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0d. 29, 1946.
Filed oct._ 2, 1945
N H,.
5w. .l .l”.
ßam m„m
Patented Oct. 29, 1946
Earle-Martin, Hutchinson, Kans. l ,i ¿n
Application October 2, 1945, Serial No. 619,839
2 Claims. (Cl. 2-227)
ence, I designates an upper portion of a pair of
This invention relates to trousers constructionY
trousers provided with the usual waistband 2, iiy
3 and suitably located pockets 4 and 5. Pleats
and more especially to a means whereby trousers
made with pleats at and adjacent to the waist,
will retain their shape so that the pleats will
located Wherever desired and of any suitable
not spread open or become otherwise distorted
length are formed in the upper portion of the
While the garment is being worn.
trousers as indicated at 6 and 1, long pleats 6
being located adjacent to the opposite sides of
the fly 3, while shorter pleats 'I are located be
elements which are located inside the trousers
tween the pleats B and the side pockets indicated
where they are not visible but Where they will l0 generally at 8.
prevent distortion of the pleats.
The supporting means constituting the present
It is a further object of the invention to provide
pleated trousers with pleat supporting or holding
A still further object is to provide a pleat sup
port or reinforcement which is adaptable to
invention is made of a strip of closely woven
fabric, one of the supports being indicated at 9
and the other at ID. Each support, before being
trousers made from loosely Woven fabric, such as
tweed cloth, and will serve to prevent the fabric
used, should be shrunk and it should be provided
with a selvage edge extending lengthwise thereof
to prevent stretching. This selvage edge has been
from stretching out of position or to gap open.
In recent years, it has been the practice, when
designing the conventional types of pleated trou
indicated at II.
sers, to provide four pleats, two being located on
When properly placed in position one of the
each side. One of the pleats usually is extended 20 supports, 9, is secured along its top edge within
down to the crease of the trousers while a shorter
the waistband and `one end is secured within one
pleat is located between the long pleat and the
side of the fly 3 while the other end is secured
side pocket of the garment. It has been diilicult
within one of the side seams. Where the support
to keep these pleats in their proper shape while
is extended across the inner sides of the pleat,
the garment is being worn because they tend to
it is fastened to the innermost fold of the pleat
gap and, where the garment is made of a loosely
by a line of stitches indicated at I2, leaving the
woven fabric, such as tweed, the material fre
outer fold of the pleat unsecured. This support 9
quently stretches out of shape at the pleats.
is preferably extended between the hanging
A further object is to provide the pleats with
pocket 4 and the pleats 6 and 'I crossed by the
supports so located and secured that it becomes
support, 'I'he other support I0 is extended in the
impossible to press the pleats except in the origi
opposite direction from the ily, being secured at
nal or correct direction.
one end in the adjacent side of the iiy and at its
With the foregoing and other objects in view
top edge within the waistband 2. The other or
which will appear as the description proceeds,
back end of the support is secured in the side
the invention consists of certain novel details of 35 seam. This side support I0 is similarly attached
construction and combinations of parts herein
to the pleats 6 and 1 crossed thereby and extends
after more fully described and` pointed out in
between the pocket 5 and the pleated portion of
the claims, it being understood that changes may
the garment.
be made in the construction and arrangement of
While the support can be extended across two
parts without departing from the spirit of the 40
or more pleats from the ñy to a side seam as shown
invention as claimed.
in Figures 1 and 2, it is to be understood that
In the accompanying drawing, the preferred
shorter supports could be used if the conditions
form of the invention has been shown.
‘ warranted it, one of these modified forms being
In said drawing:
Figure 1 is a perspective view of the upper 45 shown in Figure 3, wherein the support I3 is se
cured at its forward end to one side of the fly
portion of a pair of trousers turned inside out to
and at its top edge within the waistband I4. The
show the location of the pleat supports.
other end of this support I 3 can be stitched to
Figure 2 is an elevation of one of the pleat sup
the edge of the pocket I5.
ports, the same being shown flat, the adjacent
In every case, duringthe application of the
portion of the garment to -which it is attached
supports to the garment, the same is held under
being indicated by broken lines...
tension while being attached to the garment so
Figure 3 is a perspective view of the inner side ~
that the pleats are always properly supported
of a portion of the trousers showing a short sup-`
thereafter and can be quickly and properly
port which can be used.
Referring to the ñgures by characters of refer
Furthermore, they will be prevented
from becoming distorted or gapping while in use.
W'hat is claimed is:
1. The combination with trousers having a
waistband and pleats extending downwardly from
the waistband, of fabric supporting elements se»
cured throughout their lengths to the inner sur
face of the trousers, at the lower edge of the
waistband, one of the ends of each fabric sup
porting element being secured to the main por
tion of the trousers at a point adjacent to the fly
of the trousers, the opposite ends of the fabric
2. The combination with trousers having a
waistband and pleats extending downwardly from
the waistband, of fabric supporting elements, the
rear ends of the fabric supporting elements being
secured to the inner surface of the main portion
of the trousers at the hips thereof, the front ends
of the fabric supporting elements being secured
to the inner surface of the main portion of the
trousers, at points adjacent to the fly of the
10 trousers, the intermediate portions of the sup
porting elements underlying the pleats, whereby
supporting elements being secured to the main
the pleats are maintained closed, and the lower
portion of the trousers adjacent to the pockets
thereof, there being rows of stitches forv attach
edges of the fabric supporting elements being 1n
clined downwardly from the hips to the ñy of the
ing the supporting elements to the pleats, whereby 15 trousers.
said pleats are maintained closed.
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