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0a. 29, 1946.
Filed April 1'7, 1940
Patented Oct. 29, 1946
Valentin Remus, Brussels, Belgium; vested in the ,
Alien Property Custodian
Application April 17, 1940, serial-No. 330,197
In Belgium April 29, 1939
1 Claim.
(61.25'1-1-3'2‘) l
The invention relates to obturating means for
' -
` 8 which passes through guide member 9 screw
threaded into body I. The portion of rod 8
fluid. pipes and containers under high pressure,
which passes through guide member 9 and ex
and particularly concerns the obturating devices
tends from body I is screw-threaded at III. Rod
used in connection with pipes and containers in
8 is provided with an auxiliary valve member II
which an obturating valve opens against the CII having packing I2 on its face co-operating with
pressure of the fluid. In obturating devices of
valve seat I3 on body I. The valve members 4
this kind, serious difficulties are encountered to
and II are so'related that when the rod 8 is
ensure the tightness of the valve due to the fact
lowered it unseats member 4 and seats member
that the generally soft packing materials are
II, and when it is raised it seats member 4 and
liable to deteriorate, such tendency being more
unseats member II. Between the seats 5 and I3,
marked when the materials are subjected to
the body I has a passage I4 añording communi
severe temperature conditions, expansion of
cation between the interior of the container 2 and
highly compressed ñuids, or other conditions,
o-utlet 3.
such for example as a chemical action due to the
Body I is provided with a Ypintle I5 on which is
character of the fluid. On the other hand, owing 15 pivotally mounted an operating lever I6 having
generally to the same reasons, during the dis
a transverse bore I1 through which passes the
charge of the fluid, iiuid losses through the valve
screw-threaded portion I8 of the rod 8.
are unavoidable, and the same is true also during
Threaded on the portion I8, below the lever i3, is
the loading of the pipes or containers with the
a stop collar I8, the upper surface Iii-a of which is
ñuid under pressure when such loading is ef 20 convex and co-operates with the edge I9 -on the
fected by causing the ñuid to flow through the
lower face of lever I6 about bore I1. Threaded
obturating device.
on the portion I8, above the lever I6 is a stop
The main object of the invention is to avoid
collar 28, the lower surface 2I of which is convex
these difficulties and provide an obturating de
and co-operates with the edge 22 on the upper
vice the tightness of which may be ensured un 25
face of the lever I8 about bore I1. The handle
der all conditions, that is both in the state of
23 of lever I6 may be manipulated by grasping it
complete or partial load of the associated pipe or
with the handle 24 on body I, to move
container, and during the loading of said pipe or
downwardly. A latch 21 is pivoted on
container with ñuid under pressure, or during
the discharge of said fluid, and under whatever 30 handle 24 at 28 and has notches 29 and 3!! in
which handle 23 can be engaged when the latch
conditions to which the device may be subjected,
21 is swung into engaging position, for retaining
or the nature of the fluid.
lever I8 in either adjusted position.
The invention consists in means to seat a main
From the foregoing description of the details
valve and also an auxiliary valve. A lever is pro
I of construction of the device, its use and oper
vided by which the valves may be operated, and
ation will be obvious. When the parts are in
means associated with such lever are provided
the relation shown in the drawing, the handle 23
whereby, without operating such lever, one of the
engaged in the notch 30 of the latch 21 depresses
valves can be locked upon its seat. The invention
the lever I6 which through the collar I8 depresses
consists in associating with the main valve clos
the rod 8 unseating valve member 4 and seatingv
ing the container or pipe and adapted to be locked
the valve member Il. Rotation of collar I8
on its seat, the auxiliary valve adapted to isolate
about rod 8 will'cause rod 8 to be further de
the passage for the iiuid from the operating
pressed, since lever IG is held immovable by latch
means, as well during the loading operation as
21. The further depression of rod 8 causes valve
during the discharge ofthe iiuid, and which is
member I i to be locked in intimate engagement
adapted to be locked on its seat bythe operation
with its seat I3'. When the latch 21 is swung to
of the means for locking the 'main valve.
' release the handle 23, the lever I6 can be moved
The drawing is a vertical section through a
device embodying the invention.
As illustrated in the drawing, the valve body I
is mounted on the fluid container 2, the device
controlling the flow of fluid through the outlet 3.
In the body I, there is a main valve member 4
`cooperating with valve seat 5 on body I, packing
upwardly and the handle 23 engaged in the notch
29 of the latch 21, thereby raising the rod 8 un
seating valve member I I and seating valve mem
ber 4. Rotation of collar 20 about rod 8 will
cause rod 8> to be further raised, since lever I6
is held immovable by latch 21. The further
raising of rod 8 causes valve member 4 to be
6 being disposed on the face of member 4. The
locked in intimate engagement with its seat 5.
stem 1 of member 4 is screw-threaded into rod 55
As the passage I4 between the container 2‘
and the outlet 3 is completely isolated during
passage of ñuid into or out of container 2, by
the locking of valve member II on its seat I3,
no packing for rod 8 will be necessary and suñ‘i
cient clearance between rod 8 and guide member
9 may be provided to permit rod 8 to slide easily
From the foregoing it is obvious that the ad
acting with said second valve seat; a recipro
catory valve stem on which both members are
mounted for unitary oscillation in said bore, the
members being so related that when one member
is seated the other member is unseated, and vice
versa; a conduit communicating with said bore
intermediate said seats; a lever pivoted on said
body and connected with said stem for recipro
cation thereof; locking means to prevent pivotal
justment of the collars I8 and 20 relative to the l0 movement of said lever; a threaded extension on
rod 8, when the lever I6 is held immovable by
the latch 21, determines the degree >of sealing en
gagement of valve members 4 and II with their
said stem; and the connection between the stem
and lever including an adjustable stop threaded
on said extension and co-acting with said lever
when said lever is held immovable by said lock
15 ing means, the adjustment of said stop deter
In a valve assembly, the combination of a
mining the degree of sealing engagement of one
body provided with a longitudinal bore; an an
of said valve members, when said valve member is
nular valve seat in said bore; a valve member co
acting with said seat; a second annular valve
seat in said bore; a second Valve member co 20
valve seats 5 and I3, respectively.
I claim:
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