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1. 22, 1%.‘
‘2,499,825 '
Filed Dec. 8, 1942
Bmmwea BARmaoL-r;
Patented Oct. 22, 1946
Bernardo Baringoltz, Pedermar, Argentina
Application December 8, 1942, Serial No. 468,243
1 Claim. ( Cl. 23—2)
The invention relates to a device which serves
Division II may be fixed to cylindrical wall I2
or" principal chamber I, for example, by means
as a silencer and disintoxicator of the escape
gases of internal combustion engines, which may
be added advantageously at the escape tube of the
engine, as it will not only enable to silence the
noise produced by the combustion, but also to dis
intoxicate completely the escape gases, causing
thus the disappearance of a highly felt, present
of a ring I3 combined with a groove Ill, wherein
equally will be retained a bell 55, in communica
tion with principal chamber I by means of an
opening I6 arranged at the upper part of di
vision I I and protected by a metal web IT, prefer
ably somewhat bulging towards principal cham
ber i. From said opening I6 there parts, de
At continuation one constructive way of said 10 scending obliquely, a tube I8 which ends at the
device will be speci?ed by means of a preferred
center of bell 15 which is left open at its narrow
example of execution of the invention, wherein
hind-end I9, so that bell I5 forms a chamber 20‘
Figure 1 is a vertical, longitudinal cut through
wherein a ?rst retention of solid organic particles
or corpuscles is produced.
the device,
Figure 2 a vertical view of the device seen from
The general body of the device formed in its
the left end of Figure 1, and
?rst part by principal chamber I continues to ex
Figure 3 a similar vertical view of the device
tend to the other side, containing within its cy
seen from the right end of Figure 1.
lindrical walls I2 behind the ?rst bell I5 a second
hell 2! wherein ?rst bell I5 encases, occupying the
The novel device to which the invention relates,
is preferably cylindrical in shape, although this 20 central part thereof with its open end I9. This
is not indispensable, and it is composed of a prin
second bell 2|, contrary to ?rst bell I5, is closed
cipal chamber 5, wherein is inserted a box 2 of
in the shape of a truncated cone by wall 22. This
second bell 2! is seated upon a horizontal division
much smaller dimensions, provided with a per
forated bottom 3' and reposing within principal
22 which extends to the second body 24, and said
chamber I upon frame or pedestal 4. Said cham
second bell 2! furthermore is retained by clamps
ber 2 will contain a ?lling 5 which consists of a
25 ?xed at 26 to the vertical Wall of said second
granulated chemical compound which trans
body 2d.
forms the carbon oxide of the escape gases into
The second body 24, which just has been men
carbon dioxide by catalytic oxidation; for ex
tioned, is fixed hermetically to the general body
ample, it can be made up by a mixture which 30 of the device, for example, by means of a ring
21 which within a groove 21’ embraces the
doubled ends of both walls of the two bodies, viz.
Per cent
of the general body and of second body 24. Said
Potassium chlorate ______________________ __ 20
connecting ring 21 will be divided into halves, be
Manganese oxide ________________________ __ 20
ing thus unmountable, and it can be adjusted
Iron oxide ______________________________ __ 201
Copper oxide ____________________________ __ 20
Calcium carbide _________________________ __ 201
In the middle of its top, box 2 is provided with
a tube 8 which is doubled so as to ?t hermetically
hermetically by means of screwpins so as to form
an absolutely hermetic union between both
This second body 24 contains a retention box
for solid particles 29, and so as to retain said box
29 within the interior of body 24, said body, for
with another tube of horizontal position l which
example, may be provided with soldered legs 28.
passes through the lateral wall 8 of principal
Said box 29 will have as a wall metal webs 30, and
chamber I, so as to extend to the escape tube 9
to said walls 3!} preferably an oblique inclina
of the motor (not shown), wherewith it forms, for
example by means of ?anges Ill, an hermetic 45 tion will be given, such as shown in Figure 1.
Finally, second body 24 terminates in the outlet
tube 3| Wherethrough issue to the atmosphere
Principal chamber I, at the side opposed to lat
only completely disintoxicated gases, the run of
eral wall 8, is closed by a division II. Also said
which through the device from escape tube 9 to
principal chamber I contains more or less up to
two thirds of its height and surrounding box 2 50 said outlet tube 3| it is worth While to describe
and tubes 6 and ‘i, a granulated ?lling of another
Said gases pass from escape tube 9 of the en
chemical compound 32, the purpose of which is to
gine through tube ‘I continued by tube 6 to box 2
absorb the carbon dioxide which is formed in box
2, as well as the other combustion gases. Said
compound may consist for example of a mixture
Per cent
Calcium oxide ___________________________ __ 50
Iron sulphate ___________________________ __ 20‘
Caustic soda ____________________________ __ 30
wherein they cross the layer of the granulated
chemical compound 5, so as to pass through the
perforated bottom 3 of said box 2 and get scat
tered, raising from pedestal 4 through the second
layer of the other granulated chemical compound
32, so as to pass through opening I6 of division I I
to tube I8, wherefrom, issuing at I9, they will
A process for purifying the exhaust gases from
hit against back wall 22 of second bell 2|. These
runs and hits will provoke the precipitation of the
internal combustion engines, which comprises
- solid particles which accumulate at bottom 20 of
?rst treating said gases with an agent consisting
of the following components in approximately the
whereas the light parts, viz., the gases, will raise 5 stated proportions: 20% potassium chlorate, 20%
along the upper wall of second hell 2! so as to pass
managanese oxide, 20% iron oxide, 20% copper
?rst bell l5, as well' as beneath second bell 2|,
to second body 24, wherein again they will meet
with metal web walls 30 which serve for retaining
oxide, and 20% calcium carbide, so as to trans
form the carbon monoxide present in the exhaust
the last solid particles which may have reached
gases into carbon dioxide, and immediately
until there. To said. walls 30 the oblicuous in 10 thereafter treating said gases with an absorbing
clination shown in Figure 1 has been given so as
to lessen the hit of the gases against said walls
30, and, ?nally, after having passed also through
agent consisting of the following components in
approximately the stated proportions: 50% cal
cium oxide, 20% iron sulphate, and 30% caustic
said two walls 30, the puri?ed gases, made in
nocuous, will escape through outlet tube 31.
I claim:
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