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Oct. 22, 1946.
. Filed Aug. 9, 1944
Patented Oct. 22, 1946
Edward Carl Christensen, Denmark, Wis.
Application August 9,1944, Serial No. 548,739
1 Claim. (Cl. 280-3314)
ranged to engage over the lug 24, said latching
The invention relates to improvements in tow
plate being yieldingly held in latching position
ing poles and has for its primary object the pro
by means of a compression spring 21 on the bolt
vision of an extensible towing pole which is of
2|] and whereby the tubes It, H and I2 will be
simple construction and highly efficient in oper
Cl automatically locked in retracted positions, as
will be readily understood. The supporting plate
Another object of the invention is the provision
of an extensible towing pole provided with im
or bar 28 is secured, as shown, to the bolts 20, 2|
and 22. A ?exible releasing element 30 in the
proved means for latching the same in retracted.
form of a strong cord or steel cable is attached, as
condition and releasing the parts for extension.
Other objects will appear hereinafter.
10 indicated, to the plate 25 and whereby said plate
may be withdrawn from engagement with the lug
The invention consists of the combinations and
24 from a distance, as and when desired.
arrangements of parts hereinafter described and
By this arrangement an extensible towing plate
is provided which is of simple construction and
The invention will be best understood‘ by refer
ence to the accompanying drawing forming a 15 highly efficient in use. As will be readily under
stood, when it is desired to release the sections
part of the speci?cation and in which
Fig. 1 is a partial longitudinal section'of an
of the pole for extension, this may be done from
extensible towing pole embodying the invention;
a distance, as from the seat of the towing ve
hicle, by drawing upon the cord 30, and the sec- .
Fig. 2 a top plan view taken substantially on
line 2—2 of Fig.‘ 1; and
20 tions may be forced into their retracted condition
by backing the towing vehicle. The speci?c form
Fig. 3 a section taken substantially on line 3--3
and arrangement of parts disclosed is a simple
of Fig. 1.
and effective one for the purpose.
The embodiment of the invention illustrated in
While I have illustrated and described the pre
the drawing comprises three telescoping tubes
H], H and [2. The inner tubes [0 and II are pro 25 ferred form of construction for carrying my in
vention into effect, this is capable of variation and
vided respectively with external stop shoulders
modi?cation without departing from the spirit
l3 and M at their inner or rearward ends, and
of the invention. I therefore do not wish to be
the two outer tubes II and I2 are provided re
limited to the precise details disclosed, but de
spectively with internal stop shoulders 15 and It
sire to avail myself of such variations and modi
at their outer or forward ends and whereby the
?cations as fall within the scope of the appended
outward sliding of the inner tubes will be stopped
or limited before said tubes become completely
A towing pole comprising three telescoping
disengaged, as will be readily understood.
tubes, the inner tubes having external stop shoul
The outer tube I2 is provided at its rear end
ders at their inner ends and the outer tubes hav
with a bolt I‘! by means of which it may be con
ing internal stop shoulders at their outer ends;
nected, as indicated, with a member I8 on the ve
extension plates secured to the outer end of the
hicle to be towed. At its outer or forward end,
the inner tube It is provided with extension
inner tube; a traction bolt secured to said ex
plates l9 secured thereto by means of bolts 20 and
tension plates; a latching lug at the outer end of
2| and carrying a draft bolt 22 by means of which
said outer tube; a spring actuated latching plate
the same may be secured to the member 23 on the
carried by the outer end of the inner tube and.
rear end of the towing vehicle, as will be readily
having an opening arranged to engage said lug
understood. A latch lug 24 is secured, as in
automatically upon retraction of said tubes; and.
dicated, to the forward end of the outer tubel2‘
a ?exible releasing element secured to said latch
and cooperates with a spring actuated latching 45 ing plate.
plate 25 having an opening 26 adapted and ar
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