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0d‘. 22, 1946.
Filed Sept. 14, 1943
III/17111111111111!‘ 'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII/
Patented Oct. 222 1946
Charles W. Varcoe, Bethel, Conn.
Application September 14, 1943, Serial No. 502,270
1 Claim.
(Cl. 15——104.165)
This invention relates to a device for cleaning
?rearms and has for an object to provide a device
for centralizing and guiding the cleaning rod dur
ation so as to prevent any injury or wear on
the surface of the bore during this operation.
In the form shown in Figs. 1 and 2 it com
surface, wear on the surface or otherwise injur
ing the surface of the bore to thus impair the
prises a sleeve type or bushingr type member 9
preferably of soft metal or plastic material in
cluding a body portion I0 which may be formed
on its outer surface to provide an improved hand
grip, for which purpose it may be provided with
original accuracy of the gun.
one or more circular ?nger grooves II and the
ing the cleaning operation to prevent contact
and rubbing of the rod on the surface of the
,bore of the barrel to prevent marring of this
It is also an object to provide such a device 10 surfaces may be knurled or otherwise roughened
as indicated at 82. At one end the body portion
which is of simple construction and may be easily
is provided with means cooperating with one
and quickly applied and removed.
end of the gun barrel to centralize the device
With the foregoing and other objects in View
with respect to the bore of the barrel. In the
I have devised the construction illustrated in
the accompanying drawing forming a part of this 15 form of Figs. 1 and 2 this means comprises a
reduced tubular portion‘ I3 projecting from one
speci?cation. It is, however to be understood
end of the body and of a size to project into and
the invention is not limited to the speci?c details
?t the bore H! of the gun barrel l5, in the illus
of constructions and arrangements shown but
tration a rifle barrel. This provides a shoulder
may embody various changes and modi?cations
20 l6 between the body portion and the tubular
within the scope of the invention‘.
portion which is adapted to engage the end of
In the drawing:
the barrel to limit insertion of the tubular por
Fig. 1 is a longitudinal section of the muzzle
tion into the bore of the barrel. Extending
end of a ri?e barrel with my device applied
longitudinally through this member is a, guide
thereto, the cleaning rod being shown in eleva
25 passage I‘! for the cleaning rod l8, the passage
being preferably la, good sliding ?t for the rod.
Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the centralizer
and this rod may include a grip“ or handle 19
removed from the barrel}
at one end and the other end be provided with
Fig. 3 is a similar view showing a slight modi
any of the usual means for carrying and hold
30 ing the cleaning swab 20 of a suitable ?brous ma
Fig. 4 is a, partial side elevation and partial
terial. The handle or grip may be detachable
section showing a modi?ed form;
connected to the rod to permit threading of
Fig. 5 is a longitudinal section through the
the rod through the centralizer 9 or the rod may
breach end of a ri?e barrel showing how the
be inserted before the swab is applied. It'will
device may be employed therein; and
35 be seen that when the tubular portion I3 is
Fig. 6 is a side elevation of the centralizer of
inserted in the bore of the barrel the member 9
Fig. 5.
provides a guiding and centralizing means for
In cleaning the bores of the barrels of ?rearms
the rod l8, preventing the rod from engaging
a common means employed is a metal rod to
or rubbing on the surface of the bore Ill during
which is attached a swab at one end which is 40 the cleaning operation and thus effectively pre
run back and forth through the bore of the bar
venting any marring, wearing or other injury
rel to clean it. During this operation the rod
to the surface of the bore and effectively main
usually rubs against the surface of the bore, thus
taining its original accuracy. Also by maintain
either marring or causing wear thereon which
ing the cleaning rod properly centralized with
affects the original accuracy of the gun, par 45 respect to the bore it greatly facilitates the clean
ticularly with numerous and continuous cleaning.
ing operation and provides a more effective and
It is therefore the main object of this invention
uniform action.
to provide a simple and effective device which
In the form shown in Figs. 1 and 2, the body
will prevent such injury to the bore of the gun
portion I 0 and the tubular portion l3 of the
and which will also facilitate the cleaning oper 50 sleeve or bushing type member 9 are formed in
ation. It comprises primarily a simple and effec
tegrally in one piece, but this is not necessarily
tive device cooperating with an end portion of
the construction required. As shown in Fig. 3,
the barrel to centralize the cleaning rod and
the tubular portion 2| is a separate member per
maintain it and keep it in central alignment with
manently mounted in a gripping or body por
the bore of the barrel during the cleaning oper- 55 tion 22, preferably extending through the center
of this body portion and provided with the longitudinal guiding passage H for the cleaning rod
[8 the same as in Fig. 1, the body portion 22
providing a hand grip the same as the body por
tion ill and having circular grooves H, and the
surface of the grip may also be knurled as indi
cated at £2. This may be made of any suitable
36 to engage the shoulder 31 on the end of the
barrel to limit theinsertion of the centralizer
into the bore of the barrel. It is provided with
a longitudinal guide passage 38 forming a good
sliding lit for the cleaning rod [8 the same as in
the other forms, and it will be seen it effectively
centralizes and guides the cleaning rod in the
materials but preferably the tubular portions 2|
bore and prevents it from rubbing on or marring .
is of soft metal and the body portion of some
molded plastic material.
In Fig. 4 is shown another-modi?cation which
has somewhat different means for cooperating
with the barrel to centralize the device and its
the surface of the bore or the cartridge chamber
longitudinal guide passage with respect to the
bore of the gun.
during the cleaning operation, and also materially
facilitates this operation.
It will thus be seen that in all forms illustrated
the device comprises a sleeve type or a bushing
type device including a body portion provided at
This device comprises a body 15 one end with means cooperating with an end
portion 23 similar to the body portions ill and 22
portion of the gun barrel to centralize the guide
with a tapered or cone shaped recess 26 to receive
it or cause wear or otherwise damage it, which
of the bore to mar, wear or otherwise injure the
bore of the barrel so as to be spaced from it on all
35 sides when in the bore, a swab on said rod for
passage for the cleaning rod in alignment with
of the ?rst form forming a hand grip the surface
the bore of the barrel, and guides this rod and
of which may be grooved as indicated at 24 and
maintains it in this central position during the
knurled as indicated at 25 to improve the grip. At
one end, however, instead of the tubular extension 20 cleaning operation so as to prevent its contacting
the surface of the bore to thus rub on it and mar,
13 to ?t within the bore of the barrel it is provided
would be apt to affect the original accuracy of
the muzzle end 2‘! of the barrel to thus center the
the gun. Also by maintaining the rod always
device on the muzzle and maintain the longitudi
nal guide passage 28 for the cleaning rod l 8 in 25 centralized with respect to the bore it greatly
facilitates the cleaning operation. It is not con;
central longitudinal alignment with the bore 54
?ned to use with ri?es but may be as effectively
of the barrel. It will be evident that by holding
employed with other ?rearms, such for example
this device against the muzzle end of the barrel
as shotguns and revolvers.
with this end seated in the tapered recess 25, the
Having thus set forth the nature of my inven
centralizing device 29 is effectively held and main 30
tion, what I claim is:
tained in the central position to properly guide
A cleaning device for ?rearms including a clean
the cleaning rod [8 within the bore ill and pre
ing rod of suf?ciently smaller diameter than the
vent its contacting or rubbing on the surface
If desired, the end portion of the mem
ber 29 may be ?ared as indicated at 39 to con
cleaning the bore of the barrel, a hand grip on
the rod for moving the'swab through the bore,
a guiding and centralizing member for said rod
?ared sui?ciently to properly receive the end of
provided with a longitudinal straight passage cir
the gun barrel without unduly enlarging the
cular in cross section and substantially the dia
grip portion of the member.
tain recess 26 and permit its being extended and
Figs. 5 and 6 illustrate now the same principle
meter of the rod in which the rod has a sliding
and similar construction may be employed for
guiding ?t, and said member including a body por
tion providing a hand grip and provided with a
centralizing and guiding the cleaning rod at the
cone shaped recess in one end communicating
breach end of the barrel. The breach end is
with said passage and adapted to receive the end
indicated at 3| merely diagrammatically with the
of the barrel, and said recess being of larger dia
cartridge chamber 32 at the inner end of the bore
meter than the barrel at its larger end and smaller
14. In this case the centralizer 33 comprises
than the barrel at its smaller end so that the end
a tubular extension 34 similar to the extensions
of the barrel engages the inclined side walls of
l3 and 2! projecting at one end, shown at 34a,
into the inner end of the bore l4 and is of a size 50 the recess intermediate its ends to center the said
to ?t this bore so as to be located centrally there ' 1 passage and rod in alignment with the bore to
prevent rubbing of the rod on the surface of the
of. At one end'of the tubular extension is an
bore during the cleaning operation.
enlarged body portion 35 of a size to ?t the outer
end of the cartridge chamber 32 to centralize the
device therein, and it is provided with a shoulder 55
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