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Oct; 22’, 1946.
' Filed Dec. 51, 1941
‘ 5 Sheets-Sheet l
W~HdM_IL.J8l!\/~, MrV'_’
. ,
F/G, 1
.05 TW?7
., Q
0d; 22, 1946.
Filed Dec. 31, 1941
3 Sheets-Sheet 2
/ .Y K /
,luHUn /.
F/a. 2A
ADAM/0N0 ammo/am
BY 00mm 5.1900650? ,
W W pf3%
Oct. 22, 1946.
' Filed Dec. 51,‘ 1941
3 Sheets-Sheet 3
mwon/p a 54mm, we
BY 00/141110 5. H 0::
Patented Oct. 22, 1946
Raymond G. Taylor, J1'., and Donald B. Hooser,
Dallas, Tex., assignors to The Guiberson Cor
poration, Dallas, Tex., a corporation of Dela
Application December 31, 1941, Serial No. 425,080
4 Claims. (01. 166-12)
This invention relates to control head packers
liganger, Patent No. 2,227,912, issued January '7,
an improved control head packer which is simple
in construction and extremely ef?cient in opera.
Other objects and advantages of the invention
will appear in the detailed speci?cation and
claims which follow.
Referring to the drawings, in which the per
fected embodiment of the invention is shown by
improved packing means corresponding to the
sleeve packing element 23 of the said Pranger
Patent 2,227,912 and providing'that packing ele
! above the shoulder 29, and interposed between
the lower portion of the coupling l6, and the up
per surface of the ring .5 is an elastic sleeve pack
ing element 4 provided with spaced apart. circum
and constitutes an improvement over the type of
control head packer shown in the patent to Albert
So far as we know, all control head packers
heretofore invented have a mandrel which is
provided with a shoulder or collar or the equiv
alent, and which acts as a part of the recovery
way of illustration.
Figure 1 is a vertical elevational view of our im
means to lift the slip head when it is desired to 10
proved packer, certain of ‘the parts being shown
remove the packer from the well. Obviously, such
in cross section and showing the relative position
mandrels were expensive to manufacture, and
of the parts when the packer is being run into. the
if it were necessary to replace the mandrel, such
as to provide a shorter or a longer mandrel to
Figure 1A is a similar view and constitutes a
vary the amount of opening or the distance be 15
continuation of Figure 1, being the parts below
tween the valve'and the valve seat of the control
what is shown in Figure 1.
head. packer, such an exchange would be an ex
Figure 2 is a view similar to Figure l, but show
pensive one, probably involving not only a new
ing the relative position of the parts when the
mandrel but many other parts. In fact, the con
struction of control head packers heretofore made 20 packer is set in the well.
Figure 2A is a view similar to Figure 1A and
has practically prohibited an exchange of parts to
showing the relative position of the parts, shown
vary the extent of the opening of the control head
in Figure 1A, when the packer is set in the well.
valve. In our improved construction, our mandrel
consists of a simple pipe having no recovery
Figure 3 is a cross-sectional view on the line
3—3 of Figure 1.
shoulder or the equivalent thereon. Instead, our
recovery means does not form a part of the man
Figure 4 is a cross-sectional view on the line
ll--4 of Figure 1A.
drel, but forms a part of the gudgeon coupling
Figure 5 is a cross-sectional view on the line
which is screwed to the mandrel. In order, there
5-5 of “Figure 2.
fore, to vary the amount of opening of the control
head valve, it is only necessary to insert a new 30 Figure 6 is a cross-sectional view on the line
6—6 of Figure 1, and
pipe of a different length from the one whicnis
Figure 7. is a side-elevational view of the man
being replaced, and by selecting the proper length
drel and the parts screwed on the upper and
pipe, the extent of opening of the control head
lower endsvof said mandrel. ‘
valve can be adjusted quickly and at minimum
The invention ‘may be better understood by re
ferring to the drawings in detail, in which a
Another object of the invention is the provision
packer mandrel I is provided at its, upper end
of a mandrel having an unobstructed exterior,
with screw threads, to which is secured a coupling
except for a retaining shoulder to limit the
I6 which couples the mandrel to the flow line or
amount of expansion of the packing element for
40 tubing ll extending to the top of the well. The
the valve itself.
coupling 16 is provided with the valve 3 adapted
Another object of the invention is to connect
to engage a valve seat It on the upper end of a
the recovery sleeve directly to the slip head so
sleeve I9.
that said parts move as a unit, the recovery sleeve
A shoulder 20 is provided on the mandrel l and
being directly connected and engaged when the
mandrel is raised by a shoulder on the gudgeon 45 serves as a limit to the downward movement of
the ring 5, which is slidable through a bore 2|
of the sleeve 19 and which is adapted’ to seat on
Still another object of the invention is to pro
a shoulder 22 at the lower portion of the bore 2|,
vide the gudgeon pin on the coupling detachably
which shoulder 22 constitutes a valve seat. The
secured to the mandrel and to the well tubing.
Another object of the invention is to provide an 50 ring 5 is slidable on the portion of the mandrel
ment with reinforcements.
Another object of the invention is to provide .55 ferentially extending steel rings [4, having in
are in their running-in position, as shown in
Figures 1 and 1A, and the mandrel is lowered,
the cage ll, springs 26, sleeve l0, slips 1 and slip
wardly extending feet I5 adapted to contact the
outer surface of the mandrel. A packing corre
sponding to our elastic sleeve packing element 4
was shown in the said Pranger Patent 2,227,912,
but without the reinforcing rings above men
head 6 move downwardly as a unit, so that the
slips cannot engage the casing, as heretofore de
scribed. As the ,slip head 6 moves downwardly, it
carries. the sleeve 36, and its shoulder ‘35 engages
the shoulder 34 of the‘ sleeve 33, which is di
When‘ the, packer is being set; as. will herein
after be described, the ring 5 would ?rst contact
the shoulder 22 and further downward movement
of the mandrel would compress the elastic sleeve
packing element 4 so as to e?ectively seal the bore
2|, and thereafter the valve 3 would contact the
valve seat I8 sorthat we have a double valve and
with a sleeve packing element between the'two
- rectly connected to the upper sleeve l9, so that
all of said parts move downwardly as a unit.
‘The valve 3 is prevented from moving towards
the valve seat I 8, and the valve ring 5 is pre
, vented from" moving towards its seat 22, so that
the said valves are positively maintained open and
lo well ?uid can by-pass between the outer periph
a plain piece of pipe which isscrew threaded at
ery of the packer ‘39 and the well casing as well
‘as upwardly through the by-pass 43, so that
its lower end and receives a con?ned gudgeon
ample passageways are provided so that the well
The mandrel l below the shoulder 20 is simply
?uid can by-pass the casing packing element
coupling and recovery» ring 2 provided with'a
,gudgeon pin [2 and with centering vanes 23. 20 when the parts are being lowered into the well.
- When it is desired to set the packer, the man
This gudgeon coupling 2 is screw threaded at its
lower end and is adapted to be connected with a
drel is raised slightly so as to lift the pin I2 from
downwardly extending ?ow line.
' A sleeve I3 is slidably mounted on the mandrel
the Valley 30, and it' is then rotated to the right,
and is directly secured to the slip head 6‘ by
portion of the slot l3. The mandrel is then
lowered into the position shown in Figure 2A.
The cage ll, being no longer pulled downwardly
‘by the pin I2, is held stationary by thesprin'gs
means of bolts 24. This sleeve [0 is the recovery
"sleeve and is provided at its lower end with a
surface or shoulder 9, which is adapted to be con
tacted by the upper shoulder 8 of the gudgeon
as viewed in Figure 1A, so as to clear the lower
26 engaging the Well casing.
As the mandrel‘is
coupling, when the packer is being pulled out of 30 moved downwardly, after the pin I2 is released
from the slot l3, the valve ring 5 would engage its
the well, therebyelevating the slip head 6, so that
the slips 1 are retracted in the well-known man
ner. The shoulder 8 is sometimes referred to in
the claims as a recovery shoulder. The slips 1
are connected by reins 25 to the anchor cage II, 35
seat 22 and further downward movement of the
packer would compress the elastic sleeve packing
element 4, sealing the bore 2| , and the valve 3
would engage its valve seat IS. The cage ll
would riseupwardly relative to the sleeve Ill,
to which is secured the upper ends of springs 23,
adapted to contact the inner surface of the eas
because of the downward movement of the sleeve
Iii, and the slips would be expanded into engage
ing 21. The lower ends of the springs 26 extend
ment with the casing,‘ and the casing packing
into slots 28 in bosses 29 on the lower portion ‘of
the anchor cage l l. Below the bosses '29 is the slot 40 element 39 would be expanded into‘sealing en
gagement with the casing, so that all by-passes
l3 having a valley 30 in' which the gudgeon pin
between the casing packing element and the
12 rests when the packer is being run into the
mandrel, andbetween the casing packing ele
ment and the casing, would be sealed. The parts
The recovery sleeve ii) is provided with a
would now be in the position shown in Figures
shoulder 3i underlying a shoulder 32 of the
- 2 and 2A.
~anchor cage l l . When the packer is being run
When it is desired to remove the control head
inthe well and as the mandrel moves down
wardly carrying the coupling 2 and gudgeon pin
packer from the well, the mandrel is lifted so
that the recovery shoulder 8 engages the shoulder
[2, the said pin engages the valley 30 of the’ cage
H, pulling the said sleeve and springs 26 down 50 9 of the sleeve l3, thereby-positively elevating‘
wardly, and the shoulder 32 engaging the shoul
the slip head 3 and retracting the slips 1 from
der 3| moves the sleeve I0 andv slip head 6
engagement with the well casing. The shoulder
‘ downwardly, all of the said parts moving as a
3| of the sleeve 10 now engages the shoulder- 32
unit. Since the slips 1 are connected to the
of the cage H, to which is attached the springs
cage II, it is impossible for the slips to engage 55 23, so that the springs and cage ll thereafter
the casing.
move upwardly with the mandrel. The valve 3
The sleeve 19 is threaded to a downwardly ex
moves away from its valve seat {'3 and the valve
tending sleeve 33 provided with a shoulder 34
ring 3 moves away from its seat 22 thereby open
underlying a shoulder 35 of a sleeve 36 secured
ing the by-pass extending from the bore 2i
to the slip head 6 by means of bolts 31. A lower 60 through the passageways 43 and 4|v and through
retaining ring 38 rests on the upper end ‘of the
the passageways 40 and 42, so that ?uid above
sleeve 36 and is slidable on the sleeve 33. A cas
ing packing element 39 is interposed between the
the packer need not be lifted. As the slip head
6 moves upwardly, it, of course, moves the sleeve
lower portion of the sleeve [9 and the upper por
tion of the ring 38. The sleeve 36 is provided 65 33 and lower ring 38 upwardly so that the en
tire assembly can be moved to the surface of
with openings or holes 40 extending from the
the well, while the ?uid above the packer can
interlorof the well casing below the casing pack
by-pass downwardly around the sleeve. Atten
ing element 39, into a passageway 4!. The slip
tion, in particular, is called to the fact that the
head 6 is provided with a passageway 420cm
municating with the interior of the well casing
mandrel I is simply a, plain piece of pipe, except
for the small shoulder 23 thereon, and is pro
below the casing packing element and with the
said passageway 4l._ A passageway 43 extends
vided with screw threads at each end. If the
operator desires to shorten the distance between
between the sleeve 33 and the mandrel and con
nects thepassageway 4| to the’ bore 2|.
the valve 3 and the valve seat l8, all that it is
The operation is very simple. When'the parts ‘ 75 necessary for him to do is to unscrew the man
drel I and insert a shorter one. These mandrels
can be very inexpensively manufactured and
nothing would have to be changed except the
mandrel. Of course, if he desired for it to be a
longer distance between the valve 3 and its valve
seat l8, he would insert a longer mandrel. There
fore, the operator, by providing himself with
various lengths of inexpensive mandrels, can
quickly change the extent of opening of the
valve. In all other forms of mandrels known to
us, there is a recovery shoulder on the mandrel,
but our mandrel has no recovery shoulder there
on. The recovery shoulder, instead, is the shoul
der 8 of the gudgeon coupling and recovery
ring 2.
on the sleeve, casing engaging springs carried by
said cage, said cage being provided with a
bayonette slot, a recovery ring secured to the
lower portion of said mandrel and provided with
a recovery shoulder and a gudgeon pin, said
gudgeon pin serving as a means to move the
cage and springs downwardly with the tubing as
it is lowered when the said gudgeon pin is in the
valley of the bayonette slot, said shoulder being
adapted to engage the lower end of the sleeve
and raise the same when the tubing is raised.
4. In combination with a tubing string adapt
ed to be lowered and set in a well casing, a man
drel in said tubing string, a casing packing ele
15 ment on said mandrel, a valve on said mandrel
to open or close a by-pass between said mandrel
and easing packing element, a recovery sleeve
slidable on said mandrel, a slip head connected
connected in the tubing, a casing packing ele
to the recovery sleeve, slips slidable on the slip
ment, a sleeve slidable on the mandrel and form
ing a part of a setting means for the casing pack 20 head to engage or disengage the casing, whereby
the sleeve is held stationary relative to the well
ing element, and a recovery ring detachably se
casing so that the casing packing element is set
cured to the mandrel and adapted to engage a
the slips engage the casing and the tubing
shoulder on the sleeve when the mandrel is raised
is lowered, a cage slidable on the sleeve: and pro
while the packing element is in set position.
2. In combination with a tubing, a mandrel 25 vided with casing engaging springs, reins con
Having now described our invention, we claim:
1. In combination with a tubing, a mandrel
connected in the tubing, a casing packing ele
ment, there being a by-pass between the man
necting said slips to said cage, a coupling at
tached to the lower end of the mandrel, a
gudgeon pin and a recovery shoulder forming a
drel and packer, a, valve to open or close said
part of said coupling, said cage being provided
by-pass, a sleeve slidable on the mandrel and
forming a part of a setting means for the casing 30 with a bayonette slot to receive the gudgeon pin
packing element, and a recovery ring detachably
secured to the mandrel and adapted to engage
a shoulder on the sleeve when the mandrel is
and serve as a means to force the cage down
wardly when the mandrel is lowered, contacting
shoulders on the sleeve and cage to pull the sleeve
downwardly when the mandrel and cage are low
raised after the packing element has been set.
3. In combination with a well tubing adapted 35 ered, the recovery shoulder on the coupling en
gaging the lower end of the sleeve and raising
to be lowered into a well casing, a packer com
said sleeve when the mandrel is raised after the
prising a mandrel connected in the tubing, a cas
casing packing element is set.
ing packing element, a sleeve slidable on the
mandrel and forming a part of a setting means
for the casing packing ‘element, a cage slidable 40
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