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st“ 22, 1946.
Filed Aug. 17, 1944'
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77 /d- / 7
' Flam/w fLBloo/w ,
Patented Oct. 22, 1946
Richard A. Bloom, Kenwood Station, N. Y., as
signor to Oneida Ltd., Oneida, N. Y., a corpora
tion of New York
Application August 17, 1944, Serial No. 549,919
2 Claims. (Cl. 206-75)
This invention relates to improvements in dis
ware articles when placed in the loops 9 and
play chests and more particularly in chests used
slots l3 substantially cover the inside of the lid
for containing and displaying silver and silver
and the panel Ill. The lid and panel H} are
plated ?atware articles.
joined by a fabric web M so that in effect the
The general object of the invention is to pro
fabric covering ll of the panel Hi and the liner
vide a silver storage chest having improved visi
8 of the lid are a continuous piece of material,
bility for displaying purposes.
and the lid 2 and panel In are joined together
With this general object and still other ob
by links 15 and pins [6 and H so that when the
jects which will appear in the following full de
lid is lifted, the rear edge of the panel It‘! is lifted
scription in mind, the invention consists in the 10 and pulled rearwardly into the position of Figure
combinations and arrangements of parts and
2 and may also serve as‘ a stop to prevent the
details of construction which will now ?rst be
lid being opened too far. In this way, the holder
fully described in connection with the accom
I2 is lifted up until it is substantially level with
panying drawing and then be more particularly
the upper edge of the body liner 1 and the articles
pointed out in the appended claims.
15 held in the slots I3 are fully visible through the
In the drawing:
front cutout 4. Upon closing the lid, the mov
Figure 1 is a perspective view of a chest em
'able panel In slides back into the position of
bodying the invention in a preferred form and
Figure 3. As will now be apparent, the chest of
showing the same with the cover raised,
the invention provides for attractive display of
Figures 2 and 3 are vertical cross sections of
the chest and contents, with full visibility of the
the chest of Figure l and showing the chest in
contents, and at the same time provides a con
open and closed position, respectively.
venient and compact home container for the con
Referring to the drawing, the chest comprises
tents of the chest when sold.
a body I, a lid 2 connected therewith by hinges
What is claimed is:
3, and is provided with suitable ?ttings for hold 25 1. A chest for flatware and the like comprising
ing silverware or other articles to be displayed,
in combination, a body, a lid hingedly secured
the articles themselves being omitted in the draw
thereto and having article holding means on its
ing for clarity of illustration. The middle portion
inner surface, an article holding panel in said
of the front wall of the body I is cut down, as at
body and forming a ?oor therefor, fabric cover~
4, to provide improved visibility when the chest 30 ing for said article holding means and for said
is used for display purposes and the lid 2 has a
panel and extending therebetween to connect the
correspondingly shaped projection 5 which ?ts
same, and means connecting said panel to said
in the cutout 1i and ?lls the same when the chest
lid for raising the panel edge adjacent the lid
is closed. The dowel or head it attached to the
hinge into position substantially level with said
projection 5 serves as a handle for opening the 35 hinge and moving said panel into tilted position
chest and also conceals the joint between the
when said lid is open.
cutout 4 and the projection 5, when the chest is
2. A chest for flatware and the like comprising
in closed position.
in combination, a body having a cutout in its
The bottom, sides and front of the body l are
front wall, a lid hingedly secured to said body
?tted with a liner 7 which extends slightly above 40 and having a projecting portion adapted to ?t
the edges of the walls so as to ?t within the
within said cutout when the chest is closed, an
. lid 2, when in closed position and thus close the
article holding panel resting in said body and
chest. The liner 1 will normally be covered with
forming a ?oor therefor, means connecting said
a suitable soft fabric both for appearance and to
panel to said lid for raising the panel edge ad
close the chest more effectively. The top or lid 45 jacent the lid hinge into position substantially
is provided with a ?xed inner fabric lining 8
level with said hinge and moving said panel into
carrying article holding means, such as the loops
tilted position when said lid is open, article hold
9 adapted to receive knives, and the body portion
ing means on the inner surface of said lid, and
contains a movable panel l0 covered with fabric
fabric covering for said article holding means
H and provided with a fabric covered holding 50 and said article holding panel and extending
member I2 in which are formed slots [3 for re
therebetween to connect the same‘.
ceiving stacks of forks, spoons and the like in
the usual way. As will be understood, the silver
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