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Oct» 22, 1945»
Filed May 23, 1945
. .
In mw
Patented Oct. 22, 1946
Spicer D. Shearman, Èryan, Ohio, assigner to The .
ArolEquipipept Corporation, Bryan, Ohio, a cor
poration vof Ohio
Application Mayes, 1945, serialfNo; 595,419
e clanes. (01.'1403-55
My present ‘invention `relates Vto a Apump Vfor
lubricant andthe like having ya novel primer pis
bolts 34 an'dhas a tubular'liousing 36 depending
ton and ¿pump plunger arrangement-,ï
tube 38 is also provide'dwhi‘ch serves as ‘a primer
therefrom into ‘the ’container In. Anjexte?sion
cylinder and it is `coupled to >the tube 36 by va
-' Óne *obiefct VVci" 'the inventionjis `to provide a
4‘simple structure having means to both >prime a
nipple 40.
tlie‘pressure >pump by means of a "Singh recipro
_jcatiñgmóticn öfja. pump'
> '
prììi’íër piston >is 'reciprocablè
a 'cyl
by the lower end of a high pressure ‘cylinder ‘44
which has ‘a head 48. The head ‘46 contains an
Another .object is to "provide an "arrangement
» I
Within the primer cylinder 38 awp'iston ’42 iof
cup leather type is reciprocable. Itis 'supported
pressure pump and 'at ‘the‘same time operate
10 outlet valve seat 48 against which ‘a check valve
inder ¿and `in* the cylinder `a pump plunger is 'ar
5l)v of ball -type is adapted‘tò normally seat.
The head 44 is connected at Eits upper end
cooperateA therewith to pump lubricant at high
pressure Vfrom the pump structure and to create 1.
with a tubular rod 52 which is threaded into 'the
`lower vend of a piston rod 54. The îpiston rod54
has ‘a bore 56> part way into `it `fr’or'n ‘the lower
a vacuum on the return stroke vwhich quickly
end, and this tbore communicates by meanïs‘öf a
ranged, the primer piston having ‘a cylinder to
sucks the lubricant brought to the `high pressure
:pump by the primer `piston `into the. cylinder of
the 4high pressure pump when it îleaves the
Another object is to provide an arrangementjof
this character in which the piston rod Ais hollow
so that the lubricant under high pressuremay
pass up through it to the discharge port of the
A further object is to' provide a simple arrange
ment which involves few Íparts and but little as
sembly labor rfor fabricating a pump structure
including a means to prime the pump.
' f
With these -and other objects Vin view, my in
vention consists in the construction, arrange
ment and `combination of the various ‘parts `of
my y'device whereby the objects'contemplated ’are
attained, .as hereinafter l"more fully set 4forth,
-side loutlet 58 with a cavity 68 in the vhead 32..
The cavity 68 communicates with an outlet port
462 which extendsto the point of use/'such a's‘the
fro usual grease hose ending in fa discharge. nozzle,
which may or may not be Vthe valved type, as
A packing ïgland 64 surrounds the piston Vrod
54 for retaining packing l66 in the lower end of
265 the head 32 to avoid leakage between the head
and the piston rod. The tube 36 has' breather
openings 68, the purpose of which will herein
after appear.
For` reciprocatmg‘the piston rod 54 I», provide
to a handlever‘ï'lß pivb’ted‘tothe ‘head`3'2 by means
of a link 12. The lever 'l0 'carries a pivot pin 'I4
with which the upper end of the rod 54 is con
nected after extending out of the head through
a packing nut 16.
The high :pressure cylinder 44 is adapted to
coact at times with a »high pressure plunger 'I8
accompanying drawing, wherein:
` ,
which has a shouldered down 1portion'8ll fsup
Fig.` l is Ya vertical, sectional View `through ya
vported in a hub-82. The hub 82 is‘connected by
pump for lubricant and the 'like'emb'cdying m'y
spokes 84 with `an annular member 86. The
invention, and-showing the `primer piston inlow
86 is connected with the lower end ofzthe
ered position;
~ .
>plunger cylinder 38 by means of a connector -ring
Fig. 2 is
enlarged sectional View of the
88 having its upper and lower ends flanged over
pump mechanism per se showing the primer pis
as shown in Fig. 2. The shouldered down por
ton in elevated position; and
tion 80 is retained in the vhub 82 by a nut 90.
Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view of Fig. 2.
Freely slidable on- the tubular housing 36 and
On the accompanying drawing I have used the 45
pointed out -in my claims and illustrated in -the
in the cylinder 38 is a hub 92 and a cone-shaped
reference numeral I0 to indicate a tubular con
follower plate 94. The plate 94 is adapted to
tainer having a bottom I2. A lid lli is provided
follow the lubricant 96 in the container II) and
for the container IU and it may be secured to
has a peripheral ilange 98 extending upwardly.
the container as by means of clamp screws I6 and
I8 coacting with b-rackets 20 and 22 on the tank 50 The flange 98 occupies a position close enough
to the wall of the container I0 toclean the lub-ri
and brackets 24 and 26 on the lid. The clamp
cant from the wall with the exception of a thin
screw I5 has a wing nut 28 and the clamp screw
I8 has a sleeve nut 38 threaded thereon, as illus
Practical operation.
A pump head 32 is mounted on the lid I4 as by 55
In the operation of my pump structure, the
cylinder 44 and the plunger 18 together constitute
nected therewith for operating said primer pis
a high pressure pump, whereas the piston 42 and
the cylinder 38 constitute a primer therefor. Be
ginning with the lower end of the stroke, as in
Fig. 1, it will be obvious that there is no pump
ing action within the cylinder 44 when the direc
tion of reciprocation is reversed and the cylinder
ton and pump cylinder and for receiving the lu
bricant from said check valve and discharging it
to a discharge port of the pump.
2. In a pump for lubricant and the like, a
primer cylinder, a primer piston movable there
in, a pump cylinder carried by said primer piston,
44 is moved"Qupwardly.v :The check' valve 50‘ will
a pumpiplunger carried.- by ‘ said primer cylinder,
close from the position of Fig. 1 to the position of
>said ipump cylinder being movable onto and olf
Fig. 2 as soon as such movement is started, and 10 of said pump plunger, said primer cylinder and
the plunger will accordingly produce a vacuum
pump cylinder communicating freely with each
within the cylinder 44. At the same time, the up
Y other when the pump cylinder is oir the pump
ward movement of the piston 42 draws lubricant '
plunger, and an'outlet check valve carried by said
in through the ring 86 betw'een'the'y spokes 84v -f pump cylinder.
thereof for charging the space within the cylinder 15
3. In> a pump of the character disclosed, a
38 surrounding the plunger '18 when the lower
end of the piston 42 leaves the upper end of the
plunger 18. The vacuum in the cylinder 44 will
at that time draw a charge of lubricant up into
the cylinder.
primer cylinder', a primer piston movable therein,
a stationary pump plunger, a pump cylinder si
multaneously movable with said primer piston
and being movable onto and off of said pump
20 plunger, said primer cylinder and pump cylinder
L» Upon the down stroke this charge of lubricant
willbe trapped in the cylinder 44 by the plunger
communicating freely with each other when the
pump cylinder-is offy the pump plunger, and a tu
18, .and will be displaced therefrom through the
bular piston rod connected with said pump-,cylin
check valve 50 andinto the tubular piston rod 52.
der for operating it and said primer piston and
The lubricant passing through the check valve 25 for receiving the lubricant therefrom and dis
5l) will displace any lubricant above it upwardly
charging it from the pump. . j Y. _ ,
through the. bore 56 of the piston rod- .54, then
4.,In a pump structure, a cylinder, a primer
outwardly through its port 58 into the cavity 60,
piston reciprocable therein,"a plunger'ca'rried by
and from there through the discharge opening
said cylinder, said piston havinga- k,cylinder co'
62 into the lubricant hose.
30 operable‘ with said plunger to pump liiuid,v a >pis
From the foregoing descriptionV it will be ob
ton rod 'for reciprocating said primer; piston and
vious-that I have‘provided an element 44-42
said' pump cylinder, to provide Vsuction and dis
which servesboth as a high pressure cylinder and
charge-strokes, said cylinders being in free coni
munication with each other at the end of a suc
a primer piston. When Athis element is recipro
-cated, it primes the high pressure pump and by
tion stroke, and an outlet check valve carried by
‘ cooperation of yits cylinder with the plunger '18,
the lubricant is dispensed at a pressure depend
said pump cylinder.
5. In'a vpump structure, a cylinder, a piston
ing upon _thearea of the plunger 18 in relation
reciprocable therein, a plunger carried by said
to the pressure on the handle’lû. The high pres
cylinder, said piston being hollow to receive said
sure pump is effectively and efficiently primed 40 plunger and cooperate therewith to pump iiuid,
each time the cylinder 44 leaves the upper endof
apiston rod for reciprocating said piston and said
the plunger 18, thus eliminating all voids inthe
pump'cylinder, to provide suction and discharge
stream of lubricant being dispensed.
strokes, said cylinder and the hollow portion of
Some changes may be made in the construc
said piston being in free communication with
tion'and arrangement of the parts of my device 45 each other at the end of a suction stroke, and
without departing from the real spirit and pur
an outlet check valve carried by said pump cylin
pose of my invention, and it is my intention to
der, said piston rodibeing hollow and the outlet
cover .by my claims any modified forms of struc
side of said check vvalve communicating there
ture or use of> mechanical equivalents which may
be reasonably included within their scope.
I claim as my invention:
6. In a’pump structure, a cylinder, a primer
piston reciprocable therein, a spider at the lower
end of said cylinder, a plunger carried by said
primer cylinder, a primer piston movable therein,
spider, said piston having a bore cooperable with
a pump cylinder carried by said primer piston,
said plunger to'pump iiuid, a piston rod for recip
a pump plunger carried by said primer cylinder, 55 rocating said primer piston, to provide Ysuction
said pump cylinder being movable onto and oiT
and discharge strokes, said cylinder and said bore
1. In a pump for lubricant and the like, a
of said pump plunger, said primercylinder'and
pump cylinder communicating freelyzwith each
other when 4the pump cylinder is 4off the pump
plunger, an outlet check valve carried by said 60
pump cylinder, and a tubular lpiston `rod con
beingV in free communication with each other at
the end of a suction stroke, andan outlet check
valve carried by said primer piston andV com
municating with said bore.
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