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Oct. 29, 1946.`
¿J. R. GuiLDFoRD
Filed March 2o, 1944
3A4 /7
Patented Oct. 29, 1946
Joseph R. Guildford, Buüalo, N. Y.
Application March 20, 1944, Serial N o. 527,169
6` Claims. (Cl. 285-123)
This invention relates to a device for use in
cumference of the ring l0. The inner side of the
slip joint union connections and has for its pri
split portion II is formed at an angle a few de
grees off of vertical at I4. The outer side of the
split portion I2 is formed at an angle at I5 par
mary object to provide means >to lock such con
nections together to prevent them from pulling
apart regardless of internal pressures or vibra
`An object of this invention is to provide means
for making non-slip joints in union connections
without the need `of anchoring the plain -un
threaded tubing or threaded fitting to which the 10
unthreaded tubing is to be connected.
allel to the abutting angle at I4 providing inter-.
engaging surfaces between the split portions I Il
and I2.
The numeral I6 indicates a cutaway sectional `
portion of a male threaded fitting, valve, pipe, or
the like, to which plain unthreaded tubing `I1 is
be connected. The interior portion of I6 is>
y Another object of this invention is to provide
adapted at I8 to slidably receive the plain end
means of making tight non-slip joints between
I9 of the tubing I1. The numeral 20 designates
plain unthreaded tubing and .threaded pipe,`
a. slip joint nut threaded interiorly at 2|` to
valves, fittings or the like, thereby eliminating
threadedly rit the male-thread on I6. On one
the possibility of such joints from slipping apart
end of the nut 20 an inverted ñange 22 is pro
dueto expansion and contraction.
vided. This iiange 22 is adapted at 23 to slidably.
, This invention may be ‘used for making non
fit the tubing I1. `The numeral 24 designates an
slip joints between plain unthreaded tubing
annular friction ring and 25 designates
manufactured from all types of metals or plastics 20 aordinary
compressible annular packing.
yand threaded fittings, valves, pipe or the like.
The inner circumference of the ring I0 is
Other objects and advantages of the invention
adapted to fit the exterior circumference of the
will be apparentrfrom the following description
tubing l1. The outer circumference of `the ring
and accompanying drawing wherein_
I0 is adapted to i-lt within the inner circumfer
` Figure 1 is a plan View of the split ring when
25 ence of the nut 20.
compressed into non-slip position.
The angular cuneated portions I4 »and |15 of the
Figure 2 is a vertical elevation of Figure 1 on
line 2_2.
Figure 3 is a vertical elevation of the split ring
in open position.
' Figure 4 is a vertical sectional elevation of
Figure 2 on line 4_4.
Figure 5 is a vertical sectional elevation of
Figure 3 on line 5_5.
split ring I0 are provided so that when the ring
IU is compressed into the position shown in Fig
ure '7 the tooth I3 is projected into the wall of
30 the tubing I1 thereby gripping the tubing in such
manner as to prevent the tubing from slipping in
any direction.
In Figure 6 it will be noted that :the split ring
Figure 6 is a vertical sectional elevation of a 35 I0 in section is shown open wherein the top of
the tooth I3 and top of the split ring portion I2
union connection with an Iannular compressible
abuts the friction ring 24. As the nut 20 is
screwed onto the .threaded fitting I 6 the split
ring portion II of the ring I0 is forced toward
Figure 7 is a vertical sectional elevation of a
union connection with an annular compressible 40 the split ring portion I2. As the portion l I lwith its
angular cuneal portion I4 continues to be forced
packing and friction ring showing the split ring
onto the angular cuneal portion I5 of I2 .the
in compressed position wherein the tooth of the
tooth` I3starts tobite into :the exterior wall of
split ring is shown forced into the wall of and
the tubing I1. When the split ring I0 has be
gripping the tubing.
Figure 8 is a vertical sectional elevation of a 45 come completely compressed shut and the tooth
I3 has entered the outer portion of the wall of
tube connector union device showing two split
the tubing I‘l the packing 25 is compressed mak
rings in compressed position gripping the tubing
ing a tight leakless joint.
with the tooth portion of each ring.
packing and friction ring showing the split ring
in open position before being compressed.
The numeral 26 comprises a nipple or sleeve in
Figure 9 is a cross-sectional view of Figure 8
which the interior wall 21 is adapted to slidably
on lines 9_9.
50 ñt the tubing I'l. The ends of the nipple 26 are
Referring to the drawing:
provided with male threads 28.
The numeral I0 represents a ring split in part
The method of compressing the split rings I0 f
axially to provide abutting split portions II and
against the ends of the nipple 25 are the same as
I2. A tooth I3 is provided integrally on the
described above.
split portion I2 extending within the inner cir 55 In Figure 8 friction rings 24 and packings 25
are not shown or required as the illustration is
intended to show how plain tubing such as elec
trical conduit or the like may be connected and
held rigidly in place Without the danger of being
pulled apart.
It will be obvious that when the split ring is
compressed in a union connection and the tooth
of the split ring has simultaneously bitten into
the tubing Wall it would be next to impossible for
the tubing tov slipre'gardless of pressure or vibra
tion With the result that a joint would be safe
from rupture and possible disastrous leaks.
While I have shown and described non-slip
joints in which the split ring device is compressed
with threaded slip joint nuts it is to be understood
that these split ring devices may be used in joints
Where the said split ring may be compressed with
slip flanges adapted to be tightened with bolts
and nuts externally of the tubing to be connected.
It is believed that the many advantages of this
invention Will be readily understood, 'and although
the preferred embodiment of lsaid invention is 'as
illustrated and described, it is to be understood
part axially and adapted interiorly to ñt the ex
terior of said unthreaded tubing and adapted ex
teriorly to fit the interior of said compressing
means a tooth for anchoring said unthreaded tub
ing said tooth extending interiorly of said ring
said split'portion of the ring being provided with
axially inclined abutting surfaces for slidable en
gagement and adapted to urge said tooth into the
exterior Wall of'said unthreaded tubing as the
said axially A‘inclined abutting surfaces ofsaid ring
are compressed together by said compression
means thereby preventing said unthreaded tub
ing from slipping in either direction Within said
threaded tubing.
4. In a slip joint union employing compression
means for connecting unthreaded tubing with
tubing of increased dimensions adapted interior
ly to slidably receive the unthreaded tubing, a
device- for converting said slip joint union into
a non-slip joint union comprising a ring splitin
part axiallyand v.provided ‘with a tooth ’said tooth
projecting inwardly of said ring said device
adapted to slidably nt the unthreaded tubing and
slidably fit said compression means said'splitpor
that changes Yin the details ’of construction may
tion of the ring being provided With axially' 'in
be 'resorted 'to which Will fall Within the ‘scope of 25 clined abutting Wedge surfaces for slidable en
the invention as claimed.
gagement and adapted to `force Hsaid tooth in'to
What is claimed is:
Wall of said unthreaded "tubing ‘when said
l 1. AV non-slip joint union device for ’gripping
slidable engagingwedge 'surfaces are compressed
plain tubing in a union connection comprising “an
by said compression means.
annular ring split in part axially and provided 30 together
telescoping tubular connection _provided
with a tooth for projecting into the exterior Wall
of 'said-tubing said _tooth 'extending 'interior'ly of
the inner circumference of‘sa‘id annular said slit
with compression means, a ‘non-slip ’device 'to
prevent telescopic movement of ’saidtubular con
nection comprising a ringsplit open axially, and
cuneate'd abutting portions ‘for slidable engage 35 provided with axially 'extending„inter-engaging
wedge surfaces and‘gripping l'means said gripping
ment and adapted to urge said tooth into the
means provided integrally ‘With and extending
said tubing when said `cuneated slidable engage
Within'the inner circumference of saidlring said
ment portions are compressed 'together Within
device adapted' to slidably‘iit saidtelescopic tube
said union connection.
p ,
split open position and _grip said telescopic
n 2. A non-slip joint union device forv gripping
tube with ‘s'aidgri'pping means when said axially
plain unthreaded tubing rin a union >connection
extending Wedge surfaces of said ring vare com
having a‘slip joint nut said non-slip device corn
pressed'together into"close.d.position by said com
pri'sing a split ring having a Agripping vportion
for biting into the exterior wall of‘sa'id tubing
6. In a"t`elescoping-,tubular connectionprovided
said split ring adapted interiorlyfto fit 'the "ex 45
with compression >means, a .non-slipïdev'ice .t0
terior of 'said tubing and adapted exteriorlyîto
prevent telescopic movement of said tubular ccn
fit Within the interior of 'said nut said gripping
nection comprising a ring axially splitA open in
portion comprising Va ltooth extending inwardly
part and provided with gripping meansfsaid.
of said ring said split Aportion of said ring being
provided With Vaxially extending Wedge-shaped Si 'D gripping means consisting of a toothlike[iportion4
provided integrally with and extending-.Within
abutting portions -having inter-'engaging 'surfaces
the inner circumference of said _ririg,1y said Usplit
for slidable engagement and adapted‘to u’rg'e‘said
open portion ofthe 'ring being „provided with
gripping portion to bite into the exterior vv'all
extending inter-engaging Wedge surfaces
of said tubing ‘when theWedge-shape‘d ‘inter-'en
engagement, said `nonèslipdevice
5 'Li
gaging surfaces of said split ’ringîare compressed
adapted‘to slidably fit sai'ditelescopic tube Íinèsplit
by said slip joint nut thereby Ípreventing said
open position andg'rip Á:said telescopic tube with
, tubing from slipping outof said union connection.
said gripping'means »as saiïd‘inter-engaging wedge
3. In a slip joint union having a co'm‘pre‘ssible
surfaces are compressed together intoclcìsedpo-v
annular and compressing means for'conn'e'cting
portion fof the annular vring being VVprovided with
plain unthreaded tubing with threaded tubing,
a non-slip device for anchoring said plain tub
ing `Within' said union‘comprisin‘g a 'ring split'
sitionfbyfsai'd 'compression means.
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