shown a lavatory specially
is provided to divide the single room l0 into two
designed to embody my invention. This lavatory
compartments, one of which contains only the
has two rooms, indicated generally by reference
wash basins l4 and the other of which contains
numerals 50 and 52. The room 50 contains only
the toilet facilities. That compartment contain
ing the wash basins M is immediately adjacent 45 wash basins 54 and communicates directly with
the common entrance and exit 56 communicating
the opening I2 through which the users of the
lavatory enter and leave.
with a hall or room of the factory or building in
which the lavatory is located. The second room
A conventional turnstile 22 is located between
52 contains the toilet stalls 58 and urinals 60
one end of the rail 29 and the adjacent wall of
the room It, and this turnstile is so arranged that 50 and 62.
it forms an entrance into the toilet compartment.
Entrance to the second room is eifected by
This turnstile is provided with the usual ratchet
passing through the ?rst room and through an
mechanism to prevent rotation of the movable
opening.“ connecting the two rooms and forming
arms in the opposite direction and thereby to
a combined entrance and exit for the toilet room.
prevent people from leaving the toilet compart 55 A one-way turnstile 66 controls an entrance way
68 through which a person must pass in order
to reach the toilet facilities in this room. A sec
ond turnstile 10 controls the exit passageway 12
and has a latch mechanism controlled by the
sanitary basin 14 in the same manner in which
the turnstile 26 of the previous embodiment is
controlled by the sanitary basin 28 of that em
It is to be understood that my invention is not
limited to the two compartments shown herein, 1
but may assume numerous other forms. Fur
thermore, my invention is not limited to the uti
lization of a sanitary basin to control the latch
mechanism of the exit turnstile, as ‘any other
suitable disinfecting mechanism may be utilized
in lieu of this sanitary basin. For example, this
latch mechanism might be controlled by a series
of connected light switches of a cabinet for ex
posing the hands to ultra violet light or other
germ-killing rays, or by the manual controls of -
equipment for exposing the hands to germ-killing
gases or other germ-killing media,
While it is advantageous to release the latch of
the exit turnstile by a solenoid or other electri
cally controlled apparatus, this latch or other
equivalent control mechanism could be operated
through ‘mechanical linkage connecting the latch
with the operating rods of the sanitary basin or
other disinfecting apparatus located at the dis
infecting station adjacent the latch controlled
exit turnstile. A gate, dOOr or other movable
partition may be substituted for any or all of the
turnstiles shown. While both lavatories shown
are designed for use by men, my invention is
equally adapted to lavatories for Women,
My invention may assume numerous forms and
is not to be construed'to be limited to the particu
lar embodiments shown and described in detail
herein, but includes all modi?cations, variations
leaving the toilet compartment, and means in
cluding hand controlled means requiring use of
said disinfecting means for releasing said mem
2. A lavatory of the class described comprising
a plurality of toilet facilities, a single exit from
said facilities, a turnstile controlling said exit and
normally preventing a person from leaving by
such exit, hand disinfecting means, and means
including hand controlled means controlling said
turnstile and requiring use of said disinfecting
means for releasing said turnstile.
3. A lavatory of the class described having a
plurality of toilet ‘facilities, means providing an
entrance to said facilities and an exit from said
facilities, a ?rst turnstile controlling said en
trance and preventing exit therethrough, a sec
ond turnstile normally closing said exit, a latch
for releasing said second turnstile to permit a
person to pass outwardly through said exit, hand
disinfecting apparatus adjacent said last named
turnstile, and means requiring use of said disin
fecting apparatus and including hand controlled
means for releasing said latch.
4. A lavatory of the class described comprising
a single room containing wash basins and toilet
facilities, a railing dividing said room into a toilet
compartment and a Wash basin compartment,
said railing providing a single exit from said toilet
compartment, a movable member normally clos
ing said exit, hand disinfecting mechanism adja
cent said exit, and vmeans requiring use of said
disinfecting mechanism and including hand con
trolled means controlling said movable member
for releasing said movable member.
5. A lavatory of the class described comprising
a ?rst room containing wash basins and a second
room containing toilet facilities, outside entrance
and exit means for said ?rst room, entrance and
and equivalents coming within the following 40 exit means connecting said rooms, a ?rst turn
I claim:
stile controlling passage from said ?rst room into
said second room,,a second turnstile controlling
1. A- lavatory comprising toilet facilities and
passage from said second room into said ?rst
wash basins, means'separating that‘portion of the
lavatory containing the toilet facilities from that
portion of the lavatory containing the wash ba
room, hand disinfecting apparatus adjacent said
second turnstile, latch means for said second
turnstile, and means including hand controlled
means controlling said latch means and requir
ing use of said disinfecting apparatus to effect
release of said second turnstile.
sins, said means requiring a person leaving the
toilet compartment to pass a disinfecting station
located at the exit from this‘ compartment, hand
disinfecting means located at this station; a mov
able member normally preventing a person from
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