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011- 22, 1946'-
. Filed June20, 1944
2 ‘Sheets-Sheet l
l/zven furs
Conrad Dav/0’ Schermu/ly
Alfred James Schermuy'
Char/es SchermuW
By their‘ attorneys
Patented Oct. 22, 1946
Conrad David Schermuly, Alfred James Scher
muly, and Charles Schermuly, Parkgate, Newdi
gate, England, assignors to The Schermuly
Pistol Rocket Apparatus Limited, Parkgate,
Newdigate, England
Application June 20, 1944, Serial No. 541,174
In Great Britain November 27, 1942
3 Claims.
(Cl. 102—35)
comes airborne by the parachute a “snatch”
occurs between the parachute and the candle.
This “snatch” is utilised to open the screen.
When the device is packed in the case the ribs
are folded down alongside the ?are candle in the
direction of the arrows, the said plate 5 thus
being drawn down on the case extension until
it rests on the top of the said candle case. As
soon as the aforesaid “snatch” occurs the plate
thereof a number of ribs each of which has
hinged thereto a rib which extends beyond the 10 will be caused to slide upwardly on the extension
and draw the ribs hinged thereto to a position
top of the candle and is secured to a plate
inclined to the axis of the candle, and these
adapted to be lifted by a parachute and slidable
ribs in turn will move the main ribs which are
on an extension secured to the candle case, the
hinged to the top of the case also to a position
two sets of said ribs being covered with opaque
material, so that when the ?are is released the 15 inclined to the said case, so that the covering
thereon will form an eifective screen to prevent
“snatch” caused by the parachute opening moves
upward glare from the candle. It is preferred
the said ribs to a position inclined to the ?are
that the upper ribs should be hinged to the plate
case and the covering thereon provides an eifec
at points which are offset with respect to the
tive screen.
The invention will hereinafter be described, by 20 points on the candle case where the main ribs
are hinged so as to avoid having to pull the said'
way of example, with reference to the accom
ribs over a dead centre.
panying drawings in which Fig. 1 is a view in
If desired, a coil spring, rubber pad or the like
elevation of a device in accordance with this
can be arranged in the slot to prevent the pin
invention, the device being shown in its air
borne position and Fig. 2 is a diagrammatic illus 25 slidable therein from jarring too heavily against
the end of the slot when it is pulled into its up
tration of the device in its airborne 'position
permost position.
showing the relations of various parts more
We claim:
1. A parachute-supported ?are candle com
Referring to the drawings, the candle case I
has secured to the top thereof an extension 2 30 prising a casing having an extension thereon, a
plate movably mounted on said extension, means
having a slot 3 therein arranged axially thereof.
arranged to be operated by the opening of a para
A pin 4 is provided in the said slot on which is
supported a plate 5, preferably of greater diam
chute to raise said plate on said extension, a set
eter than that of the ?are case. The pin is so
of ribs hinged at one end to the upper end of said
arranged that it can slide up and down in the 35 casing, a second set of ribs having each rib
said slot and at the same time allow the said
hinged at one end to the edge of said plate and
plate to slide up and down therewith.
at the other end to a rib of said ?rst set inter
Hinged to the top of the ?are case are a number
mediate the ends thereof and opaque material on
of ribs 6 covered with opaque material ‘I to form
each set of ribs to provide a screen for said ?are
a screen and hinged intermediate the ends of
candle when said ribs are raised upon the raising
each of the said ribs is a rib 8, all the ribs 8 also
of said plate.
being covered with opaque material. The ribs
2. A parachute-supported ?are as claimed in
8 extend beyond the top of the ?are case and
claim 1 wherein the opaque material on said
are hinged to the periphery of the plate 5. The
?rst set of ribs does not extend to the pivot
covering on the ribs 6 does not extend completely 45 points of the ribs and the opaque material on
up to the top of the ribs. The material on the
the second set of ribs extends above the upper
ribs 8 overlaps‘ all the material on the ribs 6
edge of the material on said ?rst set of ribs and
above the line where the ribs 8 are hinged to
has a fullness of the material between the ribs
the ribs 6. A certain amount of fullness is allowed
of said second set whereby louvres are formed
in the material between the ribs 8 so that air 50 for the discharge of smoke from the candle when
will pass between the two covers and will lift the
the ribs are raised.
outer cover to form a louvre. These louvres are
3. A parachute-supported ?are as claimed in
provided for the purpose of allowing an outlet for
claim 1 having‘said extension slotted and a pin
engaging in said slot and extending beneath said
smoke from the candle.‘
The parachute cords 9 which lead to the para 55 plate, said pin being connected to the parachute
and raising said plate when said pin is raised in
chute supporting the ?are are secured in any
said slot upon the opening of the parachute.
convenient manner to the pin 4 which slides in
the slot 3.
This invention relates to illuminating ?ares,
more particularly of the kind dropped from air
craft and supported in the air by means of a
parachute, and has for its principal object to
provide improved means for screening the said
?are so as to prevent upward glare therefrom.
The present invention consists in a parachute
supported ?are candle having hinged to the top
In operation the ?are with its parachute is
ejected from a case. As soon as the device be
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