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‘ Oct. 22, 1946.
mains BOOTH
Filed June 26, 1945
Patented Oct. 22, 1946
John C. Shikles, St. Louis, Mo.
Application June 26, 1945, Serial No. 601,687
6 Claims.
(Cl. 155-423)
more particularly to a dining booth of the port
colors and patterns. Table 1 may be suitably
decorated and may be provided with various ?x
able type.
tures such as electric outlets, telephone plug con
A main object of the invention is to provide a
novel and improved dining booth structure char
nections, and the like.
acterized by simplicity and compactness of
A further object of the invention is to provide
an improved dining booth structure which is
adapted to be readily moved from one location to 10
may have any desired contour such as square,
rectangular, curved, and the like. In each case
however, the benches are constructed to follow
the adjacent contour of the table.
While a speci?c embodiment of a dining booth
structure has been disclosed in the foregoing de
scription, it will be understood that various modi
?cations within the spirit of the invention may
This invention relates to dining booths, and
another and to be quickly and easily ?xed in a
desired location.
Instead of being round, the table and benches
Further objects and advantages of the inven
occur to those skilled in the art. Therefore it is
tion will appear from the following description
and claims, and from the accompanying draw 15 intended that no limitations be placed on the
ing, wherein:
Figure 1 is a top view of a dining booth in ac
invention other than as de?ned by the scope of
the appended claims.
What is claimed is:
l. A dining booth comprising a platform, a
tion, of the dining booth of Figure 1.
20 table mounted centrally of said platform, said
table being smaller in size but generally similar
Figure 3 is a detail view showing the structure
in shape to said platform, and a pair of benches
of a brake element employed in the dining booth
mounted oppositely on said platform, said
of this invention.
Referring to the drawing, I desigates a cir
benches following the peripheral contour of said
cular platform forming the floor of the dining 25 platform at their outer sides and following the
booth. Platform I is built up of a center strip 2
contour of said table at their inner sides, each
and a pair of segmental side sections 3, 3 secured
bench comprising a seat portion and ‘a back rest
cordance with this invention.
Figure 2 is an elevational view, partly in sec
to center strip 2 by strap members 4. Platform
portion, said benches being spaced at their ends
I is supported on a plurality of casters 5, said
to form entrance passageways into the booth.
casters being concealed from view by a depend 30
2. The structure of claim 1, and wherein said
ing skirt member 6 provided at the peripheral
table is circular.
edge of platform I.
3. The structure of claim 1, and wherein said
Mounted in the center of platform I is a cir
platform is mounted on casters and wherein brake
cular table 1 and under said table a circular foot
means are provided to fix the platform in a de
rest bar 8 is provided, said foot rest being sup 35 sired location.
ported by appropriate brackets in spaced relation
4. A dining booth comprising a circular plat
to platform I.
form, a circular table mounted centrally of said
Mounted on each of segmental side sections
platform, said table being of smaller size than
3, 3 in concentric relation to platform I is an
said platform, and a pair of arcuately shaped
arcuate upholstered bench 9, said bench compris 40 benches mounted oppositely on said platform,
ing a seat portion I0, which follows the contour
said benches following the peripheral contour of
of table ‘I, and a back rest portion ll concen
said platform at their outer sides and following
trically related to seat portion I0. The benches
the contour of said table at their inner sides, each
9 terminate adjacent center strip‘ 2 to provide
bench comprising an arcuate seat portion and an
entrance passageways for the booth at each end 45 arcuate back rest portion, said benches being
of said center strip. The lower portions of each
spaced at their ends to form two entrance pas
bench carry bracket members [2, each of said
sageways into the booth.
bracket members having pivotally mounted
5. The structure of claim 4, and wherein a cir
thereon a brake member I3 comprising an ec
cular foot rest bar is provided under said table,
centric cam member I4 provided with a rubber 50 said foot rest bar being supported in spaced rela
foot portion l5, an arm l6 being provided on said
tion to said platform and being concentrically ar
cam member for rotating it from a free position,
ranged with respect to the table.
such as shown in dotted view in Figure 3, to a
6. The structure of claim 4, and wherein said
braking position, shown in full view in Figure 3.
platform is supported on casters, and wherein a
When the brake members I3 are in the free posi 55 plurality of brake members are provided at the
tion the booth may be moved on casters 5 to a de
side portions of the booth, said brake members
sired location and may be. ?xed in said location
comprising eccentric cams adapted at times to be
by rotating arms [6 outwardly to frictionally en
rotated into frictional engagement with the sup
gage the rubber foot portions IS with the ?oor.
porting surface of the booth.
The benches 9 may be constructed of any suit 60
able material and may be decorated in various
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