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Oct. 22, 1946.,‘ ’
, V
Filed Jan. 18, 1943
I 36 7/
HQ 3' ‘
Patented Oct. 22, 1946
srecc HEATER ‘
Allen B. Livar, Dayton, Ohio, assighor to Chrysler
d Park, Michua corpora
tionof Delaware
Corporation, Highlan
Application‘January’18, 1943, Serial No. 472,672
2 ‘Claims. (01. 126%94),
This invention relates to an improved space
opening therein. A relatively large opening [4
is formed in one side of the casing if! adjacent
the ‘lower end portion thereof for accommodating
installation and removal of a pot burner, generally
designated by the numeral l5, hereinafter more
More particularly ‘the invention pertains to im
provements in a. heater of ‘this kind which is
adapted to. burn liquid fuel;
One of the main objects of the invention is
speci?cally defined.
Provided in'the interior of the casing it im-.
the provision of a space heater of simple and
economical construction which has efficient heat
mediately above the upper extremity of the open-.
ing it is a mounting bracket, generally designated
Another object of the invention is to provide a 10 by the numeral it, having a peripheral ?ange I‘!
single unitary member of uniform cross-section
which is adapted to be welded, riveted, or‘other
in a heater‘ of this kind which extends substan
wise secured at I, 8 to the side wall structure of the
tially straight and vvertically the main‘ length of
casing. The bracket l6 has a horizontal flange
the unit and which serves to provide a‘ combus
E9 in which is provided a central circular opening
tion space, extended heat transfer surface,‘ and 15 20. A mounting ring 2i is detachably suspended
an outlet ?ue for products of combustion.
from the lower ‘side of the horizontal ?ange l9
‘Another object of the invention is to provide
by bolts 22. The mounting ring 2! has an upper
on the wall portions of the foregoing member
outwardly extendingghorizontal ?ange 23 pro
which‘surround the combustion space therein, a
vided with'apertures for receiving the bolts 22,
plurality of heat radiating ?ns that serve to in
and a lower inwardly extending v?ange 24 for
crease the heat transfer surface of the device
providing a seat on which the burner pot unit
and to prevent overheating of the sheet metal of
if: is mounted.
transfer characteristics.
which it is formed.
’ ‘The burner pot unit 15 comprises a cylindrical
A further object of. the invention is to provide
body portion 25 having a metal wall structure
in a space‘hejater halving a gravity air feed, liquid 25 provided with primary air inlet openings 25 and
fuel burning unit, a vertically extending combus
secondary air inlet openings 27, and a lower bot
tion space which is laterally con?ned substan
tom section 28 provided with a passage 29 to
tially to the lateral dimensions of the ?ame and
which a fuel supply 3i! is connected. .Thegmain
fuel mixture outlet of such unit in order to im
body portion 25 of the burner pot has an open
prove the draft and ‘heat transfer characteristics
upper extremity and is provided with an out-.
of the heater.
wardly’extending ?ange 3!. Extending across the
An additional object of‘the invention is the pro,
openfuppcr extremity of the main body portion
vision-in a device of this kind of an improved
‘25 of the pot is a ?ame plate 32 having portions
mounting for a liquid fuel burning 'pot and con
which lie ‘over and extend beyond the ?ange {ii
nection between the latter and the conduit which 35 of the pot. The flange .3! of the pot is detachab‘ly
serves to provide a combustion space, heat trans
connected by bolts 33 to the ?ame plate 32, a
fer element and ?ue passage.
suitable ‘gasket 3!! being ‘disposed between the
An illustrative embodiment is shown in the
?ange 3i and ?ame Plate 32 to produce a sealed ‘
acompanying drawing, in which:
connection .therebetween. Formed on the pe-.
Fig. 1 is a side elevational view of a space heater 40 riphery of the ?ame plate 32 is a downwardly
embodying the invention.
extending ?ange 35 which seats upon the flange
Fig. 2 is a horizontal sectional view taken on
line 2-4-2 of Fig. 3.
24 of the mounting ring 2i. The ?ame plate 32
is preferably piloted into a central position with
Fig. 3 is an enlarged, fragmentary, sectional
' respect to the opening 20 of the horizontal ?ange
' view taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1.
45 I9 by an upwardly extending cylindrical ?ange
_ In the form of the invention illustrated in the
36 formed integral with the ?ame plate 32. The
drawing the improved space heater comprises an
outer casing or shell ll) of cylindrical shape which
preferably has a continuous sheet metal wall
?ame plate 32 has a central circular opening 31
which is surrounded by a cylindrical ?ange or
tube section 38 that extends upwardly into the
The entire heater,‘ as well as the 50 opening 20 of the horizontal ?ange l9.
casing I0, is of substantially greater length than
cross-sectional dimensions. Formed in the upper
end portion of the sheel m are heated air outlet
openings I I. The upper end of the shell Ill
is provided with a top wall I2 having a central 55
A cylindrical conduit 39 is fitted in telescoping '
relationship on the cylindrical tubular section 38
of the ?ame plate 32 and extends upwardly from
the latter throughout the main length of the cas-’
ing I0 and through the opening in‘ the top wall
I claim:
1.‘ A space heater comprising an elongated cy
lindrical casing having a continuous sheet metal
wall provided at its upper end portion with a
I2 thereof, The external end portion of the
cylindrical tube 39 may be connected, in a con
ventional manner, with a pipe 40 leading to a
chimney ?ue, not shown.
The side wall of the casing In is provided with
heated air outlet and with an air inlet at a loca
a plurality of air inlet openings M at a location
tion spaced upwardly from its lower extremity, a
?ange extending inwardly from said sheet metal
bracket l6 throughwhich air is admitted to the
wall at a location between said air inlet and said
interior of the casing l0, heated therein and ul
lower extremity of said casing, a substantially
timately discharged through the heatedfair out 10 cylindrical ?uid fuel burning pot disposed cen
let openings II. When combustion takes place ~ - trally or said casing and suspended from said
in the pot burner unit I5, in accordance with con
" ?ange in the space between the latter and said
ventional pot burner operation,‘ a ?ame and fuel
lower extremity and including a ?ame plate at
immediately above the ?ange 19 of the mounting
mixture passes through the ‘opening
in the‘ _'
' 3 its upper end having a circular ?ame outlet open
?ame plate and combustion‘conti'nuesiin the space 15 ing anda surrounding tubular boss extending up- '
at the lower end portion of the tube 39. In order
wardly therefrom, said ?ame plate having a mar
to prevent overheating at this location the tube :
ginal portion extending laterally beyond the side
39 is provided with a pluraltiy of outwardly ex
wall of said pot and beneath the innermost por
tending radial vanes 42. These vanes also serve
to e?iciently transmit heat to the air being cir 20 tions of said ?ange and having an upstanding
ridge engageable with an edge portion‘ of'said
culated between the side wall of the casing and
?ange for piloting said ?ame plate into a prede-_
the'tube 39. The vanes 42 are extended along
termined position with respect tothe latter, 2; cy
theltube 39 only'thr'oughout that portion thereof
lindrical sheet metal tubular membertelescop
at which combustiontakes place. By con?ning
ing said tubular boss and extending upwardly
the vanes to the portion of the tube 39 in which
substantially centrally'of'said casing and through
combustion occurs, the temperature differential
the upper extremity of the latter, and a plurality
between the exterior and the interior of the tube
of heat transfer vanes secured to and extending
39 above the portion thereof in which combus
tion takes place is maintained at a suitable value
along the outer surface of said tubular member
for e?icient heat transfer purposes. The wall 30 at the lower end portion thereof.
structure of the tube 39 presents an extended
2. A space heater comprising an elongated cy-_
heat transfer surface and the tube also serves
lindrical casing having a continuous sheet metal
as a ?ue to conduct away froml'the pot burner unit
wall provided at its upper end portion with'a
products of combustion which'result from burning
heated air outlet and with an air inlet at a loca
of fuel therein.
35 tion spaced upwardly from its lower extremity, an
‘ The pot burner unit'may be conveniently re
annular ?ange extending inwardly and trans
moved from the heater through the opening l4 by
versely from said sheet metal casing having a cen
removing the bolts 22 which secure the mounting
tral circular opening therethrough, a ?uid fuel
ring 2! to the mounting bracket l9, and the flame
burning pot suspended from said ?ange including
plate 32 may be readily removed from the main 40 a cylindrical main body portion having an open
body portion 25 of the pot by removing the bolts
upper end and a ?ame plate extending across said
33, thus accommodating convenient disassembly
open end and beyond said main body portion and
of the unit for cleaning and repair purposes. The
beneath said annular ?ange, saidrv?ame plate
internal diameter of the tube 39 is but slightly
having a central ?ame outlet opening'and sur
larger than the opening 31 in the ?ame plate and
rounding tube section extending upwardly there
therefore the combustion space does not signi?
from, a ridge on said ?ame plate engageable with
cantly exceed, in transverse dimensions, the
said annular ?ange for positioning said tube sec
transverse dimensions of the ?ame and fuel mix
tion concentric with respect to thecentral open
ture outlet. The combustion space is accordingly
ing of the latter, means for detachably attaching
elongated and in direct vertical alignment with 50 they open end part of said body portion ‘to said
those portions of the tube 39 which serve as ?ue
?ame plate in sealed relation, means on said
and heat transfer surface. As a result of this
construction there is an unobstructed ?ow of fuel
mixture and products of combustion from the fuel
burning pot to the outlet end of the tube 39.
Although but one speci?c embodiment of the
invention has herein been shown and described,
?ange for clampingly engaging said extended
portion of said ?ame plate in sealed relation
with said ?ange in order to suspend said pot
from the latter,’ and a, cylindrical sheet metal
member telescoping said tube section and extend-_
it will be understood that various changes in the
size, ‘shape and arrangement of parts may be
made without departing from the spirit of the in-' 60
ing therefrom through the upper end of said
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