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Oct. 29,1946.
Filed April 17, 1944
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Petenied' Oct. 29,31946
y j I;
_ @llIGnwAY'TRAFrIcrosT
pi 'rRqiiert'E. vLcevMaxey, Akron. Ohio‘
vQ'flappiieatieii'iiiniii17,1944i, Serial No. 531,465
iterate-1: <01- 256—.13-1> ‘
,v 'Thedevicefornlingthe subject matter offthis
application is‘ a highway tra'?ic" post,‘ meaning
A rectangular cap. plate 4 is mounted orlfthe
upper end 'of the beam I and is of an area deter;
thereby a post placed alongla?highway to carry
mined by the width 5 of the ?anges 3, thereby
a Signal 01‘ re?ector, the p0$vtv.,f0'1fmin’€ 9' ‘support
‘ to form aclosure for the upper ends of the spaces
vfor ‘guarding ‘cables ‘which extend along the *5 6 (Fig. 6) which exists between the ?anges 3,
highway‘. ' The post; ‘generally, is'no, more thana
few feet iniheighti ' ,
_ '
on opposite sides of the web 2. '
The cap plate 4 is provided on opposite edges
" One object ‘of theinvention is to providenovel,
with depending legs ‘I, extending downwardly
1.1183115 for mounting the re?ector‘ 0n thé'po'stalong thel'corresponding outer surfaces 'of the
Another object of the'invention‘v is‘ to’ supply 10 ?anges 3, and of substantially the same width
novel means for ret'ainingthe cables.v
'. , J
Another-object O'fthé invention is t0 providé
a highway Post Of the Class des‘cribedrwhidh Will
as'the ?anges 3.
' '
The cap plate 4 is supplied on other opposite
edges with upstanding parallel lips 8, having free
, from
and velhiqles,
well adapted
to withstand
soft Whether
impact 15 upper
The edges_
numeral 9 marks a re?ecton-comprising
. ‘ a
shocks are commumilated dlreqtly 150- the Pest or
to the cables which are strung from’ post to post.
laterally projecting base IIl,supported on'thecap
plate 4 and engaged betweenv the lips v8; the lips
_ It 15 wlthmsthe PrPYmce-Pf the dlsclowree t9
terminating substantially ?ush withthe upper
improve generally and to ‘enhance the utility of -
Surface of the base.
devices of that type to which the present inven- 20 ' oppositely disposedrrewmegg
. .
are. providéd.’
non appertams'
With the above and other objects in view
. .
which W111 appear as the description proceeds, the
invention resides in the combination and arrangement of parts and in the detailsof con- 25
struction hereinafter described and claimed, it
and comprise depending legs I2, extended down;
wardly along the outer surfaces of the legs ‘I of
the cap plate 4 and of Substantially the same
Width as the legs 1
Th retaher H‘
. e M 1 1s
compnse mwar y ex ended
being understood that changes in the precise em-
bodiment of the invention herein disclosed, may
. 8 base
’lgver E‘pped upsn ghe upper Surface of
of he re?ec or
’ and extended con’
be made within the scope of what is claimed,
tm‘wusly thereacmss
without departing from the spirit of the inven- 30 There is provided a concrete body '5 in which
the beam I .is enclosed,
the upper surface I6 of
In the accompanying drawings:
the body being disposed close to the upper sur
Fig' 1 Shows’ in Side elevation, a highway traf_
faces of the wings I4. _ The body I5 ?lls the spaces
?c post constructed in accordance with the in6' herembefore mentloned and §h°wn m Fig‘ 6’
35 and the body engages the lower surface of the
Fig 2 is a side elevation wherein the post is
cap plate 4, to aid in supporting the cap plate.
viewed at right angles to the showing of Fig. 1,
The re?ector 9 may b‘? of Vanous forms- AS
~ parts being broken away;
Fig. 3 is a vertical section taken through the
shown, but not of necessity, it includes a globu
lar head '8’ joined by a reduced neck '9 to the
upper portion of the post and attendant parts, 40 P515910’ thl? head and_the neck being Supplied
portions remaining in elevation;
lnterlorly with a reflecting surface 20. The neck
Fig. 4 is a vertical longitudinal section taken
through the upper part of the post, the cutting
'9 013898 through the base I0, and, therefore. the
re?ecting surface I6 may be applied readily.
The legs I2 of the retainers I I are longer than
plane in Fig. 4 being at right angles to the cutting‘
plane in Fig_ 3;
45 the wings I4, and have a good hold in the con
Fig. 5 is a transverse section on the line 5—5
Crete body “3- The legs I2 of the retainers II
of Fig, 1;
terminate at their lower ends in ?ush relation
Fig; 6 is a top plan of an |-|_bea,m which consti_
to the lower ends of the legs ‘I of the cap plate 4.
tutes the core of the post.
The legs I2 and 1 preferably are joined together
Fig. '7 is a sectional view showing a modi?ca- 50 by welding (not shown) and if desired the legs
‘I of the cap plate 4 may be joined to the outer
In carrying out the invention, there is pro-
surfaces of the?anges 3 of the H-beam I.
vided a highway tra?lc post, comprising an HThe lips 8 of the cap plate 4 have been described
beam I, including a web 2 and ?anges 3, as shown
hereinbefore as having “free upper edges.” By
in Fig. 6.
55 that limitation it is intended to imply that the
lips 8 do not have parts like the wings M of the
retainers l I.
The base Ill of the cap plate 4 is slid into the
trough (Fig. 3) de?ned by the cap plate 4 and its
lips 8. The retainers H then are mounted in
place, the wings of the retainers overhanging
those portions of the base I0 which are not en- I
gaged by the lips 8.
The device forming the subject matter of this
application comprises a novel but effective struc
ture in which a strong post is combined with a
novel re?ector structure and with a novel grip for
a. cable or the like.
Referring to Fig. 4, it will be noted that the
hook bolt 24 may be inserted into the post from
either side thereof, and, moreover, either the long
arm 25 or the short arm 26 may be disposed up
In the interest of strength, a reinforcement 2|
may be embedded in the concrete body l5, about 10 permost.
In Fig. 7, parts hereinbefore described are des
the beam l and about the legs 1 of the cap plate
ignated by numerals already used, with the sui?x
4 and the legs of the retainers l I.
An upper transverse tube 22 and a lower trans-.
verse tube 23 are mounted in horizontal, parallel,
“a.” The bolt 24a is a U-bolt, and two nuts 2811
are employed.
What is claimed is:
relation in the body l5 and extend through the 15
l. A highway guard including a supporting post
?anges 3 of the beam l in lateral engagement
having a pair of upper and lower transverse tubes
with the web 2 of the beam. The ends of the
extending therethrough, a hook bolt comprising
tubes 22 and 23 terminate approximately flush
a long arm and a short arm, and a curved portion
with opposed outer surfaces of the body I5.
A hook bolt 24 is provided, and comprises a long 20 connecting the long arm and short arm, said arms
being slidably mounted within the transverse
arm 25, a short arm 26, and a bend 2'! connecting
tubes, one end of the hook being extended beyond
the arms. The bend 21 and portions of the arms
the side of the post, a coiled spring positioned
25 and 26 are disposed outwardly of the body l5.
over the extended end of the hook and adapted
The long arm 25 extends entirely through the
tube 23, the short arm 26 extendingv partway 25 to frictionally engage a cable held in the hook
forcing the cable outwardly into engagement with
through the tube 22. A nut 28 is threaded on
the curved portion of the hook, whereby said hook
the long arm 25 and engages one end of the
and Cable move against the tension of said spring,
tube 23.
andmeans for securing the hook to the post.
‘ A coiled spring '29 is disposed about the out
2. A highway guard including a supporting pOSt
wardly projecting portions of the arms 25 and
having a pair ofupper and lower transverse tubes
26 and abuts at its inner end against the adja
extendingtherethrough, a bolt embodying a pair
cent ends of the tubes 22 and 23.- The outer end
of arms connected at their outer ends by a curved
of the spring 29 cooperates with the bend 21 of
the hook bolt 24, to form a grip for a cable 30 or
portion, slidably mounted within, the transverse
the like.
35 tubes, a coiled spring secured on one end of the
bolt. and adapted to engage a cable held within
By tightening up the nut 28, the spring 29 will
the curved portion of the bolt forcing the cable
acquire a ?rm hold on the cable 30.
outwardly, and said bolt adapted tomove within
As indicated generally by the numeral 3!, the
the transverse tubes, when pressure, is directed
hook bolt and spring structure may be duplicated
wherever necessary, the hook bolts in adjoining 40 against the cable and bolt.
structures preferably being disposed on opposite
sides of the Web 2 of the beam I.
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