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@nt. 22, 1946.
Filed March 11, 1944
In vené‘or
Heréerfjléi?ee was
Patented Oct. 22, 1946
Herbert M. Reeves, Kankakce, Ill., assignor‘ to
Florence Stove Company, Gardner, Mass., a cor
poration of Massachusetts
Application March 11, 1944, Serial No. 526,071
1 Claim.
(Cl. ‘116—125)
The invention relates to valves of the type com- ‘' 1' the pipe 6. Flow of liquid fuel through the inlet '
port 8 is controlled by valve member =9 formed
inonly used in liquid fuel or kerosene stoves and
on the end of an elongated stem H) which ex
more particularly to improved indicating means
tends axially through the casing and is screw
for such valves.
V threaded therein as indicated at ll. Rotation of
Valves of the above general character are ordi
narily provided with a valve member which is ‘ the stem i0 is effective to shift the valve member
9 axially into or out of seating engagement with
rotatably adjusted or set by means of a manually
the casing walls de?ning the inlet port 8. A
operable handle. Even though constructed of
suitable handle, herein shown as a general cir
accurately made partathe precise angular posi
tion of the valve member for a given valve set L10 cular knob I2, is non-rotatably ?xed on the pro
ting will vary considerably for different valves. ' jecting end of the valve stem ill for manual ad
justment of the valve.
Moreover, the angular position of the member is
In carrying out the invention, I provide indi
subject to progressive variation as the parts be
cating means rotatable with the valve handle 12
come worn in use. These considerations have
made it impractical heretofore to provide accu 15 but adjustable relative thereto, and adapted to
be frictionally held in a ?xed position of adjust
rate and reliable indicating means for liquid fuel
ment for visually. indicating the adjusted posi
stove valves. With the above in view, one object
tion of the valve‘. The indicating means in its
of the invention is to provide novel valve position
preferred form comprises an indicator dial ‘[5
indicating means which is readily adjustable to
take care of any initial irregularities in the valve 20 having a marker I6, such as a pointer or arrow,
stamped or otherwise impressed thereon.‘ The
parts and to compensate for wear of the parts
marker, in cooperation with stationary indicia
in use whereby to provide an accurate visual in
shows the angular position of the valve stem [0
dication of the adjusted or set position of the
with respect to the casing ID and thus indicates
valve at all times.
Another object is to provide adjustable valve 25 the adjusted position of the valve. The indicia
shown by way of example is printed on a panel
position indicating means of a simple inexpensive
ll constituting a part of the stove and consists
character which is adapted to be incorporated in
of designations representing the .“O?'” position
the handle of the valve.
and the “Low,” “Medium” and. “High Fire” set
Other objects and advantages of the invention
tings of the valve. It will be appreciated that
will become apparent from the following detailed
the indicia may be placed on the dial for cooper
description of the preferred embodiment illus
ation with a stationary pointer if preferred.
trated in the accompanying drawing in which:
For adjustably supporting the indicator dial
Fig. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a typi
[5 on the valve handle I2, I provide a retainer
cal valve to which the improved indicating means
to, herein shown as an annular member of sheet
may be applied.
metal or the like, having an inturned flange 2|
Fig. 2 is a plan view of the valve handle with
around its outer peripheral edge adapted to be
the indicating means incorporated therein.
anchored in any suitable manner in the face of
Fig. 3 is a sectional view of the valve handle
the handle [2. The central portion of the mem
taken in a plane substantially on line 3-—3 of
Fig. 2.
While I have shown and will herein describe a
40 ber is preferably inclined outwardly with respect
to the axis of the member and is provided on its
preferred form of the invention, it is to be un
inner peripheral edge with a ?ange 22 adapted
derstood that I do not thereby intend to limit the
to de?ne an annular shoulder facing the handle
invention to the speci?c form disclosed, but in
12 but spaced outwardly therefrom.
tend to cover all modi?cations and alternative 45
The indicator dial 15, as herein shown, is in the
constructions falling within the spirit and scope
form of a generally circular disc having its cen
of the invention as expressed in the appended
tral portion pressed outwardly into a convex con
For purposes of illustration, the invention has
tour and merging into an upright shoulder 23
conventional kerosene stove for controlling the
flow of liquid fuel, such as kerosene, from a sup
ply pipe 5 to a burner bowl 6. The valve, as
shown, comprises a tubular casing ‘i having an
inlet port 8 at one end in communication with
24 of the plate. The shoulder 23 is preferably
dimensioned to ?t slidably within the member 20
and thus locate the dial with the marginal edge
portion 24 in registration with the shoulder pro
vided by the ?ange 22. The dial is thus ef
been shown as applied to a valve installed in a 50 spaced inwardly from the marginal edge portion
fectually held in assembled relation with the
Means is provided for yieldably holding the
marginal edge portion 24 of the dial in frictional
stoves. The indicating means is adapted to be
mounted directly on the valve handle and is ad
justable relative thereto to take care of any initial
irregularities in the valve parts and to compen
engagement with the ?ange 22 of the retainer so
as to maintain the dial securely in ?xed relation
sate for the wear of such parts in use. The indi
to the handle I2, yet permit convenient adjust
pensive to manufacture, yet e?icient and reliable
in operation.
ment to the same relative to the handle when
required. This means, as herein shown, com
prises a coiled compression spring 25 interposed 10
cating means is simple in construction, inex
I claim as my invention:
The combination with a rotatable valve mem
between the dial and the outer face of the han
ber, a handle fast on said member for man
dle [2. The spring is maintained and centered
ually rotating the same, adjustable means for
with respect to the dial l5 and handle I2 by the
indicating the angular position of said handle
convex contour of the dial.
with ‘respect to a stationary panel located adja
When equipped with indicating means of the 15 cent said handle, said indicating means compris
type herein shown, liquid fuel stove valves may
ing a generally circular sheet metal dial having
be assembled without regard to the precise ?tting
its central portion pressed outwardly to de?ne an
of the parts. After the valve is assembled, the
upright shoulder extending around and. spaced
indicator dial may be set quickly and easily to
inwardly from the peripheral edge portion of the
accurately indicate the adjusted positions of the 20 dial, an annular sheet metal member secured to
valve. To effect such adjustment, the valve han
said handle at its outer peripheral edge, a ?ange
dle is turned until the valve is completely closed.
formed around the inner peripheral edge of said
Thereafter, the dial is pushed in against the force
member and turned inwardly toward and spaced
of the spring 25 and rotated relative to the handle
from the adjacent face of said handle, said ?ange
until the marker [6 ‘is in registration with the 25 being dimensioned to slidably receive the shoul~
“off” position shown by the indicia on the sta
dered portion of said dial and to form an abut
tionary stove part. Upon release of the dial, the
ment for the peripheral edge portion of the dial,
spring 25 acts to force it into frictional engage
a marker on said dial, and a spring interposed
ment with the retainer 2|] and thus hold it in set
between the central portion of said dial and the
30 adjacent face of said handle, said spring normally
As the valve parts become worn in use, resetting
acting to hold the peripheral edge portion of said
of the indicator dial may be effected in the man
dial in frictional engagement with the flange of
ner above described. The valve handle i2 is
said annular member and thereby maintain the
turned to close the valve and thereafter the dial
dial in a ?xed position relative to the handle
I5 is rotated relative to the handle until the 35 while yie'lding under pressure to permit rotation
marker l6 registers with the "off” position indicia
of the dial relative to the handle for adjusting
on the stationary stove part [1.
the position of said marker with respect to the
It will be apparent from the foregoing that the
stationary panel.
invention provides novel indicating means for
valves of the type commonly used in kerosene 40
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