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Filed May. 19, 1945
' 24/18211\9
Patented Oct. 29, ‘1946
James M. D’Arcy, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Application May 19, 1945, Serial No. 594,723
3 Claims. (Cl. 242—130)
upon the central member ll, so‘ that the bottom
portion of the ball does not rest upon the ?ange
vide an inexpensive crochet ball holder, simple
21 of the central member 2|. When the crochet
yarn is slightly tensioned while crocheting, the
in construction, which revolves upon the slightest
tension upon the crochet yarn.
5 revolvable member ll rotates upon the point E8
More particularly, an object of my invention
of the pin l1 virtually without friction. The
upper portion of the pin at the washer I5 is
is to provide a crochet ball holder upon which
maintained in vertical position by the three point
the crochet ball of yarn can easily be set so that
contact of the triangular opening’ it as shown
the crochet ball will revolve quickly and easily
when the yarn is slightly tensioned by the crochet 10 in Fig. 3, thus permitting member II to revolve
with a minimum of friction.
A further object is to provide a crochet ball
It is obvious that various changes and modi
This invention relates to a crochet ball holder.
Broadly, it is an object of my invention to pro
holder which revolves with a minimum of fric
tion and which can be readily taken apart if
For a fuller understanding of the nature and
objects of my invention, reference is had to the
following detailed description, in connection with
the accompanying drawing, in which:
Fig. 1 is a perspective View of my crochet ball
Fig. 2 is a vertical cross‘ section ‘of same, and '
?cations may be made in the appearance of my
crochet ball holder and that various kinds of
materials may be employed in the manufacture
thereof, without departing from the general spirit
of the invention.
I claim:
1. A crochet ball holder of the character de
scribed, comprising a revolvable member for re
ceiving a crochet ball, a pin embedded in the
central portion thereof the opposite end of which '
is pointed and extends beyond the end of said
Fig. 3 is a top view taken along line 3-3 of
Fig. 2.
revolvable member, a circular channel in said
Referring to the drawing, numeral it repre 25 revolvable member, a base having a channel
sents a crochet ball holder comprising a revolva
adapted to loosely receive the lower portion of
ble round top member H which may be made of
wood, plastic, metal or the like. Member M has
a hollow channel I2 in the lower portion thereof
said revolvable member, a circular recess with
a conical base to receive the pointed end of said
with a narrower channel
pin, a hollow member ?rmly embedded in said
l3 communicating 30 circular recess, said hollow member having a tri
therewith above channel I2.
with channel l3, there is a narrow central bore
of lesser diameter than channel IS in which is
?rmly embedded the upper portion of a pin 5'!
which is pointed at its opposite end as shown
at l8 and which extends below the lowest edge
[9 of member ii. Pin H revolves with the re
volvable member II.
angular opening at the top thereof to maintain
said pin in vertical position, the upper portion
of said hollow member adapted to loosely ?t
within said circular channel without preventing
said revolvable member from turning.
2. A crochet ball holder comprising a base
member and a vertical member, said base mem
ber having a circular recess therein and a smaller
recess'with a conical base communicating there
A base 20 has a central member 2! which may
be of metal, plastic or like material and has a 40 with, said vertical member having a hollow lower
portion and a small circular central channel in
circular channel 22 adapted to receive the lower
its upper end communicating with said hollow
portion, a pointed pin ?rmly embedded in the
upper central upper portion of said vertical mem
portion 2! there is a circular recess 23 terminat
‘ ing in a cone 24. Recess 23 is adapted to receive 45 ber with its lowermost pointed end extending
beyond the lower end of said vertical ‘member
the lower end of the tube M which is ?rmly em
and adapted to ?t and revolve within said coni
bedded therein. The upper portion of tube M
cal base, a hollow vertical member ?xed within
loosely ?ts within the narrow channel is of mem
the smaller base recess and extending loosely
ber H so that member II may freely revolve
around tube Id. The top of tube 14 has a washer 50 into said circular central channel of said vertical ~
member, said hollow vertical member having a
l5 ?rmly held therein, the washer having a tri
washer with a central opening ?xed within its
angular opening l6. The point E8 of the pin
portion of member Ilwithout preventing mem~
ber H from freely revolving. In the central
top portion and adapted to permit said pin to
I1 rests within the apex of the cone 2d thus pro
pass therethrough and to maintain said pin in
viding a bearing for the revolvable member H.
In using my device, a crochet ball 25 is placed 55 Vertical revolvable position.
_ 3. A crochet ball holder having a hollow base
with a central channel terminating in a cone,
7 a revolvable vertical member to receive a ball of
crochet yarn, said vertical member having a
long pin embedded in the upper end of the cen
tral portion and having a pointed end projecting
beyond the lower end of said vertical member
and adapted to fit within said hollow cone, a
tubular vertical member fixed within said cen
tral channel, said tubular member having a cen
tral opening in its top to permit said pin to pass
therethrough and to maintain said vertical mem
ber in an upright revolvable position.
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