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01. 22, w46.
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AFiled Gat. ‘2, 1944
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Patented Oct. 22, 1946
>_uNrrI-:o y,STAT-r. s2,409,748Ariuniti* v'orrlciz~
Louis C. Folst, Los Angeles; Calif., assignor to
.j Edgewick Investment Co., Los Angeles, Calif., a
corporation of California
vlamination october 2, 1944, serial No. 556,689
1 Claim.
(c1. 22o-97)
‘ 1
My invention relates -to cases, and in particular
cases which are designedfor carrying goods such
asv liquids which may be bottled in containers
other than glass, as well as being suitable for glass
Fig. 2 is a plan View of the case.
Fig. 3 is an end view showing a portion of a sec
i ond case placed on top.
Fig. a is an elevational View, partly in section
of a modified form of mydevice.
bottles and' jars,
Due to the shortage of certain critical materials
Among the objects of `my invention'is to provide
in` recent years there has been a marked demand
.a new and improved unitary `plastic casein which
for the substitution of plastics and this in `turn
side walls-and bottom are formed integral one
Ah'asgiven rise to some changes in design of the
with the other in order to provide a compact and
‘object in which the plastic is sought to be substi
inexpensive case, the walls and bottom of which` 10 tuted so that designershave been able to take
may be retained at substantially a minimum
advantage of considerable economy of material
and at the same time incorporate additional fea
Another‘iobject Aof my invention is to provide
tures into the article itself. Although some Yof
a new and improved plastic case in which all of
these features may `not appear at first glance to
the junctions between side walls and bottom are
be of a profound character, they are for the most
completely filled so that no crevices nor cracks
part the results of careful research and design in
`are left in which dirt may accumulate or in which
order to make a practical, simple construction.
insects may seek refuge or incubate.
In order to economías on material it has been
Still another object of my invention is to pro
found expedient to make certain improvements
vide a new and improved plastic case wherein the
serve a double function and considerable advan
bottom and side walls are so joined that there is
tage has been taken of this in the present inven
no separating line between them and which is
tion. Eiîort has been directed toward minimiz
further provided with` a set of projections on one
ing the quantity ofvmaterial in the case not only
side complementary with the recesses on the other
side so that a number of cases can be stacked
conveniently one upon the other to a considerable
A further object of my invention is to provide
~ a unitary case made of material such as plastic
' for the purpose of using the `least amountcom
mensurate with the' construction of a strong and
durable device but also for the purpose of keep
ing the device to minimum -outside dimensions
so that the maximum number possible may be
’stacked in agiven space. The device, by reason
so that the entire device can be cast as one piece 30 of being made of plastic, is particularly advan
and which is further provided with recesses and
projections to facilitate the stacking of one case
upon another with the recesses so constructed
that they provide an auxiliary handhold for lift
ing the case.
A further object still is to provide plastic cases
and containers which have a uniform outside di
mension but which are provided with projections
extending inwardly from the outside wall for the
purpose of varying the inside dimensions of the
lower portion of the case to accommodate con
tainers of different sizes and further having the
inwardly extending projections so devised that
they perform the double function of providing an
auxiliary handhold outside the case to facilitate
tageous for carrying bottles made of waxed or
parchmentized- and waterproof paper which have
lbeen designed for carrying milk and similar liq
uids, these waxed bottles having been trans
ported only with great diiiiculty and inconven
ience in cases already on the market. Rough
edges, corners and projections as well as inap
propriate sizes of the cases have caused contain
ers such as wax bottles to become chafed, and in
many cases punctured, and therefore unmarket
In‘ a preferred embodiment of my invention 1
have shown a case generally indicated by the
‘character l!) designed to hold waxed cardboard
bottles l2 indicated by the dotted lines in Fig. 1.
customarily the case is made to a dimension such
With these and other objects in view, my in_
that l2 or 24 of the bottles will ñt into it snugly
vention consists in the construction, arrangement
to minimize the chafing or rubbing.
and combination of the various parts of my de
The case consists of end walls I4 and l5 and
vice whereby the objects contemplated are at 50
Walls I6 and l1. These walls have fiat smooth
tained, as hereinafter more fully set forth, pointed
outer faces and are joined by means of i'llleted
out in my claim and illustrated in the accom
panying drawings, in which:
Fig. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of the
corners I8 on the outside and I9 on the inside.
The end walls are provided with holes 2l and 23
55 to provide convenient hand holds for lifting the
case. A bottom 20 is provided which joins the
side walls as shown in Fig. 1. It should be noted
that the lower surface 24 of the bottom is ele
vated above the bottom face 26 of the side wall
junction with the space beneath the lower face
of the bottom, permits a certain amount of air
circulation around the contents of the case. Like
wise, by reason of having the bottom spaced a
by a slight amount, this distance being, however, Ul short
distance above the lower edges of the side
less than the thickness of the side walls so that
the bottom of the case will thus be lifted
there will be an extra strengthening effect where
above any surfaces on which the case may be set
the bottom joins the side walls. The bottom is
which, if wet, would permit the inside of the
provided with a series of holes 21 so that the en
tire bottom appears perforated in order to facili 10 case to become wet and perhaps damage the
contents of the case should they be waxed paper
tate washing and permits water to drain out of «
the casing.
Plastic material has been found most advan
~ bottles or objects of similar character.
Waxed paper bottles and similar bottles and
containers are better handled when the case
tageous and this may include one of the various
plastics as for example, any condensation prod ,15 which contains them ñts them rather snugly in
order to prevent them rattling about during ship
uct, resin or polymer, thermosetting or thermo
ment. On the other hand, however, in warehouses
and storage houses Where these cases may be kept
it is highly desirable to have the outside dimen
maintained uniform. Therefore in the mod
is provided in the embodiment shown a pair of 20
ified form as shown inFigs. 4 and 5 the outside
projections 28, 30. Similar projections 32, 34 are
dimensions are maintained the same by having
provided on the end walls. The projections have
side walls extend inwardly near the bottom
the outer face in each instance smooth and flush
part of the case so that paper containers of dif
with the side or end walls immediately below it.
The other or inside face of each projection is 25 ferent dimensions may be held snugly within the
walls of the case. The inwardly projecting part
tapered inwardly toward the top as are also the
of the side wall has been designated by the ref
end edges. The tops of the projections however
erence character 48. To economize on material
remain fiat but are smaller in area than the
the inwardly projecting portion has substan
area of the bottom in each case. It is notable
the same thickness as the original side wall
also that the projections are all spaced inwardly 30
plastic composition, phenol-formaldehyde resin
being an example.
On the top edges of each of the side walls there
from the corners and are spaced one from the
other, all of the projections being the same height
above a plane coincident with the top of the
and provides a recess 50 and the curved top por
tion 52 of the recess provides an auxiliary hand
hold. The recess also has a bottom 54 extending
outwardly to add to the reinforcement of the
bottom corners. In other respects the modified
At the bottom edges of the side walls there are 35
form resembles the form illustrated in Figs. l, 2
provided a pair of recesses 36 and 38 and on the
and 3.
end walls a pair of corresponding recesses 4D and
There has been provided therefor an especially
42. The recesses in the bottom edges are posi
compact and durable plastic case for wax con
tioned so that they correspond in position and
location with the projections opposite them on 40 tainers and the like which is of unitary construc
tion and possesses among other advantages those
the top of the walls. The recesses in each case
of ease in cleaning, strength and simplicity.
have the end edges tapered to a degree corre
I claim:
sponding to the taper on the end edges of the
smooth, unitary, splinterless case for waxed
projections as best seen in Figs. 1 and 3. The
paper, milk cartons and the like comprising:
inner face 44 of the recess in each case may be
made vertical rather than tapered.
unitary side walls, end walls and bottom, the bot
tom being reticulated and raised above the level
It should be noted that the recesses in each
of the bottom edges of the side and end walls;
case are open at the side so that whenever the
the upper edge of each of said walls being pro
case rests upon a smooth surface they provide a
handheld by means of which the case can be 50 vided with a pair of spaced, upwardly extending
projections integral with the walls, each of said
projections having an outer face flush with the
Because of the fact that the projections on
outer surface of the wall, with two end faces
the top are tapered on three sides, making the
sloping inwardly toward the top, and an inclined
sloping outwardly and upwardly from the
comes easy to place one case upon another since 55
inner surface of the Wall; the bottom edge of
the case placed on top need be shifted about
each of said Walls being provided with a pair of
only a small amount until the tops of the pro
upwardly extending recesses spaced t0 receive
jections ñnd their way into the bottoms of the
top considerably smaller than the bottom, it be
recesses.' In this latter position they act as a
projections of a case upon which the instant case
centering means for positioning one case precisely 60 is stacked, the recesses being open to the outside
faces of the Walls and adapted thereby to furnish
on top of another.
auxiliary hand holds, the end Walls of each recess
In addition to having the bottom 20 elevated a
being inclined to guidingly receive and center the
short distance above the lower faces of the side
projections of a case upon which the case is
walls the bottoms are further perforated with a
number of holes. The presence of holes facili 65
tates cleaning, lessens the weight and, in con
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