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ocr. z2, 1946.'
G. R. scHwEBs
Filed June 8, 1945
Patented Oct. 22, 1946
George R, Schwebs, Cleveland, Ohio
Application June 8, 1945, Serial No. _598,238 v
This invention relates to fishing rods, and more
particularly, to a fishing rod having an indicator
device for signalling »the presence of a iish on
the line.
lated from portion 4 by an insulating bushing I8.
Spring I6 normally maintains the rearward end
of plunger I 5 spaced from contact I7, said plung
er being adapted to be moved into Contact `there
with responsive to counterclockwise rotation of
A main object of the invention is to provide
a novel and improved indicator device for a lish
ing »rod wherein the presence of a iish on the
line is indicated by the ñashing of a lamp mount
lever IIJ.
This occurs when a pull is exerted on
fishing line I2.>
Mounted in the rearward end of portion 4 be
hind reel 5 is a flashlight lamp I9 secured in an
ed on the rod handle.
A further object of the invention is to provide 10 insulating bushing 20. Lamp I9 is covered by a
an improved fish indicator of the ñashing lamp
colored translucent shield 2I appropriately se
«type for a ñsln'ng rod wherein a positive actuation
cured thereto. The shell portion of the lamp
of the signal device responsive to the presence of a
base is connected to contact I'I by an insulated
fish on the line is obtained.
Further objects and advantages of the inven
conductor 22 contained within a passage pro
vided therefor inportion 4 of the rod handle.
The center contact of the lamp base is in abut
ment with the center contact of the end cell of
tion will appear from the following description
and claims, and the accompanying drawing,
a series of flashlight batteries 23 contained with
Figure 1 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view
in gripping portion 2 of the rod handle. An end
of the handle portion of a fishing rod provided 20 cap 24 is provided on gripping portion 2 for
with the indicator structure of this invention.
grounding the casing of the rearward battery
Figure 2 is a cross-sectional view taken on line
cell to the handle and providing access to the
2-2 of Figure l.
battery compartment.
Figure 3 is a detail cross-sectional View of the
switch device employed with the indicator struc
ture of Figure 1.
Referring to the drawing, I designates the han
It can be readily seen that when plunger I5
25 touches contact I'I the lamp base shell is ground
dle of a iishing rod, said handle comprising a rear
ed and the lamp circuit is closed. Thus, when
a pull is exerted on ñshing line I2 the lamp be
comes illuminated.` This informs the ñsherman
gripping portion 2, a ñnger post 3, an intermedi
that a ñsh is on the line.
ate portion 4 to which a reel 5 is adapted to be 30
As shown in Figure l, arm II is of such con
secured, and a forward end portion -5 which is
ñguration that line I2 is deviatedvdownwardly
secured to the shank ofthe fishing rod.
by the hook on arm II out of its straight line di
Intermediate portion 4 is slightly oifsel; from
rection with respect to the shank of the rod.
`the remaining portions of the handle and is
When line I2 is in tension a substantial force is
formed to provide a seat for the base of reel 5. 35 applied to lever I i), causing it to rotate against
A clamp member 'I embraces intermediate por
the pressure of spring I6. 'I_‘he sensitivity of the
tion 4 and is provided with a set screw 8 for
clamping member l firmly with respect to portion
action may be adjusted by shifting the position
of barrel I4 in its recess, a set screw 25 being pro
4 to rigidly secure the front ilange of the reel
vided for securing the barrel in a desired position
base to its scat on said portion 4. An appropri 40 in said; recess.
ate rear recess El is provided for receiving the
The location of lamp I9 with respect to the reel
rear flange of the reel base.
5 is such that forward illumination is substantial
Pivotally mounted adjacent the forward end
ly blocked by the reel and the indicator is visible ,
of portion 4 is a lever Ill having a rearwardly
and upwardly extending arm II formed with a 45 only from the rear. This prevents disturbing for
hook adapted to slidably engage the fishing line
Lever I!) is also formed with a depending
arm I3.
Mounted in a cylindrical recess formed
adjacent the forward end of portion 4 is a barrel
member I4 containing an elongated plunger I5
mounted for longitudinal movement in said barrel
member and biased to a forward position where-`
in it contacts arm I3 by a coil spring It. Posi~
tioned in the rearward end of the cylindrical
recess is a contact I'I, said contact being insu 55
ward illumination in night fishing which might
interfere with others iishing nearby. The shield
2l also aids in cutting down the intensity of the
signal flash. Said shield may be of an appro
priate color such as amber, red or green, for pro
viding effective signal indication either at night
or in daylight.
The biasing pressure of spring I6 may be regu
lated by adjusting a nut member 26 in barrel
member I4, said nut member forming the front
stop for a collar 21 provided on plunger l5 on
which spring I6 bears.
While a specific embodiment of a iishing rodindicator device has been disclosed in the fore
going description, it will be understood that nu
merous modifications within the spirit of the in
vention may occur to those skilled in the art.
Therefore it is intended that no limitations be
placed on the invention other than as defined
by the scope' off theappended claims.
What is claimed is: `
1. In a fishing rod handle, a forward portion,
an intermediate portion and a rearward portion,v
said intermediate portion being offset with re
Signal means is a ñashlight bui-b and battery
sembly housed within the rearward portion of
said handle.
4. In arñshing rod handle, a forward portion,
an intermediate portion and a rearward portion,
said intermediate portion .being offset with respect
to said forward portion and said rearward por
tion, a lever member pivotally mounted adjacent
the front end> ofsaid intermediate> portion, said
lever Amember being provided with a rearwardly
extending'hooked 'arm slidably engaging the ñsh
ing line and deviating it downwardly, switch
means adapted to be actuated responsive to up
spect to said forward ,portion and said rearward
ward movement of said hooked arm caused by a
pull on said line, and signal means on said han
portion, a lever member pivotally mounted on
dle controlled by said switch means.
said intermediate portion, said lever member be
5. The structure of claim 4, and wherein said
lsignal means is a iiashlight bulb and battery as
ing provided with a rearwardly extending arm
sembly housed within the rearward portion of »
adapted to slidably engage the ñshing line and
deviate it downwardly, and signal means on said 20 said handle, said intermediate portion being
formed to provide a seat for a reel positioned for
handle adapted to be energized responsive to up
wardly of said signal means.
ward movement of said rearwardly extending
arm caused by a pull on said line.
`2. The structure of claim l, and wherein said
signalmeans is a flashlight bulb and battery as
sembly housed within said handle.
3. The structure of claim 1, and wherein said
6. The structure of claim 4, and wherein said
signal means comprises a flashlight bulb and a
battery therefor, the flashlight bulb being cov
ered by a translucent shield.
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