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l5, 1946.
2,409,573 "
Filed Febplo, 1945
Patented Oct. 15, 1,946
Albert F. Levaggi, Brockton, Mass., assignor to
Robert Channing Company, East Bridgewater,
Mass., a corporation of Massachusetts
Application February 10, 1945, Serial No. 577,179
3 Claims. (Cl. 12-128.6)
My present invention relates to adjustable shoe
trees and particularly to adjustable connections
between the fore and rear parts of shoe trees or
the like.
The general objectives of"Í my invention are to
provide a shoe tree, the adjustable connection be
tween the fore and rear parts of which is simple
in construction, attractive in appearance, and has
pivotally mounted in the chamber l2 by the pivot
pin I3.
` The chamber
I2 is formed to establish a
shoulder i4 disposed to bear against the rear end
oi the member 1 when the shoe tree is in its oper
ative position shown in Fig. 1. The rear end
ci the rear part 6 is curved as at l5 for proper
contact with the back part of the shoe and the
heel part tapers upwardly and forwardly to pro
a wide range of adjustments that may be readily
vide a manually engageable portion I6 by which
established Whether or not the shoe tree is opera 10 the rear part 6 may be pivoted so that it and the
tively posítioned in a shoe.
connecting means, the element 5 and the member
_ Shoe trees in accordance with my invention
consist of fore and rear parts interconnected by
means comprising a threaded element connected
to the rear part, a member connected to the fore
i, act as a toggle to extend the shoe tree into its
operative position or to shorten the shoe tree so
that it may be readily inserted into or Withdravm
part slidably receiving the end of the element
from a shoe.
In the accompanying drawing, I have shown
In its preferred form, the member 'l is in the
form of a metal tube of generally rectangular
The slotting of the shoe tree parts t and 8 has
and supporting a nut in a position to be threaded
the additional function of providing maximum
on the element. When the nut is threaded on the
ventilation of the shoe when the shoe tree is oper
element, the interconnecting means are assembled
atively positioned therein and also of permitting
and by its rotation in one direction or the other
the fore part to be pivoted relative to the con
the shoe tree may be readily extended or short
necting means to make the shoe tree compact.
an illustrative embodiment of my invention from
section. It is wide enough to receive the threaded
which its novel features and advantages will be 25 element 5 which is preferably ilattened on at
readily apparent.
least one side as at Il to be held by the member 'i
In the drawing:
against rotation relative thereto.
It is deep
Fig. 1 is a partly sectioned side View of a shoe
enough to permit it to be slotted as at i8 to permit
tree in accordance with my invention with the 30 the support of a nut 9 of a suiñciently large size
device connecting the fore and rear parts being
to facilitate its manual rotation. The member l
partly broken away, and
Fig. 2 is an enlarged section of my connecting
device along the lines 2_2 of Fig. 1.
is preferably crimped at I9 to confine the threaded
element 5.
The member l is of sufficient length to extend
into the chamber l2 to be engaged by the shoulder
threaded element 5 adapted to be connected to
M throughout the Wide range of adjustments that
In accordance with my invention, I utilize a
the rear part 6 and a member l adapted to be
connected to the fore part il. ‘
my invention provides and, throughout such ad
justments, the nut 9 is located forwardly of the
The member 'i slidably receives the threaded
portion IB of the rear part 6. This makes it pos
element 5 and supports a manually engageable
40 sible to adjust Shoe trees in accordance with my
nut 9 in a position to be threaded on the element
invention when operatively positioned in a shoe.
5 to interconnect the element 5 and the member 'i
The member l serves as a housing and is of the
to assemble the shoe tree and to provide means
width of the slots in the fore and rear parts and
whereby it may be readily extended or shortened
its ends are substantially concealed when the shoe
as desired.
45 trees are in their operative position.
In the preferred embodiment of my invention
Shoe trees in accordance with my invention are,
shown in the drawing, I have shown the fore part ì
accordingly, sturdy in construction, attractive in
appearance, easily adjusted, and well adapted to
8 sloted as at i0 through its rear and bottom
permit of a Wide range of modifications in struc
faces. The front end of the member 1 extends
into the slot iii with its iront edge substantially in 50 ture and design both in the shoe trees and in
the adjustable connecting means.
vertical alinement with the upper edge of the slot
What I therefore claim and desire to secure by
l0 and is pivotally mounted therein by the pivot
Letters Patent is:
pin Il.` The rear part 6 is slotted to establish a
1. A shoe tree comprising a iore part having a
chamber l2 open along the botom and iront faces
of the rear part and the threaded element 5 is 55 slot through its rear face, a rear part having a Y
slot establishing a chamber opening through its
front and bottom faces and establishing a
shoulder and connecting means for said fore and
rear parts, said connecting means comprising a
threaded element pivotally connected at one end
to said rear part within said chamber, a member
pivotally connected at one end to said forepart
. Within said slot, said member slidably supporting
the other end of said element and having a slot
intersecting the path of said element, and a nut
in said slot threaded on said element to permit
said device to be extended or shortened to eiîect
the desired adjustment of the shoe tree, said rear
part and said connecting means constituting a
toggle for extending or shortening said shoe tree
into operative and inoperative positions, and said
shoulder and said member being in engagement
when said shoe tree is in an operative position.
2.- The shoe tree of claim 1 in which the member`
constitutes a housing, the front end of which is
substantially concealed by the fore part.
3. The shoe tree of claim 1 in which the nut
is exposed forwardly of the rear part When the
shoe tree is in an operative position.
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