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Oct. 22, 1946.
Filed 'July 31," 1944
_ #Seyer/)721' Czar/7er;
Patented Oct. 22, 1946
2,409,739 Y
Severin F; Czerner, Kings Mill, Tex.
1 Application July 31, 1944, Serial No. 547,354`
1 Claim.
(Cl. 261-34)
inner end rotates and slides in the bore of the
neck 25, with an adjusting wedge 32 slotted on
combustion engine carburetor in which the usual
the rod between a sleeve 33 and the neck termi
float chamber and its float, the usual choke valve,
nal 34. `An enlarged bore 35 in the neck slidably
and the usual separate fuel pump are eliminated,
the primary object of the invention being to pro 5 accommodates the internally threaded stud 36 of
vide the advantages of a carburetor which sim
the pump guide ring 3l, with the rod 3i? threaded
therein and an expanding spring 38 circumposed
plilîes and reduces the cost, bulk, and service ex
on the rod between the stud 36 and the end of
penseyof internal combustion engine fuel sys
the enlarged neck bore 35.
tems while improving the performance thereof.
The guide ring 3l is circular so as to be spaced
Other advantages as features of the invention 10
will appear in the following description and the
at diametrically opposite sides of the somewhat
elliptical rotor chamber 39 in the casing 31 in
appended drawing, wherein for illustration, a pre
line with the stud 36. Within the guide ring is
ferred embodiment is shown.
In the drawing
spaced the annular rotor 40 which is slotted to
Figure 1 is a transverse section through the 15 hold the slidable vanes 4| having their outer ends
My invention relates to an improved internal `
working against the'inner periphery of the guide
ring and their inner ends working against a float
Figure 3 is an enlarged fragmentary horizontal
ing centerpiece 42. The top wall 43 of the casing
section taken through the fuel pump;
2l has an eccentric arcuate discharge port 44
Figure 4 is an enlarged fragmentary section '20 (see Figure 4) and its bottom wall 45 has a like
intake'vport 43'at the opposite side of the casing.
taken through Figure 1 on the line 4---4.`
Referring in detail to the drawing, the carbu
The fan 49 located below the nozzle 54 tends to
retor 5 comprises a single vertical tube 6 ñanged
better the fuel and air mixture.
at 1 for bolting to the flange 8 of the engine
The lower side of the annular rotor 40 includes
intake manifold 9. The tube is belled at l0 and
a web 41 from which the rotor shaft 48 depends
through the lower duct structure and mounts the
returned to normal diameter at Il, from which
point it is upwardly flared at I 2.
air fan 49 on its lower end in the belled portion
lll of the tube B, the fan being concentrically sur
A bracket I3 anchors one end of the throttle
return spring I4 which is secured to the throttle
rounded by a suitably supported oval cross section
operating rod l5 which has a pivoted link I6
ring 5D which is concentrically spaced from the
pivoted in turn to the middle of a yoke l1 which
wall of the belled portion l0.
has an off-center pivotal connection I8 with an
An upwardly flaring hollow element 5l reaches
arm i9 fastened to the shaft 20 which passes
from the fan to a point above the bottom of the
through the tube 5 below the belled portion l0,
casing 21 as indicated in Figure 4 and is there
and has mounted thereon the throttle valve 2l
internally threaded to receive the threaded flange
which shuts off the interior of the tube as shown
52 depending from the bullet-nose shaped hollow
in Figure 1 when the throttle rod is in initial or
main nozzle 53 on which the casing top 43 is
relaxed position. The yoke Il has end portions
formed, and which has at its apex the jet opening
pivoted to stub shafts mounted in lugs 22 and
54 located above the tube restriction Il.
23 at dilferent levels on opposite sides of the tube 40
The upper duct 28 leads from the main nozzle
6 and terminating in fingers arranged to opera
above the casing top 43 to a point outside the tube
tively engage hook portions 24 and 25 on ele
6 where it merges into the top of the accelerator
ments of the mixture control wedge structure and
pump housing 55 which is conveniently formed
the accelerator pump structure.
integral with the side of the belled portion of the
Referring to the fuel pump feature of the
tube. The accelerator pump piston 56 is worked
carburetor, this comprises a ñat horizontal sub
in the housing 55 against the resistance of a
stantially keyhole shaped casing including the
spring El' by a rod 5B which passes through the
tubular neck 26 secured to the tube 6 at the level
bottom of the housing where it has the hook 25
of the restriction Il and leading into the rotor
casing 2l, which gains its support from the neck 50 to be operatively engaged by the corresponding
finger on the throttle valve yoke mechanism.
and from the upper and lower horizontal ducts '
A starting tube 59 is formed on the housing 55
28 and 29 which extend through the opposite side
and leads downwardly from a point just above
of the tube 6.
the low position of the piston 56, through the
A rotor eccentricity adjusting rod 30 having a
knurled knob 3l on its outer end and a threaded 55 side of the tube 6 where‘it is provided with a
Figure 2 is a top plan View;
starting nozzle 60 located beneath the throttle
to the main nozzle jet 54 in proportion to the
valve 2 I.
The lower duct 29 leads from the fuel supply
line 6 I, crosses the tube 6 under the pump casing
where it communicates with the intake port 46,
and thence passes across the tube 6 to the out
side thereof where the duct has an upturned por
amount of air drawn downwardly through car
buretor tube 6. The wedge 32 increases the
tion 62 terminating in an opening communicat
eccentricity of the fuel pump rotor so as to en
rich the fuel and air mixture, as the throttle is
operated toward wide open position.
What is claimed is:
An accelerator pump for carburetors of a type
ing with the accelerator pump housing at its
including a tubular body having a throttle valve
upper end and provided with a ball check 63 10 therein and also having a fuel pump provided
which closes the duct 29 when the piston 56 rises
with a discharge nozzle and a fuel supply line for
as the accelerator pump is put into action from
the fuel pump, a pump cylinder carried exteriorly
the initial position shown in Figure 1. The outer
of said body, a vertically movable piston within
end of the duct 28 also communicates with the
said cylinder, said fuel supply line opening into
top of the accelerator pump housing by means 15 said cylinder above said piston, a fuel supply
of a contracted oriñce containing a ball check B4
connection extending laterally from said nozzle to
which normally closes the orifice, which opens
the outer side of said body and opening into said
only under accelerator pump pressure and is kept
cylinder above said piston, a normally open
closed by fuel pump pressure.
check valve in the cylinder connected end of said
The rotor eccentricity adjusting wedge operat 20 fuel supply line and adapted to close during up
ing rod 65 is arranged to be drawn downwardly
ward movement of said piston, a normally closed
by engagement of the corresponding yoke finger
check valve in the cylinder connected end of said
with its hook 24 as the throttle valve 2| is opened
fuel supply connection and adapted to open dur
by operating the throttle rod I5 toward the right,
whereby the rotor guide ring 31 and hence fuel 25 ing the upward movement of said piston, a pri
ming fuel supply connection extending from
pump, the rotor assembly are shifted toward the
said cylinder above said piston and opening into
right within the pump casing from an initial low
said body at a point between said throttle valve
output position to one of several higher output
and the manifold connected end of said body,
When cold, the engine is started with the 30 said priming fuel supply connection being in
open communication with said cylinder when said
throttle valve 2| in the closed position. The
piston is normally disposed,v said throttle valve
manifold suction at the starting nozzle 6l] draws
being adapted to have a limited opening move
liquid fuel into the lower duct 29 direct from the
ment when subjected to the initial suction from
fuel tank so as to prime both the fuel pump and
the accelerator pump and provides a rich start 35 within the manifold, and connecting means be
tween said throttle valve and said piston for
ing fluid mixture for the engines.
actuating the latter to close the priming fuel
When the engine starts the resultant increased
supply connection when the'limit of the initial
suction partly opens the unbalanced throttle
valve 2l, and accompanying rise of the acceler
opening movement of the throttle valve is
ator pump piston 56 shuts off the fuel supply to 40 reached.
the starting nozzle 60 by closing the upper end of
the passage 59. The fuel pump then forces fuel
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